Anyone cycling in August?

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  1. Hi girls -

    Well, I just got beta #2 back (they make me wait FOREVER at my clinic) is 820, progesterone is 81.8 and estrogen is 1828. I'm a tad worried about the beta number b'c I would have thought maybe it would have been in the thousands since beta #1 was 407 - is 820 OK? It is 18 DPO, I'm not sure what it should be right now. It barely doubled. I pray Friday's beta shoots up even further....

    Hope everyone is doing well today!!

  2. mubark- I hope that your beta is sky high tomorrow.

    Well- I just wanted to let everyone know that I POAS this morning and got a BFP! I have never been so shocked or excited in all of my life. My DH and I just sat and stared at it and cried and laughed! I just couldn't help myself. My beta is tomorrow!!! I really don't know what to do with myself. Thank you for all of your support, and let's hope for good numbers tomorrow!

  3. Ladybug-I am so so so so so so so happy for you!!! Congratulations. I'm praying you get a great beta number tomorrow!!

    Smarty-That is a great second beta number. Remember it only needs to double at least every 72 hors and yours definitely did!

    LB-Wishing you great luck with your next cycle.

    AFM-On my way to the dr's for my beta. Praying for a good number.

  4. Ladybug - YEAH!!!!! Congratulations! I'm sure you'll get a good strong number tomorrow!

    Alicia - Good luck with your appointment today. Let us know what the official number is!

    Smartjones - 820 sounds like a good second BETA to me! Congrats and I am hoping for super high number from you tomorrow!

    LB - Good luck with your future cycle, wishing nothing but the best for you!

    dtilbury - Good luck with your ultrasound today and enjoy seeing your little ones! I would guess from all the morning sickness that your pregnancy is good and healthy... Keep us posted, its nice to hear the positive outcomes at different stages.

    Mhiggins - How are you coming along? I hope all is well!

    AFM.... I hate my body! Cramping, spotting and all around feeling miserable but nothing I would definitely call a period.... I hope I get AF tomorrow morning since I already have to be at my RE's office for the consult, it would be great to just do the b/w and u/s at the same time... Since it would be convenient, I'm sure it won't happen... ERRRR!

  5. Hi girls!

    Such great news on this thread! Keep it going with today's betas

    Starr - UGHHHH! AF is trying to show her ugly, I mean beautiful face (after all, we want to see her now!) I am so hopeful you can kill 2 birds with one stone tomorrow at your RE and start this cycle if AF comes....keep us posted!

    Ladybug - YEAH!! Congratulations on the +HPT! That is such awesome news. Can't wait to hear your beta # tomorrow!

    - let us know how the U/S goes today - you have got to be so excited!

    LB - hoping these next couple of months fly by for you and you're on your way to starting up your next cycle...

    hdsass - UGH. I'm so sorry. That is so frustrating when our bodies just do not cooperate. Please try to hang in there. Hopefully you can start in November but if not, December will be here before we know it, especially with all the preparation for Nov/Dec holidays!

    mhiggins - HOW ARE YOU??? Thanks for the congrats. Let us know how your pregnancy is going - are you feeling wonderful m/s or other symptoms these days? How far along are you? Thinking about you...

    AFM, I'm trying to remain calm and positive until tomorrow's follow up beta. I still don't feel any symptoms whatsoever so that is concerning to me. Thanks for the words of encouragement ladies!

  6. Smarty - I never really felt any symptoms, and still don't, so unfortunately, there's no real good way to know if everything is going OK except to wait. Glad to hear you're doing good though. Good luck tomorrow.

    Starr - I have my fingers crossed for you that AF comes and you're able to get back on the saddle as they say.

    Alicia - hope you got a good number from your doctor today.

    ladybug - Congratulations. I hope you get a great number today and everything is good for you. I'm so happy for you.

    ar - I hope you're feeling better and your u/s went well today. I can't believe they made you wait so long in between. I had one every week. Of course now that I'm with an OB, I'll be waiting for what seems like an eternity.

    AFM - My initial appointment with the OB is tomorrow. I'm hoping he does and u/s because it's been a whole week and yesterday I had some very minor spotting. Due to some miscommunication with my RE's office, I stopped taking my endo on Saturday and Sunday. So I'm worried that's what triggered it even though I started again on Monday. Now I'm worried to stop at all even though he said I could stop today. I'm going to keep taking it and talk to my OB about it. I know some spotting is normal (and mine really was minor) but of course, it freaked me out. I didn't even tell my DH because it would just worry him.

