Anyone cycling in August?

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  1. I promise to come back tonight and do personals. I just had to shre. Today's beta is 1843 and progesterone is now 68.9!!

  2. Alicia--so glad your numbers went up. I think you are good to go! Yes, I am showing. Freaking me out a little bit. My pants do not fit, at all. So, I am thinking maternity clothes are in my near future. Or at least a belly band.

    Starr--congrats on starting your stims!!! Whoohooo!

    Mhiggins--I hear ya....I look 4 months pregnant...which makes me think what will I look like at 4 months?? Are you doing the early screen ultrasound test? The one thats looks for chromosonal issues? Are you taking the H1N1 vaccine?

    hdsass--hang in there, it will the right time. Keep the faith, you are so strong. Hats off to you for not giving up!

    mubark--The fact that they found a hb before 6 weeks is a really good indication that you have a little fighter on your hands. So, don't lose hope just yet. Take it easy and rest this weekend. Bleeding is not always a bad sign, look at my situation. I thought I was in trouble as well....but so far so good. You just never know. The first trimester is tricky!

    AFM-- 3rd ultrasound today......all is well. Babies are measuring right on track. Heart rates were good. My OB increased some of my vitamins and folic acid. Not sure if my tummy can handle more right now. I always have nausea. Slept with a trash can by the bed last night.........I am sooo ready for the second trimester. Passed the 1st diabetes screening. Next ultrasound in 2 weeks.

  3. Alicia - YAY!!! So glad to hear your good news!

    dtilbury - Sorry that the morning sickness is hitting you so hard. I hear that when you are carrying twins it can be twice as bad. I hope it eases for you soon. I don't know too much about pregnancies... When does the first trimester end?

    I hope all is well for everyone!

  4. Hi girls -

    Mhiggins and ar - congratulations on being 10+ weeks pregnant! That is just awesome. Savor this moment - there are so many people who would love to be at that point - I'm so happy for you girls. Just 2 more weeks until the 2nd trimester (wow!) and hopefully that will mean less m/s and nausea. Congrats on the wonderful U/S too!

    - great news. So happy you're starting up your next cycle. Hopefully this will be the one. Stay positive and good luck with the shots - never fun, but hopefully will get you a BFP!

    Alicia - awesome beta! Congratulations on the rising P2 also - that's a big relief. Are you having another beta or are you moving on to U/S?

    hdsass - think positive! hopefully you will get to start and this time the nurse will have NO bad news to report at all. 3rd time will be a charm!

    AFM, just trying to rest/take it easy until Tuesday's U/S. I haven't had any more red bleeding (just a bit of brown spotting) and thankfully no more cramping. I'm just praying that Tuesday goes ok. Thanks for your support girls!

  5. hdsass- I hope that you get AF this week sometime!

    mhiggins- Hope everything is great for you.

    Starr- How is your cycle going? I am thinking of you and let us know how you are doing.

    alicia- What a great beta! Congrats

    dtilbury- Congrats on the diabetes screening. Sorry about all of the nausea. Hopefully you will fell better soon.

    mubark- Good luck with your ultrasound tomorrow. Glad that the bleeding stopped. Let us know how tomorrow goes. Will this be your first ultrasound?

    AFM- I got my 3rd beta today and it was 8700. I have my first ultrasound on Friday morning. What exactly do they see and look for at the first ultrasound?
    Just trying to know what to expect.

  6. Lady- at my first ultrasound, which was at 6w2d, they could see the embryo, the yolk sak and she was able to detect the heart rate. You can't really tell what anything is at this point, but the technician pointed everything out to me. It was pretty cool. Good luck.

    ar - I broke down and bought some maternity clothes this weekend. I spent way too much money, but I am SO much more comfortable now. And, oddly enough, I don't look at pregnant as I did in my other clothes. I think because things are as tight and so it's just not as noticeable. I am having the first tri screen next week (at the end of my first tri). I'm pretty anxious about it because I just want everything to be ok and I hear there is a large incident of false positive, so then that just means I'll have to make the choice to do the amnio. I want to do it so I know everything is OK, but I am nervous since there is a chance of m/c. What are you doing?

