Anyone cycling July 2009? (child ment.)

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  1. Hi All! This board has come alive recently, I guess that means we are getting closer to July! I am just waiting on AF here. I won't have to take bcp's, but I know that they seem to be the worst part of the cycle for a lot of women. As far as frozen sperm, if they are using ICSI, I'm not sure it really makes a difference. We used fresh the first cycle we did and frozen the second, and had BFP's from the frozen, not the fresh. So, I would say do whatever makes it easier for you and eases your stress! I hope you all have a great week!


  2. sarah~ thanks for the input. The LAST thing I want is stress this summer. I was also wondering if any of you know what just staying suppressed for a couple weeks longer would do to the system? I have to discuss all this with my IVF nurse. I am sure in the end, I'll figure it all out. Nice to have ladies to talk it out with. Some times I think there is more knowledge here than even the fertility clinics.

    Ziggy~ as far as telling? The first time told everyone, didn't work, horrible telling them all it didn't. Then when the second time worked, we had kept the cycling a secret but certainly not after I passed twelve weeks. I was sooooo proud that I was carrying a little modern miracle. This time, I am not sure how many people will know. Lots know I am thinking of it but I won't likely tell people until it's over. (hopefully good news)

    hope to get familiar with all the names once we get rolling.

  3. Hi ladies- Had my bloodwork today and will start lupron tonight. Will be on 10 units for 10 nights, then down to 5 units each night until trigger (in mid-July!)

    Ziggy- This cycle, we've only told 3 people, DH's brother and his wife and one online friend of mine. No one else knows. Everyone knows we did IVF to get DS, but we tend to cycle in secret as it's what works for us.

    Susan- We're using frozen sperm, but it's epididymal sperm. We have MF as well. DH has no vas deferens so there's so way for his sperm to exit or mature. We used fresh with our other 2 cycles but have 3 frozen vials. We were told there's no difference in success rates. Most couples I know with our diagnosis tend to use frozen.

  4. Ziggy, my family, 2 great friends, and my supervisor at work knows too. My family provides support, friends also provide support (helps that they have also both undergone IUI and IVF), and as for my supervisor, it is easier just to be honest when I need some time off! He's been very supportive and has a friend and his wife went through IVF and were successful too.

    Susan, I'm not sure about suppressing for longer times because I have only used Lupron for suppression and that was just to keep me from ovulating. I hope you figure out what keeps this as stress free as it can be!

    Defi, we also use epididymal sperm as dh had a vasectomy and the reversal didn't work. I think using frozen is just easier than having to collect it each cycle!

    I am still just waiting on AF to get here. Not sure when she will show up since the d&c I got what I thought was one and then 2 weeks later another. So, I'm thinking the first one was not really AF, but the 2nd was. I hope she comes soon so I can get this started again!

    Hope everyone has a great week!


  5. Well I'm frustrated. I put in my time off request for july in May, my schedular new I was planning ivf cycle, well it just came out and I am scheduled thru the whole month of july. I have been working extra to help out to make it less painful that I need the time off. I am sure it was an oversite but it is a big issue we r supor short staffed and it will be hard to just take me off. But they will have to do it. Frustrating especially since I am cycling out of state.

    This cycle very few people know I am doing ivf. Everyone new last time. I am protecting myself. Jen

  6. Sorry Jen.. that totally sucks. Seems like it's always something =( Hope it isn't too big an issue and it all gets fixed quickly for you!


  7. Jen, I hope that the scheduler can fix their mistake and get you out of work for July. Have you considered FMLA? I'm not sure how it all works, but because I work for a large employer, I take FMLA for the cycles. It gives me days off (of course for no pay which sucks, but they can't take it out on me for missing the days). I hope they get this fixed for you, IVF is stressful enough, don't need anything else to add to it!


  8. Hi! Is there room for another??? July can't get here soon enough! I started BCP's on day 3 and just took my third pill. I start lupron and dexamethasone on the 24, 2 days after my 30th bday We leave for vacation to San Francisco on the 26th, so hopefully that will make the time go by faster. I look forward to getting to know you girls~!

  9. Hey Ladies,
    I just saw my schedule last night. Turns out I am starting Lupron this Monday, stims sometime around 6/25, which means HCG shot on July 4th! This is all 2 weeks ahead of our draft schedule.... It's happening quickly for me. I don't feel ready, but maybe it's good to get it overwith? If I were not 40, I'd put it off for a few months.