    Oh - someone asked, I'm 9w1d today. It seems like I'm so far along, but so far away. And, as I said above, I don't really have any symptoms, so it's kinda hard to believe it's real.

    Hope everyone's doing well.

  7. Mhiggins- good luck with your appt tomorrow. I was told I could stop the Endometrium today....but I saw my OB this afternoon and she told me to stay on them til 12 weeks. So, that is what I plan to do. Makes me nervous to stop before then.

    Starr--hang in there.....AF always comes when you least expect her....

    Alicia---hoping for a great beta!!! Congrats on your BFP!

    ladybug----YEAH!!!!!! Congrats on your BFP......hope you get a great beta!! Keep us posted!

    mubark--that is a great second number!! Don't worry, I think you are fine. So happy for you!!!!

    AFM: Had my second u/s this morning. Both babies are good! They have gotten so big, I couldn't believe the difference in the u/s I had 2 weeks ago. They look completely different. They are sooo sweet!!!!! I was released to my OB today. Actually had a consult with the nurse practioner this afternoon. I will be 9 weeks on Saturday. My next u/s is next Friday. I can't believe all this is really happening. I am starting to fall in love with this whole process. I am sooo in love with my babies.....I just hope it continues to all go well.

  8. alicia- how was yesterday?

    mubark- How is your number? Wow, you really have no symptoms. I hope that continues for you and that you don't get sick.

    starr- How did your consult go? or good luck on your consult (depending on what time your appointment is). Any sign of AF yet? I hope she comes soon.

    mhiggins- Congrats on graduating to an OB. Good luck!!

    dtilbury- Congrats also on your OB! I am so excited for you!!!

    Well, my beta number was 153.2, so I got confirmation of my BFP!!! I have no idea what the number means though and if it is good. My progesterone was 41. I go back Monday for a repeat beta. Hope everyone is doing well and have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Ladybug - I am sooooo happy for you! 153 sounds like a good number to me, congratulations!

    dtilbury - Congrats on graduating to your OB!

    Mhiggins - I hope your OB appointment went well today!

    Alicia - How are you doing?

    My appointment went well today. As soon as AF shows up I wil be starting the Flare protocol. It sounds pretty much the same as what I did last ime minus the bcps and the additional week of Lupron. Plus, we will have DH give a sample the day of ER and hopefully just use the frozen as a backup. I'm excited to get started but I don't want to let myself be too optimistic... We still don't know if my DH will have any swimmers or if it will all work in the end... but that silly smile keeps crawling back on my face when I think about getting this show on the road!

    I hope everyone is doing well!

  10. Starr-Glad to hear you got your protocol. Praying for great swimmers on ER day!!

    Ladybug-That is an excellent beta number!! I am so happy for you. Have they given you a EDD yet? Looks like we have some June babies!

    dtilbury-Glad the twins are growing and congrats on graduating to your OB!

    MHiggins-How was the appointment?

    mubark-How are you? How was the beta?

    AFM-Yesterday\'s beta was 55.6. The nurse says it's a good \"early\" beta. I was 6dp5dt. This time in my last pregnancy the beta was 42.9 so I'm happy. I have my follow up beta on Monday and I get to see my OB. I am taking extra measures to try my best not to lose this baby. I have been having some mild cramps and implantation bleeding. My breasts started to get tender today and I am nauseous. I am loving it!!

  11. Hi girls!

    Alicia - YEAH!! Congrats on the great beta. That is a really early testing date so you'll get much higher by Monday. Keep us posted and have a great weekend!!

    Ladybug - that beta is awesome! And your progesterone is really great too, so you don't have to worry about upping your meds. WOOHOO!

    Mhiggins - make sure to check in and let us know how the appointment went today!

    - so glad to hear your little ones are liking their new home Such great news.

    - Hoping this weekend that AF shows up!! Then you're back on the train!

    AFM, 3rd beta came in nice and strong at 2,166 (whew! I was nervous for today's report - I'm literally not feeling ONE symptom still) progesterone at 122.8 and estrogen at 1261. I have an u/s scheduled for Tuesday - nervous but excited!

