Anyone cycling July 2009? (child ment.)

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  1. This will be my 3rd fresh cycle. My first cycle was a BFP but chemical and my 2nd cycle resulted in DS who's now 3. We did a FET in Feb. which resulted in a BFN. I'm actually starting lupron on June 8th.. then \"floating\" until July as I can't go on the pill and my RE needs me to cycle at a certain time. I start stims on 7/13 and will be on Bravelle and Menopur I believe, which is totally different from my other cycles. I did Follistim and Repronex with those. Anyone else cycling in July?


  2. Hi Eliza,

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    I just replied to the other July 09 thread. If all goes well with my cycle, I should be starting stims on July 10, so i'll be almost right there with you. I am banking on AF showing up on time (actually hoping for an early one) because we are going on vacation the same day I'm expecting to do CD3 BW. (I guess we can always go to a local clinic while on vacation, if needed...?) But I just don't want to postpone this any longer. I'm 40.5 now, so kind of on a clock.

    Best of luck. Maybe I'll see you in the other thread as well.

  3. I will be cycling in july. Should get AF july 8th- and will start lupron flare protocol with stims of follistem 200/200 on appx 10th of july. This is my 3rd fresh cycle- 1st 2005 ds, fall of 2008 full drug protocol, all the way to trigger day and cancelled. 3rd drug start jan 2009 pg with twins, heartbeats, died around 8 1/2 weeks.

    I have left my clinic and will be cycling out of state- going to Atlanta GA for hopefully a better chance. We have severe MFI and now at 34 I am told I have LOR- sucks so chances r greatly diminished for success.

    This is my last try with my eggs. Then moving to donor egg.

  4. Hi ladies,

    Good luck to you both I will start bcp when I get my af in July around the 18th. Do you ladies also have to take bcp? This will be my last cycle and I am also hoping for bfp twins again.

    Jenga- sorry for your loss and good for you for leaving your clinic I also went back to my old RE.

    ziggy- I hope af comes on time for you, you know how that winch can be.


  5. Kayla,
    I will be taking BCPs as well.
    How many cycles have you done?

  6. No plan for BCP right now unless my cycle comes early in july then I will have to just for planning issues but as of right now my cycles have been text book on time so will most likely just start stims July 9 or 10- I am doing the lupron flare- so u basically just start all meds at same time and only 9-11 days then trigger and retrieval. Very quick- can be such an expensive \"date\". I am so worried about doing this cycle. So scared it won't work or it will and end in m/c. So then I will move to donor egg- and I fear what if I end up \"one of those\" who never gets pg again. I think rationally I should b/c I have been lucky and been pg to term with no issue. But in the back of my mind I am afraid I will spend all this money in vain. Jen

  7. Not sure which thread to use.. Do you ladies have a preference?

    Looks like we'll be cycling pretty close together!

    Jen- So sorry for all you're dealing with... so much stress! I'm feeling pressure from this cycle as this is it for us. DH has agreed to this cycle and any FET's that result if we get a BFN.. If all we get is a BFN, I've agreed to counseling to learn to cope. We have MF as well.

  8. Hi Ladies, I was just wondering if it would be ok if I joined you all. I am getting ready to do my 3rd fresh cycle. Here's my history - MFI dh had a vasectomy with his first marriage and then we had a failed reversal so IVF is our only option. We have to do ICSI and as far as we know, there are no issues with me. Our 1st fresh cycle last July we transferred 2 5 day expanded blasts. All the rest of the embryos stopped developing so we had nothing to freeze. I am guessing the 2 we transferred also stopped developing as it ended up being a BFN. On to our 2nd cycle in October, we transferred 3 3day great quality embryos. My first beta was 14 and the second was 5 - a chemical. We did have 4 frozen embryos from that cycle and did a FET in Mar. Got our BFP, but when we went for our first u/s, had an empty sac and another with no heartbeat. Went back for a second u/s and still no heartbeat. Had a d&c the next day. All the test results have come back normal - the genetic testing showed 2 normal females and the bloodwork has all been normal too. So, on to our 3rd fresh cycle. I will start Lupron with my next AF and then stims and retrieval after the next. I'm ready and excited, but also nervous knowing that I have had so many heartbreaks along the way. I just keep telling myself that I will get pregnant and that I will end up having a baby to take home. I've never taken bcp's with my cycles, and won't again this time. My protocol has been follistim 175 morning and night and lupron 10 units. I'm not sure what my follistim level will be this time, but I'm guessing that lupron will be 10 units again. I dread the lupron it always gives me a horrible headache!