    Smarty - good luck tomorrow.

    alicia and starr - hope you are both doing well.

  7. mubark- Good luck tomorrow, you are in my prayers!! I have a good feeling about this though....

    Mhiggins--I need to buy some maternity clothes as well, but I will probably wait til next week. I wear scrubs to work, and I did buy a larger size in them last week. Today my boss says.....\"well those aren't gonna fit much longer\" She gets on my nerves. Anyway, I am nervous about the screen also. I didn't know the the false positive rate was high That makes me real nervous. I probably will not have the amnio unless the screening is really bad. I have already had 2 m/c's and I really don't think I could handle another. Especially knowing I could have prevented it. I think this screen is pretty common though. I have read alot of women do it. I just want to know. I want to have time to prepare myself if something is wrong. My screen is next Friday, October 30th.

    Ladybug--good luck on Friday. The first u/s is the best in my opinion, but then again I have only started this journey. My first u/s we found out it was twins and we saw the heartbeat. Pretty cool! I was very emotional to say the least.

    AFM--I have a head cold....yuk!! My doc says it is ok to take Tylenol Sinus....thank God!!! I also signed up for the flu shot on November 2nd. I am still on the fence about the H1N1 vaccine. What is everyone else doing?? My OB is leaving it up to me. She really wasn't much help in that area. She just really stressed the importance of the regular flu vaccine.

  8. Starr--that's great that you got to start stims! That's great that they have everything online!

    Alicia--congrats on your beta and progesterone!

    dtilbury--congrats on another good US! Wow, you are really getting hit hard with the m/s! Don't worry, second trimester will be here before you know it! I am getting the H1N1 vaccine when available--pregnant women are considered high risk because there has been a higher than average proportion that have had really serious complications (and even death, unfortunately).

    mubark--good luck with US tomorrow!

    ladybug--congrats on the beta! Good luck on your US!

    mhiggins--that\'s great that you bought maternity wear! Wow, you are already at the first trim screen! Incredible!

    AFM--I guess 3rd time was the charm, after all! It seems as if all the stars aligned today. I had quite a bit of red spotting this morning, so I called my nurse and she had me go in for bloodwork and US. The cyst wasn't there any more and the ovaries were quiet. The bloodwork was fine too. DH and I can't believe it! I'm supposed to give her a call Wednesday morning (to let her know I have heavier flow than today) and then I can start the Follistim that night...I can't believe it might finally happen!

  9. hdsass - That's great! So glad to hear that things are moving in the right direction for you! I reall y hope you get to start Wednesday...

    dtilbury - Hope you feel better soon!

    Mhiggins - Good luck with your screenings next week, I'm sure everything will be fine!

    Ladybug - Congrats on an excellent BETA! Enjoy your ultrasound this Friday!

    mubark - Goodluck with your ultrasound tomorrow! Hoping for the best for you!

    AFM - I had my first ultrasound this morning. The nurse said she saw a few follicles on each side but that it was too early to get a firm count. I left the appointment feeling really positive but then I got a call a few hours later that my E2 level was only 86 and that we needed to up my dose. I hope it will rise for Wednesday.... I guess we'll just wait and see.

    I hope every one is doing well!

  10. Hi girls -

    Starr - so happy you're progressing through your cycle. If they think your E2 is low can you increase estrace? Let us know how things proceed!

    hdsass - that is wonderful you are able to start. That is the best part, from there things seem to roll more quickly than the \"waiting\" period in between cycles. Good luck and keep us posted!

    AFM, thankfully the little one was still there and beating! HB was 118 and the sac and baby were measuring fine for 6w3d. I'm so relieved for now, but still so confused (and so is the RE) about where all the blood came from...but for now, things are ok and next U/S is 10/29

  11. Things are progressing with me... I have 8 follicles on the right side and 5 on the left. They are still on the small side so they are increasing my dosage of the Follistim again. According to the nurse I should still be on target for ER on 10/28... We shall see... I go back for my next b/w and u/s on Friday.

    Does anyone know if upping the dose of stim thoughout the process effects the egg quality? My nurse today said no but I swear I read some where that it can have an effect.. I hate Google sometimes...