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  12. dtilbury--glad the US went well. Sorry about the m/s...That's great that you get to move on to the OB.

    alicia--congrats on the + beta!! Good luck on Monday!

    ASPAV.--good luck on your next cycle in Dec/Jan...

    ladybug--congrats on your + beta!!

    mubark--that rising beta looks great! Congrats!

    Starr--hope AF came...

    mhiggins--hope your appt went well. I had spotting and ended up having a normal pregnancy.

  13. Hey everyone. Sounds like things are going well. I like keeping track of you all.

    My OB appointment went great on Friday. We had another ultrasound, and the little guy is getting so big and they said everything looked fine. It was different being at the OB, but it felt good. He was very nice and took a lot of time to talk to us and explain things. Now for the long four week wait until our next appointment. Crazy that it's going to be that long.

    smarty - good luck tomorrow. you're numbers look great.

    alicia - I'm glad you're liking m/s! Hope your appointment goes well today.

    Starr - you sound really optimistic, which is so good. I know it's hard to keep a positive frame of mind, but it's so important. Good luck.

    ladybug - that beta number sounds great. Good luck today on your next beta.

    dtilbury - I'm so happy things are going well with you.

    Hope everyone has a nice day


  14. starr- I am so glad that you are ready to go. Any AF yet?

    alicia- No EDD yet, but I did an online calculator and it said June 22nd. Wishing you luck today, let us know how it goes.

    mubark- Congrats on such strong betas. I will be thinking of you tomorrow!

    hdsass- Any updates? Hope that you are doing well

    mhiggins- 4 weeks seems like forever! Good luck and thanks for checking in on us.

    AFM- My 2nd beta today was 765. She said that I will wait until next Monday to come back for my 3rd beta and then we will schedule an ultrasound for sometime next week. Does that sound about right to everyone?

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  15. Ladybug - Your BETA sounds great, congratulations!

    Mhiggins - I'm glad your OB appointment went well! Your right, four weeks sounds like a really long time but it's good they are not concerned with your pregnancy! Try to relax and enjoy!

    mubark - I am so happy for you, congrats!

    Alicia - Congrats on you BFP!!! How did your appointment go today? Hoping for a good strong number!

    AFM - Nothing new to report... No AF but still spotting and crampy. I am starting to wonder if that's all I'm going to get this month. I'll keep you posted if anything changes... I hope everyone is doing well!

  16. mubark-Good luck on Tuesday. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

    Mhiggins-Glad to hear the baby is doing great!! Sorry it's a 4ww. I say we all put our money together, buy an u/s machine and take turns looking at babies and doing follicle checks! I don't think I'll be able to make it another week!

    Ladybug-Sounds like a great beta to me. Glad to hear you are having your u/s this week!!

    Cihad-When we don't want her to come, she's there right on time but when we want her too she takes a vacation. I sure hope that AF shows up.

    AFM-Well today is bittersweet. My beta is 340 and this is the one the nurse says that counts. I am 15dpo so she says that's good. The problem is on Thursday my progesterone was 5.73 so they increased my dosage. Well today it is 2.12 so they increased my dosage again. She says it's common with FET especially if you have PCOS (which I do) but everything I have read online indicates that I may have a miscarriage so I'm not sure how to feel. I'm glad the beta went up just scared that the progesterone is going down. I did get to see my OB today and he did an early u/s. Of course he didn't see anything but it was nice he looked around. They took 16 vials of blood and he put me on a few restrictions. Limit my walking, no pulling, no pushing, no lifting, and no shopping.

  17. Alicia - So sorry you are going through this added stress. When is your next appointment? I hope your numbers continue to go up and that your progesterone starts to kick in. Keep us posted!

    I finally got my AF this morning... Yippee!!! I have an appointment scheduled for Friday for b/w & u/s so hopefully that will go well and I can start stims that night!

    I hope everyone is doing well!

  18. Starr--Congrats on you thought you would never be so happy to see her.

    Alicia--Hang in there....I know it is hard. I wouldn't do anything, lay on the couch and keep your feet up. Maybe the increase in meds will do the trick. Are you having any symptoms?

    Ladybug--sounds like you are right on track. Congrats on your second beta. Great number!

