Anyone doing a September Cycle?

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  1. I should be starting meds mid september if all goes well at our Aug 14 appointment! YAY cant wait to start!!

  2. Just thought I'd let you know that Lauren has moved over to the \"regular\" cycle buddies group for Sept/Oct and that I've had to push back my treatments due to financial issues...good luck with everything!!!

  3. Hi I am new and I am not sure what I doing with these threads but I will be doing a Sept. cycle.

  4. Hey Ladies,

    So I found out today that I have OHSS and its gonna get worse b4 it gets better.

    Can anyone tell me the symtoms that they had, what happen and for how long etc.

    I'll be looking for all comments, suggestions

  5. Hey Ladies! I haven't checked this thread in a while because I wasn't getting any responses, other than Lex! Ya'll should come over to the Sept/October cycle buddies forum, and within that I'm in the thread that is Sept/October cycle buddies '09 and I think Tootsie started it. I start stims the very end of August and into September, there are quite a few girls with similar cycle times. I had a hard time finding all the women but I think we're all finally getting in the same area haha. Good luck to all, and I hope to see you over there!


  6. Hi Excited,
    I had OHSS in April 2008 and I it was awful. It all started in the 2ww with terrible stomach cramping. I went to RE who did u/s and saw fluid in the belly. I was told to eat a lot of salty food and drink only Gatorade. The pain worsened as the days went on and eventually I was throwing up. Sorry, I know this probably isn't what you wanted to hear, but the more I drank and ate salty foods, the better I felt. All in all I was sick and off work for a week. It was still a while after I was completely better. On the + side, my RE told me that OHSS will not affect a possible BFP so good luck.

  7. filizbkocyigit, so did you get a BFP?

    AFM- I had my et on 7/27, cyst check & b/w on 7/31 and then b/w again on 8/5
    then my preg. test on 8/10. So we shall see

    Yes, the Dr. said that my uterine lining was at about 12mm at et time and my estrogen is very high; also he told me the same thing about the sign of OHSS. Today he said that it went down a good amount but still have some fluid. I have been drinking Gatorade; 8 btls in the last 5 days. he also told me to lay off meats (beef & pork) but if I do eat it, I should have it in the afternoon.

    Well that's the update,
    So we shall see what happens

  8. Well, I got a false BFP! My RE tested too early because of the OHSS and the BFP that she was reading was still the HCG, but the truth was that at the time, I was so sick that I really didn't even care at that moment.

  9. So tomorrow morningI go for another beta... I had one on Wed but when they called from the office they told DH that it was too early too tell.
    They said that my estrogen did go down... they said it was really high at the ET which was on 7/27 but now its lower?????

    I dont know what to think about this. This is my 1st IVF and I'm just really feeling down about what I think the result is going to be.

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