    I hope everyone is doing great!

    mubark - So happy to hear that your little one is doing good. What a relief!

  12. Starr--sounds like you are making good progress!

    mubark--congrats on your US! Yay!

    AFM: I get to start Follistim tonight after I get home from work...I can't believe it!

  13. hdsass- How exciting!!!! Good luck with everything and be sure to keep us posted on how things progress!

    mubark- So glad that everything is o.k.

    starr- That is great. I do not know anything about the effect of increasing dose on egg quality. I have never heard/read anything about that. I hope that your levels go up well though.

  14. hdsass - Congrats on getting started, I hope your shots went well for you!

  15. Starr--what dose of Follistim are you on now? I am using Follistim too...

    AFM: The Follistim went ok last night; we watched a YouTube video to refresh our memory. It didn't hurt much at all, thank goodness! First US/bloodwork appt is tomorrow morning...I am going to have to get up really early and some people are going to have to wait at work, but I don't care--I'll do whatever it takes...

  16. Hi hdsass! They have me on 450 units of Follistim, the highest the pen will go.... I hope it makes a difference for me tomorrow, I have another u/s and b/w. I hope you have good results tomorrow too and glad to hear your shot went well!

  17. Starr--hope the stimming is continuing to go well...

    AFM: I had my first bloodwork/US appt today. There were a few small ones on both sides, but I have only stimmed for 2 days. My estradiol came back in the 180s, so they want me to cont at 150 of Follistim tonight. I have another appt tomorrow and then every day next week. They want to watch everything closely because they don't want me to ovulate prematurely (I'm doing Ganirelix), but apparently had my estradiol level spike pretty quickly in an IUI cycle, so they want to try to prevent that. They don't want me to develop OHSS.

  18. hdsass- I am so glad that you are finally on the road. Glad to hear that things are going well.

    starr- How are you coming along?

    AFM- We had our first u/s this morning and it was magical!!! We saw and HEARD the heartbeat. How precious. One little sort of sad thing is that both embryos implanted, but one has stopped growing, so they said that I would probably miscarry in 2 weeks, but that the other one should be fine. Has anyone else heard of this? It just worries me that you could miscarry one, and the other one not be affected at all. Anyway, the one is absolutely perfect!!!! I hope that you all are doing wonderfully. Everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend!

  19. Hi ladies!

    Ladybug - Congrats on your ultrasound! Sorry to hear about your second embryo but I don't think its that uncommon to have one miscarry and the other continue for a strong pregnancy. Wishing you the best!

    hdsass - Sounds like your doing good! So glad to hear it. I hope you have a quiet and uneventful weekend!

    I had another apointment this morning... My eggs are just slow growers! Everything looks good, they are all about the same size (10-12) but more then likely my ER will be postponed until next Friday. I was expecting that to happen so no big deal. Now I just have to wait for the Fed Ex man to deliver more drugs... I was running out of the Follistim.

    I hope everyone is doing well and have a great weekend!

  20. Hi Ladies!
    Boy did I miss you all!!! It just took me over an hour to catch up--so much going on! Sorry I was AWOL for the last many weeks--I just needed a break from all things IF after the BFP, then fake ectopic and then m/c....
    but my break is over and now I can't wait to get started--I am on the schedule to start stims 1/1/2010 and ER/ET week of 1/11/2010--so far away!! So I will live vicariously through you all until then DH calls you all my friends and you really are!

    dtilbury--congrats!! so exciting! you should \"accidentally\" vomit on your boss--i can't believe she said that about how your clothes fit--hello??!! m/s is the worst--have you tried Zofran?

    mhiggins--congrats!!! can't believe you are up to first trimester screening already!! about your post about false positives--hopefully you'll be reassured by this--the screening is set such that the false positive rate is 5%, so not too high--meaning the other 95% are either normal (almost everyone) or true positives. Good luck!!!

    hdsass--wow, your roller coaster really takes the cake. so glad you are finally in the swing of things! cant' wait to watch your follies grow you are on the verge of finally being PUPO!

    starr--good luck with the stimming! so exciting!

    ladybug--wow, congrats!! so happy for you! i know you have mixed's OK to be elated and grieving at the same time. i always hear vanishing twins are so common with IVF (my RE says 30% of his successful IVF patients who start with twins end up with a singleton) and i don't think it puts the other baby at risk at all

    mubark--wow, you too!! there is so much baby dust on this thread since i've been gone. Congrats!!! can't wait to hear about 10/29

    alicia--so happy for you!!!!! your #s are amazing

    LB--so sorry to hear about your BFN What did you decide about where to cycle next time? I hope you get to start before Jan but if not, we'll be cycle buddies for 2010

    Hope I didn't miss anyone!! It's nice to be back with my cycle buddies. No other group would ever be the same!

