Anyone cycling July 2009? (child ment.)

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  1. Wow... dmalt not to much longer of wait... I hope all is going well and that you post some really great news soon.

    Yup, the 25th for me!! I sure hope this time around is the one!

    Keep me posted.


  2. Angie~ good luck, hope the time flies by for you!

  3. Good Luck Angie & Carrie! I've been thinking about you!
    Yay Cosmo! Stop worrying and try to enjoy!

  4. Hi everyone!

    Today was beta day. I FINALLY got the call mid-after noon: BFP! I can't believe it - I kept feeling things were different this time, but wasn't allowing myself to become too optimistic, given all the previous failures. Beta is 315! WooHoo! I'm going back on Friday for follow-up bloodwork ... they want to make sure all the numbers are increasing appropriately.

    Wishing all of you the best ...

  5. Angie, I've been waiting for your news!
    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.
    Good luck on Friday. Lots of doubling vibes your way!

  6. YEAHHHHHHH Angie!!!!! Oh, I'm soo sooo sooo thrilled for you! It's makes me feel sooo hopeful and happy as I end off to FET tomorrow morning. You've got a great Beta number! Keep us posted. I'll be on bedrest and unable to check in for a few days.... I'll keep lots crossed for ya!


  7. Thanks!

    Good luck tomorrow, Carrie! Keep us posted ...

  8. Congrats Angie on your bfp!!!!!!! Glad to see your happy news!

  9. Hi!

    I went back for my second beta this morning ... the results are in ...762. Going back on Monday for blood and then again on Wednesday for blood/us.

    How is everyone else doing?

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Angie - great beta!! Keep it up on Monday

    AFM, I had my follow up U/S, P2 and E2 check. My lining converted and E2 and P2 are good (2900 and 91). I'm still not overly optimistic at all though (haven't felt a thing yet and know that my lining didn't get over a 6 as it was still that today). Oh well, I'll try to stay positive and next time make sure I keep staying on the estrace until my lining is thicker. Do you remember what your lining was at your last check?

    Everyone enjoy your weekend!!

  11. Angie - great beta!! Keep it up on Monday AFM, I had my follow up U/S, P2 and E2 check. My lining converted and E2 and P2 are good (2900 and 91). I'm still not overly optimistic at all though (haven't felt a thing yet and know that my lining didn't get over a 6 as it was still that today). Oh well, I'll try to stay positive and next time make sure I keep staying on the estrace until my lining is thicker. Do you remember what your lining was at your last check?Everyone enjoy your weekend!!

    Last time I recorded my lining it was 8 - and that was 9.5.09 - or two days before transfer. It had converted to iehe as of the 9.14.09 check (but I'm not sure how thick it was). Definitely stay positive ... hopefully there won't be a \"next time.\" When is your beta? Monday? How are you feeling? I hope you have a busy weekend planned to take your mind off the wait ... keeping my fingers crossed for good news for you!

  12. Yay Angie!! I'm so happy for you!

  13. Yay Angie!! I'm so happy for you!

    Thank you! We saw the heartbeat last week ... pretty amazing! How far along are you, now? And how are you feeling?

  14. Angie that's sooo sooo awesome that you saw the heartbeat!!!! Well.... I've been on a hold out... my beta came back low but they didn't say negative.... now it's soaring up 400+ on 14 days post transfer!!!!!! YIPPIE! YIPPIE! YIPPIE... I'll go for another beta check Monday, but things are looking AWESOME!

    Miracles really do happen!


  15. Carrie - What amazing news! I am SO happy for you!! YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  16. Thanks Angie! Beta went up again today! So, now I'm just on the wait for our first u/s which will be later this month!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!!!

  17. Hey Angie & Carrie!
    I'm so excited for you both- well except for the nausea, fatigue, and yuckiness that is bound to happen to you now!
    I\"m 17 weeks and feeling much better (than first trimester) except that I'm up in the middle of the night for no reason. I've started to feel flutterings and can't wait till I can really feel the baby move. We'll find out the sex Nov 3 and I'm beyond excited to have another u/s. I haven't had one since 8 weeks! I guess that is the nice thing about not being considered high risk?? Anyway, I'm really showing which I love and have gained about 10 lbs which is normal. I'm taking a prenatal yoga class and LOVE IT!

    What\'s the protocol for FET? I have two frozen embryos and will want to try those next whenever the time is right.

    Soooo happy for you both and it's wonderful to see the courage you guys have in this journey!