    (warning DC mentioned below)
    The weird part is, our schedule is almost identical to our last cycle from 3 years ago, except about a week earlier. Deja vu.... Except that I was younger and healthier last time. Ugh. If this works, they will have bdays so close together. I really wanted to avoid that, but now I see that should be the least of my worries.

    Out - how will you pack your needles & meds for your trip? I've always been concerned about that & just avoided any vacations during IVF. Will you check them? Doesn't Lupron have to be refrigerated? It's been a while for me, so maybe that's changed... Anyway, I LOVE SF! Hope you have an awsome time.

    Jen, sorry to hear about your schedule. Half the battle with this is getting all the time off! So many procedures, blood draws, U/S, etc... NTM the actual retrieval & transfer. Oh and the 3-day bed rest! How do people manage all this time off? I hope you get it worked out & don't stress too much.

    It's interesting to hear that frozen sperm has the same odds... Because I had asked about it for our last cycle since DP was going to be out of town at the worst possible time. They prolonged my supression instead because my nurse said the odds were decreased with frozen samples. It's nice to know that isn't the case.

    How's everybody doing?

  10. Sarah- I left a note for him to call me today and he didn't even bother, I am working nights this week. So frustrating. I don't know if I could get fmla or not it is a big enough place but I don't know if I have worked enough hours. I am technically parttime but have been working close to fulltime hours since september. We'll see, they have to give me at least the week off I need since I have to go to Atlanta. Jen

  11. Z- Exciting to be starting so soon.. scary I suppose too. It's a mixed bag of emotions. Wanted to add that we use epidydimal sperm so not sure if the odds are the same otherwise. Hadn't asked about it as that's all we have. Would hate to give inaccurate info.

    tleckli- Always room for another!

    Jen- So sorry for the added stress your job has placed on all of this. Hoping they'll cooperate so you won't have that worry on top of everything else!

    Night 3 out of over 30 for me on lupron.. ugh! Did figure out that if I hold the syringe to warm the lupron I don't have the sting. Glad I read up on that on night 3 instead of 30! Only side-effect so far is I'm exhausted.


  12. Out, welcome to the board!

    Z, glad you got to start things earlier than expected, less time to be wanting it to just get started! I'm not sure about the frozen \"real\" sperm either. I know that because they have to do ICSI with my dh that they said it didn't really matter.

    Jen, did you hear back? I work nights too. I have an interesting work schedule in that I work 3 nights one week and 4 the next but they are 12 hour shifts, so that is the hard part. I do love all the time off though! Right now, the person who works the other night shift slot is off on layoff, so I'm working 6 hours on all my nights off. Not bad, just ready for the July shutdown! I hope you hear back. I think for FMLA, you have to work there a year, but not sure, and there is an hours requirement, but I qualified for it last Oct. on my 2nd cycle and I had been out from the end of January - the end of May on sick leave due to a broken knee cap. I would definitely check!

    Eliza, glad you are feeling ok with the lupron! That is always the worst one for me - the headache I get is awful! Plus, I must say I become a real grouch. My poor dh!

    Hope everyone else is doing well, the weekend is almost here!


  13. Hi ladies, so I had my sonohysterogram today and all is good. So I have a quick question since I dint take bcp for my last cycle how many days after stopping bcp do you get af? does she come next day after stopping?

  14. Believer- af usually arrives 3 days after stopping bcp.

    Sarah- I ama nurse anesthetist and usually only required to work 7-3 three days a week- but to help out I have been working 4 days and doing some fulltime nights b/c we r so short. I did this so they can't tell me no when I need my time off. I saw him and he said we would work it out. But I just wanted the schedule to come out on paper with me \"off\" so no stress. Now I will have to negotiate more and probably not take as much time off as I wanted. I will be leaving my ds at home when I cycle, which will be hard. So wanted some days before and after to spend with him.

    Of course I haven't even got my finances together for this cycle, I am procrastinating a lot. I have to order backup sperm from donor.

    Reguarding frozen sperm, my husband has severe mfi and my new RE said agghhh frozen might not do so well on thaw based on our stats and fresh would be better.

    25 more days of BCP and then I start stimming.

    I will admit I am already doing my research and posted add looking for egg donor if this cycle doesn't work. I am just going to be of that mind set and if it works out great and I'll I've wasted is my time.