  21. merec--that's great that you are on the sched on 1/1! It's good to take some time off sometimes...

    ladybug--good luck with everything!

    Starr--sounds like you are coming along!

    AFM: I had 10 follies this morning. I am on Follistim 225. Took Ganirelix today...ER tentatively set for Friday or Saturday...

  22. merec - So good to hear from you again. I completely understand needing to take some time off but I'm glad that you are going to be cycling again in January. Wishing you the best!

    hdsass - 10 follicles is great! My ER is a definte for Friday so we might be having it on the same day.

    AFM - I have one follicle right now that is 19mm , about 13 15-16mm and a few smaller ones brewing. I am still feeling pretty good, no bloating or soreness. I hope it continues this way till Friday!

    I hope everyone is doing well!

  23. Hi girls!

    So great to catch up with everyone too. I was away for 4 days and didn't have time to get on the computer. It sounds like everyone is doing great.

    merec - congrats on getting back on the wagon IF breaks are WONDERFUL for the heart and soul. That is just what is needed to revive...Good luck with cycling!

    Starr - keep those follies growing!! Good luck with upcoming ER. It all went so fast, didn't it?

    ladybug - congrats on seeing the HB! I'm sorry about your 2nd embie but I have heard of that happening too....hang in there and good luck with the first trimester!

    AFM, had more bleeding on Friday so went to the ER (was in VA visiting my sister) so they did an U/S and the little bean was perfectly happy beating away at 130. They are confused about where the blood is coming from but said too that it was probably leftover from the initial bleed and my body was getting rid of the rest of it (cervix closed, no fresh blood). Next U/S is Thurs. and at that point I'll be 7w5d. This first trimester is going SOO SLOOOW!

  24. starr- Are you excited about tomorrow? I am so excited for you. I will be thinking of you and let us know how everything goes for you.

    merec- I am so glad that you are back. I am proud of you for taking a break, but glad that you came back to us. It is so exciting that you are on the schedule for the beginning of the year. Having your plan in place you can really enjoy the holidays.

    hdsass- Good luck to you too tomorrow or Saturday. I will be thinking of you and check in with us when you can.

    smarty- Any more bleeding? I sure hope not. I am glad that the bean is still happy and comfortable! Is your u/s today? If so, how did it go?

    AFM- My last PIO shot is tonight!! Woo Hoo!!!! They put me on oral prometrium, has anyone heard of that instead of vaginal? Anyway, tomorrow I will be 7 weeks 0 days and my next u/s will be next Wednesday.

    I send love and great wishes for you girls and your retrievals!

  25. Hi everyone, sorry I have been nausea has taken over my life...

    mubark: So glad the bleeding wasn't anything major and your little peanut is all well. The u/s I had a couple weeks ago showed areas where I bled in the beginning as well. My OB said I may bleed because of it, or that it would reabsorb. So, sounds like that is what happened to you. She said that was common to happen if you bleed early in your pregnancy. So far I haven't bled, but I have a feeling I will eventually. The first trimester is rough, emotionally and physcially. Hang in there!

    Ladybug: Congrats on the PIO!!! Good luck on Wednesday.

    Starr--Hope your ER went well today....

    hdsass--Was your ER today?

    merec--January will be here before you know it. Its right around the corner. Best of luck to you.

    AFM: Had my 4th u/s today. All is well. The babies are growing so fast. They measured right at 12 weeks....YEAH! Got to see toes and sweet. They were swimming around kicking and waving at me. The nausea is still bad, but after seeing my little ones, its so worth it. I am officially starting my second trimester....can you believe it?

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