  18. Ok girls, I have a confession to make...... After my failed IVF cycle in July/August.... September 14th I found out I was pregnant. All natural. I was SHOCKED! At my WTF appointment my RE wasn't sure I should even do another IVF cycle. Here I am today 8w5d pregnant! We seen the baby and heard the heartbeat at both at 6w2d and then again this last week at 8w2d I have another appointment with the RE on 10/30 then its to a regular OB.... I just wanted to share my news, and wish you all the best!

  19. Hopefully - that is wild! Congratulations. Glad you proved your RE wrong!

    Crazy - I cannot believe you will be finding out the sex in a couple of weeks. Where did the time go! So happy that everything is going well for you.

    Carrie - Congratulations! I tried to post before but was having internet probs. How was your ultrasound?

    Angie - Hope everything is going well with your pregnancy!

    I just wanted to check in and say congrats to you girls. You're giving me hope! I'm posting over on the November cycling board now. This will be our last cycle, this year at least. Doubt we will cycle next year, but you never know. Hoping we won't need to!

    Take care all. Wishing you the best.

  20. Hi All!

    Philippa Said... that is AWESOME news!!!! I'm soo sooo thrilled for you.

    Angie- I can't believe you'll know the sex of the baby so soon. If/when you do a FET cycle... it was so much easier. You pretty much don't do much until the week or two before transfer. Then you start progestrone shots. I was put on estragen patches and pills also. Everything is pretty simple and it makes you feel so much more relaxed.

    Z- I wish you all the best of luck this time around. It's hard, but don't give up! I hope the Nov. board is full of hope for you.

    I haven't had my U/S yet. I'm actually nervous cuz they want to do it so early.... transfer was on 9/25 and they are hoping to squeeze me in later this week for an u/s!?!? Does that seem early to you guys? Also, I'm a little worried about the amount of progesterone they still have me on? How much were those of you on once you found out you were pregnant? I'm just curious. I don't know why I'm so worried about this time around. I just feel like I'm going to blink my eyes and this will all just disappear... Well hopefully this week will lead to more answers and more secure feelings!

    Keep in touch- Carrie

  21. We had our u/s today! I'm trilled to say we saw 1 beautiful heartbeat. My dr. told me I'm actually 6w4d right now. WOW! I didn't think I was that far along.
    We will have a few more u/s and I'm still on all my meds. They tell me everything is good with my meds. I'm really hoping to see them reduce the meds though. I just don't like being on meds.

    Angie- I'm so anxious to hear the sex of your little one! We won't know until the day ours arrives!!! DH and I like the suprise... with our first child we were the only ones in our classes that didn't know the sex!!!!

    Well hope everyone is doing good. I'll check in to hear your news soon Angie!


  22. Oh I'm so happy for you Carrie! Isn't hearing/seeing the heartbeat amazing!

    Z- good luck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

    Hopefully- that is so great! you lucky lucky girl! Hope everything continues going well!!

    I'm feeling well, anxious for the u/s on Nov 3. I'm feeling little flutters and bubbles still. Can't wait for the first real kick!! Have to wear tennis shoes everyday or my back goes out. Lucky I'm a school teacher and no one cares what is on my feet as long as I'm there. I'm scared that I've gained 15lbs now and am gaining too fast. I just long for cookies and sweets all the time! And I have to eat every few hours or the hunger is unbearable! And I'm anxious about the stupid flu because so many kids at my school were sick this week that we cancelled my concert! Got the reg flu shot and am waiting for H1N1 to come in to doc office. Craziness!
    Hope everyone is feeling well and not too nauseated!

  23. Angie - You must be so excited to find out the sex of your baby ... any thoughts? Good Luck! That's such a great ultrasound ... Can't wait to hear what you're having!

    Hopefully - That is AWESOME news! What an incredible surprise! How are you feeling?

    Ziggy - Good luck in your November cycle - wishing you success! I will be thinking about you ... I truly hope November is your month!

    Carrie - isn't that heartbeat amazing? My DH CRIED when he saw it. It's just been such a long road getting to this point, and he was completely overwhelmed (of course, being the sensitive soul I am, I mocked him endlessly ). It is amazing, though to see that tiny hb. I've been getting ultrasounds every week, so it's been so amazing to see the little bean progress ... it now has leg buds and arm buds. And I have a little baby photo album filled with ultrasound pics.

    Hope everyone continues to do well ... I love hearing the updates!

  24. We're so thrilled to have a girl. We picked the name Olivia Grace and being the goofy musicians we are- we already have a song for her name! We had a 3d ultrasound and she has my nose!! Seeing her move and kick was so amazing! Especially because I haven't felt much movement yet. But the placenta is anterior against my belly. I'm 21 weeks and am so thrilled.
    I hope everyone else has a great pregnancy or is able to get pregnant soon. It's so wonderful to hear about so many successes!

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