  15. Thanks for all the advice regarding the sperm. (now that's an opening line)

    Just got off the phone with the clinic and the nurse was talking with the embryologist while I was on the phone. Since we do ISCI anyway (due to m/f) she said should be no problem to get enough good ones from a frozen sample and that would be our best bet. She \"claims\" although we won't have as many, the ones that survive the thaw should be just as good, not as plentyful. Definately couldn't do IVF without ISCI but I wouldn't do that anyway.

    The drugs have changed a bit from my last time cycling. Apparently the puregon has been changed to breville and repronex stays the same. They have been yeilding fewer eggs but much better quality from this combo. What is everyone else prescribed?

    My regimen is this,
    Day 21 (June 28th) start suprefact for supression, a/f should be within 10-14 days. Then go in for supression check around July 14th, start stims the thurs that follows. Woohoo, so excited. Cannot wait for some real action here.

    Looking forward to getting to know you ladies. I'll get dh to help me with a chart. Any other time I cycled, we did that and it was so much easier to keep track of one another.


  16. LOL, Susan! Love that opening line. My RE does my schedule/chart for me. I'd be so lost without it. Better quality sounds good! I am waiting for my meds as we speak. We will be using Gonal-f & Menopur. Last time we used Repronex. Not sure why we changed.

    B - agreed w/ Jen. 3 days for AF after stopping BCP. Shoot that reminds me I forgot to take my BCP this morning!

    I xposted on the over 40 board that we just found out our insurance won't cover any more IVFs for us. We have gone over our lifetime max! I'm so mad... and stressed!

    Hope you're all doing well,

  17. Believer, glad that you got good results on your test! I've not taken bcp's for a cycle, so not sure on the AF.

    Jen, I'm glad your supervisor is willing to work with you. It always seems like something extra comes up and causes more stress. Our first cycle, my father in law died so we had to travel a few hours away for that luckily I was just starting, so I didn't have to worry about retrieval. I hope you get everything lined up and get to take the time you want!

    Susan, I agree a chart makes it a little bit easier to follow! I will be doing follistim again. I am not sure of my dates yet, I will get AF any day now and then start Lupron around day 19 and then after another AF start stims. Ready to start now! Your ICSI with fresh vs. frozen is the same as what we were told too. We do have to do another \"extraction\" for sperm this time as we are out of frozen.

    Z, I have a friend who takes Menopur or Repronex - I'm not sure which she gets prescribed, but her pharmacy gives her whatever is cheaper at the time and her dr. is fine with that. How frustrating with the insurance. We don't have much coverage. It covers the bloodwork and u/s (so it takes about $1500 off the total cost, but it costs $35 co pay each time, so ends up saving a bit over $1000). It doesn't cover any meds, so that adds up too. I use a pharmacy IVPcare that the syringes are all included for free and shipping is overnight and free too. Other than that, not sure what else I could suggest as a possible $ saver. Isn't it unfair that it is so expensive!

    AFM, just waiting for AF to show. Should be any day I hope! I'm covering some extra time at work, 6 hours from 6p-midnight Friday, Sat., and Sun.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  18. Susan- A chart would be great! Having trouble keeping track of everyone. I go in on July 10th for baseline u/s and bloodwork and start stims on the 11th. I'll be on Bravelle and Menopur. Both are new meds to me.

    Z- Sorry about insurance. That totally sucks. We have some coverage but not sure what it will amount to at the end. They're going to try to get as much covered as possible. We have the maximum amount in our FLEX account at DH's work to help us with some of the expenses... though the meds alone will almost wipe out what we have left in there at this point in there year! We use Schrafts for our meds.. think their costs are the same as IVPcare, who is the pharmacy we used on our first 2 cycles 4 years ago.

    Hi to everyone else!


  19. Thank you for the warm welcome! As you all know, it's so helpful to have people to chat with that know exactly what you're going through. I'm so ready to get the ball rolling

    (loss ment.)
    Z-I purposefully moved my cycle up to avoid just that. This is IVF #2 for me. 5 years later, new DH, new city, new life, new RE, but same painful infertile/baby loosing past. I realized though, that I can crazilyy manage to make any date relevant to that time. Make sense? I guess it's my own \"sort of\" therapy I'm sorry that you had to deal with that. Man, insurance companies suck! Have you asked for a detailed list of what they've covered to date? I know it's probably not what you want to deal with now, but I've known several women who've had losts of charges moved to regular medical and opened some room on their IVF coverage. Worth a shot maybe??