    I look forward to cycling with all of you!

  9. welcome liguomin- the wait sucks. I hate ivf- i hate it so much.

  10. Welcome Sarah! So sorry for all you've been through. IVF just sucks =( Looks like we have a nice little group to cycle with though!


  11. Thanks for the welcomes, looks like we have a group that can really help each other along the way! You are all right - IVF is bad! I guess in the end though it will be worth it, just definitely changes you along the way! I am lucky to have an re who is great and takes it all very personally, so that is another support! Can't wait for us all to start stims and move along the journey again!


  12. Wondered if I might join...I am planning on getting started with bcps here in June and then starting stims in mid-July...This will be my second fresh IVF...I did my first IVF in 2005 with ds born 5/2006, then we did two BFN FETs...I am looking forward to getting going again but also feel like I forgot how the fresh cycle all goes...I'm sure my memory will be refreshed quickly! Let's hope for success for all of us!!!

  13. Welcome aspak! Hang on, we're all in on the next ride! I hope you have success with your cycle too! Don't worry, it will all come back to you as you get started! Hope you have a great day!


  14. Just had my annual visit at the OB/Gyn. Monday I'll have bloodwork and start lupron... which I'll continue on until I cycle in July! Hoping it doesn't make me too crazy! Hope everyone is doing well during the long wait!


  15. Yeah Eliza! You get to start us all off! Hopefully the Lupron won't be too bad for you!


  16. Hi everyone dh and I have been ttc for 6 years with a history of 1failed ivf and 8 losses and 5 surgeries. Its been a long rollercoaster. we are doing another ivf in july with retrieval week the week of the 20th. Im super nervous and just hoping that this will be work. i dont know my protocol yet, because my re is letting me pick what i want. I know to much and he said he will leave it up to me mdl or antagonist. Im thinking follistim and with a little touch of menopur and cetrotide. Also i asked for baby aspirin and prednisone. Im taking dhea, royal jelly, and fish oil right now. Oh my, that looks weird after I read all of that. i cant believe Im going to be doing this again.

  17. Believer, sounds like you have definitely been on the rollercoaster too! I'm so sorry for all your losses. IF is definitely not easy when you experience the loss part of it. I'm excited to try again, but on the same hand nervous about it. Good luck deciding what your protocal will be, it's nice to have an re who will listen and consider your wishes! Mine is also very open which makes him very approachable. Hopefully this will be the cycle for all of us!

    To everyone else, have a great weekend!


  18. I just wrote a long reply and it didn't post- arggghhhh!!!!! Let's try this again! Luckily I'm at work in the middle of the night and have the time to retype it!

    Believer- I'm so sorry for all that you have been through and have had to endure. That is nice that your RE let's you have input since you probably know which meds you responded to better. I hope this is your cycle! Let's hope our group will have lots of success!

    Sarah- Thanks for your welcome. Sorry too for all that you have been through. That's so smart to have a positive attitude like you do- you will get pg and take your baby home!

    Eliza- How is the Lupron going? I was lucky and never felt nutty or got headaches or anything from it. My ds is 3 too.

    Ziggy- I hope that af comes when you're thinking so you can enjoy your vacation. Is this your first time doing IVF?

    Jen- Very sorry for your loss. But also happy that you have a ds too. Do you have to go very far to go to GA?

    Kaycee- I will take bcp too- I should start them later this month after af shows up. Do you have twins from IVF?

    I think that is everyone on here! I'm hoping and praying that this will be the cycle for each and every one of us!

    Take care all, Laura (aspak)

  19. Laura- I hate when that happens! You have a long message typed out and then.. where the heck does it go?!?! I actually start lupron on Monday after going in for bloodwork. I don't remember having issues with it before (this will be my 3rd cycle) but I have never been on it this long. I won't start stims till mid-July so will be on lupron over a month before I actually cycle!

    Does everyone have protocols yet to know dates to start and meds? I only have a verbal one right now... But have my prescriptions. Should pick up the protocol, I'm assuming, on Monday.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend! Am heading out for a hike.. trying to lose as much weight as possible before this cycle starts!


