Anyone doing a September Cycle?

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  1. My DH and I have finally picked a date to go ahead with a cycle, and I will be starting meds the end of August, possibly the very beginning of September. It's still a ways away but I know the time will fly by, and I was just curious to see if any of you ladies were doing the same dates. DH and I are doing IVF w/ ICSI due to MF. This will be our first try and we are cautiously optomistic! Hope to talk to ya'll soon!

  2. Assuming we can find a way to pay for (or finance) our treatments, we're hoping to do a September transfer. My hubby is a paraplegic due to a car wreck in 1996, so we're doing MESA & ICSI with the IVF too... maybe we'll end up being cycle buddies!!!

  3. tagyg- Looks like we're going to be lonely cycle buddies for a while haha. I headed over to the other cycle buddy thread that wasn't under age groups and posted on there yesterday...I was hoping to find some more women closer to our age on here though. I guess just because it feels like a more similar experience...It's hard to compare success rates with someone that has a 20yr age difference from you! Anyhow, good luck let me know how things go coming up with the money and all that!


  4. Maybe our little lonely group will have high success rates then! :-D I'm hoping for 100% of this group to be PG by the end of Sept...we'll see!

  5. I'll agree with that one!

  6. I went by the RE (what does that stand for anyway?) and set-up our first appointment, dropped off our initial paperwork! I also went by a few other offices and had my and the DH's (another abbreviation I don't understand) records sent to the RE so they'll have everything they need when we go on July 6th!

  7. RE is reproductive and I just so spelled the last part wrong haha, sorry. That would be the reason for the least on my part haha. As far as DH I've heard it called a few different things....Dear Husband....Darling Husband....or Dumb Husband depending on the day LOL. I think somewhere on this sight you can go to look at all the common abbreviations. That's awesome that you are getting started, sometimes it can take awhile to get through all the testing they do, since they do it on different days of your cycle. So how long have you and your hubby been trying to conceive? I know for us they told us that it was possible we could conceive by ourselves(at least in the beginning). We finally just sucked it up and took out a personal loan after we found out only IVF with ICSI would work, mainly because we got impatient....I'm an instant gratification kind of person so it's really hard for me to wait till September to start all this!!!! Anyhow, good luck, when's your first app???

  8. Thanks for the explainations! I figured they were something like that... We've only been married for 6 months but we knew since we got together that we probably wouldn't be able to concieve naturally... Our first appt is July 6th. It is only 3 weeks away, but that seems like forever right now!!!

  9. Isn't it funny how slow time goes when you are waiting for something exciting to happen! This is the first time in years I have actually anxiously been awaiting my period haha....cause after this cycle I start BCP's on the next cycle! Time will fly by before we know it though I'm sure!

  10. I should start my next cycle less than a week after I see the RE for the first time...getting very anxious! I'm hoping I'll get to start the process pretty quickly then too...I'm hoping for a September transfer...this sounds silly, but I'm a teacher and want to be able to teach my kids most of the school year and then have 3 longs months to spend with my first baby! :-D I just hope we get a BFP on the first try...fingers crossed!!! How many days till you should start? I'll keep thinking happy thoughts for you!

  11. If you start your first cycle after your first appointment you should be able to schedule all your stuff in July. For me at least I had to have day 3 blood draws and then they did a hysterscopy on day 5. We had to schedule an app with the Urologist too that will be doing DH's TESA procedure since in our clinic they make you go somewhere else. Our clinic gave us a big checklist and as soon as we completed all the stuff on that we were able to pick our dates to actually start our cycle. Good luck and let me know how your first app goes!!! I agree that the timing of a September cycle is perfect for us too. I'm a real estate agent and mostly work from home, so my pregnancy won't really impact that, however, I like the idea of not being huge pregnant in the winter, or huge pregnant in the summer haha. With a June due date, it would be perfect! Finger's crossed, right?

  12. Yeah. I don't sweat, so I overheat really badly! A June due date would be PERFECT for that reason too! :-D Fingers crossed......

  13. You don't sweat? I wish I had that problem LOL, it's sooo hot here this summer and our central air pump is broken so all we have is our wall AC unit until we get the central air repaired. And we live in such a rural area that it takes forever to get things like that taken care of! So, still looks like we are a lonely little group haha, I'm surprised no one has joined us yet. There are lots of people in the cycle buddy thread for August/September! I just had hoped to find more people our age to do a cycle buddy thread. Glad I have you though haha! So are you feeling nervous about all the blood work and injections and fun stuff to come? Talk to you soon!