    As for my flight, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about my lupron. I need to just get online and find out what the procedure is, especially since it needs to be cool. Our hotel luckily has a fridge, so that's one less worry. I'm just ready for the break!

    Eliza-how are you doing on the lupron? Any side effects yet? I'm so worried about that one for some reason!!! Lol! I've been on bcp's for 5 days and start lupron 2 days after my bday on the 24th..eek! then have my baseline u/s on the 25th, leave for San Francisco that afternoon, don't come back into Dallas until July 5th and I start stims on the 6th. Holy ****. My plan is to have the time go by fast while on holiday. We'll see!

    Hi Sarah! Are you still waiting for AF? I just had to LOL cause I don't even know you and asked that question No room for humility here huh!

    Hey annaronca - glad you sono went well!!! Great news! I think AF usually shows up within the first 4-7 days for me anyway.

    Sorry if I missed anyone! Ya'll have a great weekend!!!!

  20. tleckli- The lupron has been ok. It's making me really tired. It was stinging like crazy but if I rub the syringe between my fingers to warm it up I don't have that problem. I'm on 10 units right now and drop to 5 in 6 days so hoping I escape any massive side effects. In terms of traveling, as long as you have the lupron and syringes all together with the label from the pharmacy, or a note for your doctor, you'll be fine. The needles are the same ones diabetics use and those are ok. We did it with one of our cycles and just mentioned it going through security.. granted, that was 4 years ago, but have heard of a lot of other women doing it. Bring it in a little insulated case with a cool pack.. not a frozen one. If you have to use a frozen one, but a wash cloth between the lupron and the freezer pack. Traveling sounds like an excellent way to pass the time!


  21. Out, I agree with Eliza, just have the pharmacy label and/or a dr. note, and you should be fine. I like to have both just in case something would go wrong, but have never had any problems. I hope you have a great time in San Fran! No, AF is still not here. By calendar, if I stay on 27 days, should be Tues., but it feels like it could be any time now. I agree, it's funny how nothing is off limits here! It's great to have a place like this that it can be like that tho, my dh would die if I talked to him about some of the stuff I do on here! The 6th is my birthday, a great day to start! I will be more mid to late July.

    Eliza, glad the lupron is going ok! It's always the most dreaded thing for me. I get headaches that don't stop until about 30 minutes before I take my next shot and then it starts right back in.

    Well, I'm off to get ready for work. Working 6 hours last night, tonight, and tomorrow night. They would normally be my nights off, but can't turn down the ot when I need all the cash I can get for IVF!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  22. Hello to all! I am starting lupron on the 20th and we will see from there. This will be my second IVF. My first resulted in twins I lost at 18-20 weeks due to incompetent cervix. Good luck to all!

  23. akm~ welcome and very sorry for you loss. I can not imagine how upsetting that would be. Hopefully your dr's have everything figured out and this time you'll have a wonderful easy full term pg. It seems that IVF # 1 is sometimes just a huge learning experience for some and successful for others.

    Just waiting for my prescription to start suprefact on the 28th!

    hope everyone is enjoying some nice weather. Before long, this board will be buzzing with activity!


  24. Yeah, my inital Drs were quacks! But I got a proper diagnosis and an adominal cerclage. I have a bionic cervix out octomom! J/K. Good luck to all! I will be traveling to Long Beach right when I start stims We decided instead of taking the gonal F with us (did you know if it is unopened it can be outside the fidge for a while? I forget how long my RE said but I was suprised it could) we are going to have a new pen shipped to us and just use it for the few days we are down there and dispose of it. That way we dont have to freak out about transporting meds. My insurance pays for meds only so I am sucking this out of them!!! Sucks though no Cali wine for me, but the trip will be like a gun start for the cycle!

  25. AKM~ re the meds, I too was suprised that refridgerated meds don't expire immediately when not refridgerated, they just don't last as long as their original expiry date! That makes me less nervous about how I handle them now. I will be flying with viles of suprefact but I will wait until I get to the east coast to fill my prescription for the repronex and breville. I don't want to chance losing them on the way.

    Have a fun vacation!

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