  20. Hello All...

    Was wondering if you do not mind if I join.

    History... TTC for more than 12 years. Just finished first IVF attempt with bfn. We have MF issue, but now we are told my FSH level is a little higher than the normal range so I will only produce a few eggs. I am 33 and DH is 40. So now, we will be doing our final cycle July 20. Started bcp yesterday and will stay on bcp for 4 weeks and then will start the rest of the medications. My RE says we are going to be on the A/ACP protocol (agonist/antagonist Conversion with estrogen priming protocol). Not sure what all that lingo means except that he put us in the highly aggressive approach since I did not respond well this last time.

    I had little to no side effects with this last cycle (except after ER), so I hope the new medications that are going to be added will not be too hard on my body. As long as we get our miracle, I am up for anything. Our health insurance pays for nothing, so this will be it as we are all tapped out with loans and credit card debt.

    Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

  21. Hello all- Af came 4 days early- WTH- so I had to start BCP so that my cycle will work out right in July- dang it- i wanted to go without BCP this time. But my dh will be out of state july 13-18 and that would screw everything up. I will stop BCP july 6th and start stimming July 9th if all looks good.

    I am not excited- I am dreading this whole cycle- I will be traveling 7 hours to my new RE clinic and staying at friends near there. My dh will be flying in day before retrieval from New York as he is in a conference all week- so really hoping all goes well. I will stay in Atlanta by myself for transfer and he will go home as soon as he gives his deposit. I will have back up sperm just in case- I will not waste my eggs.

    I am lucky that I have a DS from IVF in 2005- but since I am cycling out of town and DH is going to be out of town it makes this whole thing a major juggle. I havne't quite figured out what I am going to do about that. I also have a 79 year old demented grandma who lives with us.

    My household is crazy.


  22. Hi ladies
    I hope everybody is well.
    I got AF the day of our flight, so they agreed to do my BW then. Has anybody ever had bw done on CD1? I got the results & my FSH has almost doubled since our last IVF 3 yrs ago. They are not concerned, but I am. It's just under 10. E2 was fine tho.

    Bcp vent... I'm on day 4 of this h*ll. I always remember these being the worst part of ivf. Anybody else??

    Sry mememe in this post. Trying to get the hand of this iphone.

  23. Hi Ladies, i didnt take bcp for my other ivf. Re has me starting them on cd8. Which is this Tuesday. That doesnt seem right. Im taking loestrin for 4weeks, so I need 2 packs,wth. Im nervous this is going to mess me up big time. Im trying not to freak out everyday, but I wish it was July all ready!! Ok I feel better, thanks for listening,lol.

  24. Hey Ladies,

    Have been on these boards since in between my two fresh cycles. I did my first IVF with isci (male factor dx) in Aug of 2005 (bfn) and then my second fresh in Feb 2006 which resulted in my ds now 2 1/2. I also in the process of this had guardianship of my nephew and adopted him after other ds's first birthday. He is now 5 1/2. I just would love to experience another pg. We had a couple frozen embryos that we were going to transfer in March/2008 but they did not make the thaw. So, here I am and I will be calling in day 1 tomorow morning, then starting suprefact nasal spray on day 21 of my cycle. According to my calculations using my last fresh cycle, I should be looking at a retreival/transfer around the end of July, first of August.

    Looking forward to following everyones progress. I have found these boards to be such a comfort throughout cycling and parenting for that matter.

    And Jen, I hear you on the juggling. I am actually flying back to the east coast (just moved in August). I have family there that can help with the kids, I don't need to go on a waiting list there and they have proven successful for me with ds #2. That being said, I think dh is going to have to fly down for the weekend of my retrieval and fly right home. Someone else booked that time off work and we couldn't book it ahead of time because you just never know when A/F is going to throw you a loop. The other option I am going to discuss is for him to come to NS earlier in the month, possibly making a vacation of it and freezing some samples. The problem here though is I wonder if that would make it even worse considering we are dealing with male factor to begin with?

    Oh the joys,
    Chat soon, hope everyone had a nice weekend.

  25. I really have to hand it to u who have to travel for your ivf.

    S - is NS nova scotia¿ just wondering.

    Re office said they sent my calendar to my home. we're headed back home in a few days. Trying to get excited about this but not feeling too confident... I have to agree j... ivf stinks.

    Do u tell people? We keep ivf our little secret.

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