  14. Actually, the not sweating thing is really scary. I've passed out probably 10 times in the last 7 years from over heating. If I'm outside in the summer it is either for VERY short periods, or I'm in the water! It kind of sucks because I have a 4 month old puppy that wants to play outside (and whines if he's left out there alone) but I can't handle the heat...and its going to be around 100 all week... UGH!!!

    I'm not really nervous about the blood work, etc yet because I don't really know exactly what I have to do. I'm sure after the 6th I'll be worried! I'm hoping that I can get some of it done through my PCP's office so that my stupid @$$ HMO will pay for at least a little of this insane process! I just wish that there were some law to that made it illegal for insurance companies to NOT cover any IVF...especially for people with disabilities. It just sucks!

  15. Yeah, that is scary!! What kind of puppy do you have?? My hubby and I have a Chocolate Lab that is my \"fur baby\" haha and then and English Bulldog. My lab is spoiled rotten, my DH keeps teasing me saying we can't have a baby because then my lab won't have room in the bed at night. We have a Cali King and he takes up most the room in it. DH and I both sleep glued to the sides pitiful I know! About the whole disability thing...I KNOW! My husband was in the USMC, broke his back in Japan, during active duty, yet the military will not pay for any of this process....It makes me want to get involved in politics, make my voice heard haha! It's just so sad, because I know we are not the only people in this situation. Luckily we can scrape together the money to do it, but I can't imagine trying to do it on a smaller income. It's hard enough now! And my insurance is crappy since it is Tricare.....So anyways....does your DH work or is unable? Mine doesn't work, so we are pretty flexible with our cycle schedule and all that. And luckily with me selling real estate it is no problem for me to take a few weeks off and go stay where our clinic is. I guess all in all my husband and I have it slightly easier in this process than some! At least we don't have the stressors of two full time jobs! So main thought lately is preparing myself for not getting that BFP I want! At first I was like, ok, I need to think positive, and I was, but then it was like...ohhh, well what if I get myself so excited and then get a BFN...I'll be so bummed! Are you guys going to be able to do a second cycle, if this one doesn't work as planned? Ok well enough questions, I'm home alone tonight and rather lonely LOL, so of course I turn to these boards to fill my brain with even more IVF info! Have a great week, talk to you soon!


  16. Farley's a Jack Russell Terrier and he is my BABY! He doesn't get to sleep in the bed (until he wakes up earlier than I want to get up)... He sleeps in his pen until about 5:30 or 6 (made it to 6:50 today!!!) then I take him out to potty and he gets to snuggle with us till its time to get up.

    Justin works full time and I'm a teacher, so the scheduling may be a bit crazy. Not really sure, but I know we will make it work. It really sucks that the USMC or Tricare won't cover anything for you guys. We have an HMO too and they don't cover a dime, but it isn't because of service that Justin's in a chair. He was in a car wreck in 1996 (when he was 18) and broke his back when he landed after going through the windshield. I just wish that insurance had to cover some of it since there's no other way! How high of an injury does your DH have? Justin's a T-10 but he has L-1/L-2 functioning. We're very lucky that he is as able as he is.

    As far as payments go, I'm still not 100% sure how we're going to pay for the 1st round of IVF...I'm thinking about taking out extra student loans if the stuff we're planning to sell doesn't bring in enough. Another lady (got her BFP) on another board went to my same RE and got her BFP on the first round and also got some meds donated from the clinic to cut down on her costs. She did an April cycle, and 80% of the ladies going through it with her all got BFP's on the first month!!! I know what you mean though about not getting toooooo positive, but I'm just scared... I don't know!!! Okay, I'm babysitting and am supposed to be doing my homework and getting dinner started in the crock pot so I have something to eat tonight! Talk to you later!


  17. Hey Lauren...hope all is going well and you're getting things checked off of your to-do list to get ready for your transfer! I have my first appointment with my RE next week, and I'm getting really nervous...they called me to confirm yesterday and I about wet myself with anticipation. If I'm this amped up for my first appointment, what are the next few months going to bring?!?! Okay, I had to vent to someone I knew could relate.....

    Have a great fourth!

  18. Lex- Sorry I haven't been on here. My brother and sister-in-law were visiting and we were so darn busy with the Fourth and all that I haven't even gotten online! Anyhow, I'm excited for you that your first appointment is tomorrow!!! I was super nervous for mine, and it was nice though, because it was very informative. They gave us all the paperwork we needed, and filled us in on a lot of the procedures and what will be done for the next few months. I'm getting so anxious to get started! I just finished AF, and the beginning of my next cycle I'll start BCPs. I have sort of a weird cycle, I'm about 25-26 days between instead of the usual 28. Soooo I think I'll start my next cycle July 27th, and then the 3rd day of that I'll start BCPs. It's funny I really have never looked forward to AF but I was excited to start this month because it meant my next cycle I could start my BCPs haha. Anyhow, hope you had a great Fourth, let me know how your app goes!!! Good luck!! Also I'm anxious to hear how close your timeline will be to mine! Talk to you soon!!


  19. Hey Lauren, hope you had a great 4th and had fun with your family in town. We went to my best friend's house and hung out with her, her husband, their almost 5 month old, and some other friends and their is pregnant and it breaks my heart every time... It will be my turn soon enough (I hope) though... I was talking to my mother-in-law yesterday and I told her that it was nerve-wracking and she said \"it is a natural process...\" I just wanted to laugh in her face. She's pretty much the one person who actually knows what DH and I have to do. She advocated for him to have his sperm frozen 13 years ago when he broke his back. Yet she's saying it is \"natural...\" ARG!!!!

    Okay, I'm done venting. I'm hoping the RE gives me some good info about places I should get a loan, etc. Looks like what we were planning to sell is not gonna be CLOSE to enough to cover the costs! I should start AF this weekend. Not sure where that will put us in terms of tests and stuff... Looks like we may be a week or two before or after you. I'm really hoping to know something before my brother's wedding on 9-26 and not feel like I can't move! :-/ I was orginally thinking we should do later in the month, but I think earlier might be better........ah the joys of trying to figure out our bodies!

  20. Leaving in about 20 minutes.....I feel like I may puke from anxiousness!!!!!

  21. Lex- I only have a second, I am SUPER busy at the moment but couldn't resist getting on here LOL. So I just wanted to tell you to update me on your app as soon as you know what's going on!!!! Also, I may have a few suggestions as far as financial stuff goes! Hope everything went great!


  22. Well it looks like you'll get your BFP before me! It turns out that my clinic only does 4 cycles a year so I won't get to know anything until November. Will start meds about Oct. 22. Which I guess is good because it turns out I may have stage 4 endometriosis. I also have a really big R tube so it looks like I'll be having some surgery before then to remove cysts and possibly my right fallopian (sp?) tube. So we went from only male factor to male and female! Kinda scary, but I guess it will be okay. I should start Thursday or Friday, so I'll be getting my 3 day blood work done Monday. Then I will start on BCP so they can see if the cysts are just from ovulating or if the are endo. After that we'll know more. My doc is not very likely to do even a 2 embryo transfer because of my age, but is more likely to if I do have the endo... I will keep you posted as I get my tests done and hopefully have some good news (decreased cysts and a smaller tube) in about a month! (keep your fingers crossed please!)

  23. Oh yeah...and let me know your loan/financing tips!!!

  24. Lex- Well that stinks! What a bummer. I'm lucky my clinic does a cycle about six times a year and even that felt like a pain to let them decide when we would be doing IVF instead of letting us pick dates. I will totally keep my fingers crossed for you that things improve. Even if things don't, there is every chance that you will get that BFP. That's what IVF is for, to work around issues like Endo and things like that! As far as financing goes, I found that Capital One does financing for fertility at really low rates. If you search online sometimes you can find medical financing for way lower rates, than like a personal loan. I'm trying to think of the program my husband and I found. I think it's called ARC Fertility something or another haha.....Anyways a bunch of clinics apparently offer it, and will finance through them, and it's more of a shared risk cycle. My DH and I ended up just doing a personal loan since our clinic didn't accept any type of financing Anyhow, good luck and keep me updated. Sorry I haven't been on here much, just really super freakin' busy! AHHH LIFE I TELL YOU! Wooo ok got the stress out there. I've been on the phone with Insurance Co. all frustrating I tell you! Sooo keep me updated and talk to you soon!


  25. It's not a huge deal...I just look as it that I'll get a really long summer next year! I'll get to have all summer to finish getting everything ready for our little one and then take 6-12 weeks (mostly depending on how much school I miss this year). So I won't really be back to teaching until the middle of October! :-D NICE!!!

    If it is actually Endo, we would have ended up going the IVF route anyway. I just wish I'd found out 3 months ago and could have gotten it taken care of! Oh well...still hoping that a month of BC will make it all go away. I get my 3-day blood work done on Friday and will start the pill Saturday morning.

    My clinic doesn't accept any of the fertility plans either...jerks! Capital One no longer does the fertility loans, but they do do personal loans. You just have to have received an offer for them before you can apply. Another girl in Wichita got a supplemental student loan to pay for her's so I'm going to check into that. Have you gotten your insurance company to pay for some of this? We've thought about trying to fight it, but aren't sure it is possible. They're pretty stringent...ARG!!!

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