    Mhiggins--4 weeks til your next u/s?? You poor thing. It will pass fast...just think, you are close to starting your second exciting!!

    mubark--how did the ultrasound go yesterday??? Anxiously waiting!!!

    AFM--Have another u/s on Friday and another appt with my OB. I had a gestational diabetes test, so I will get the results then. Hope it is good news. I have been so sick this week.....dry heaves.......yuk!! Also, having some lower back doesn't seem to be alarmed, but I worry about every little cramp, twinge, and discomfort. Will be 10 weeks on Saturday.

  19. starr- Yeah!!! I am so happy that you are getting going again. Good luck tomorrow with your appointment, and I will be thinking of you.

    alicia- That is so weird. I am so sorry that you have to worry about this. How are you doing? Any new news or levels?

    dtilbury- Wow! 10 weeks on Saturday!!! Sorry that you are so sick, but it is probably the best sick in the world, huh? Good luck tomorrow!

  20. Cihad-Yayyyy on AF. So glad to hear she finally showed. KYIMP for tomorrow!!

    dtilbury-Sorry you are sick but yayy on the being 10 weeks. Only a few more and then you'll be in your second trimester!! Are you showing yet?

    Ladybug-Thanks for checking on me!

    AFM-Well beta yesterday was 848 woohoo but progesterone dropped again! The nurse had me return and she personally gave me a shot. She then asked me to show her how I did them at home. When I did she said that we were giving them too low in my behind and if it was too low then it would not course through my body. She drew circles on my behind where the shots should do. I asked her was this going to affect the baby and she said that it shouldn't since we caught it in time. They also started me on crinone yesterday and the bleeding that I started having the night before stopped last night so hopefully that means my progesterone is kicking in. She said my beta was great and that is what indicates a good pregnancy. I go again tomorrow for more bloodwork, praying both the beta and progesterone have increased. If all goes as planned, we will have an ultrasound next week!!

  21. alicia- Thank you so much for the information. My husband was giving them high (where they are supposed to be), but my skin toughened up, so we had moved down a bit. I am going to be moving them back up now! Thanks so much for sharing. Glad that you may have found the problem and that it is so fixable.

  22. Hi girls - Sorry about no personals today, I'm going so crazy and just not knowing what the heck is going on.

    I woke up this morning to spotting and then it got more and red. I went to the doctors (by this point, crampy and a lot of blood). I thought for sure there would be nothing but they found a sac, fetal pole and heartbeat, all measuring appropriately. My beta came back only rising 50% since 2 days ago (8839). I'm not holding out hope that this is going to last but for now the doctor said \"it's a strong pregnancy and to rest and come back on Tuesday\". I don't truly believe things are going to be fine b'c I'm so jaded from the past and just know my body by now. I just am so confused at why they found the baby and a heartbeat and I am only 5 weeks 5 days (I thought you couldn't see a hb until 6 weeks?) The vanishing twin theory doesn't hold either b'c at my U/S on Tues. there was only one sac. Anyway, wanted to update you guys.

    I hope you all are doing well and Alicia, congrats on the doubling beta!

  23. mubark--sorry about the bleeding. You should really try to rest--I had spotting the one and only time I was pregnant and the nurse asked me if I had lifted anything and I remembered I had lifted some books. Hang in there (everything they saw so far was good, right?). Good luck.

    alicia--congrats on your betas! Hopefully now the progesterone will normalize. Good luck!

    dtilbury--sorry you are feeling so sick, but it is all worth it, right?

    starr--glad AF finally came! Good luck with your appt!

    ladybug--congrats on those betas! Good luck on the next one!

    mhiggins--glad your latest US went well.

    AFM: waiting to get AF sometime next week and then will go in to see if I get to start my cycle. I canceled my conference (luckily I got most of my money back). We'll see if 3rd time's the charm! However, I am not even necessarily expecting to be able to start--DH and I were talking about how we always expect our nurse to call with bad news. So, if that doesn't work, then we'll prob try in Dec...

  24. hdsass - Third time was the charm for me, so I'm hoping it is for you too. I know how you feel about the bad news. But sometimes it actually is good news, so don't worry too much.

    smarty - I hope the bleeding stops and you are able to rest this weekend. I had a friend who basically said the same thing hdsass said. The one time she bleed it was because she lifted something. So gets some rest and good luck.

    Alica - congratulations on the beta - and on learning where to put the shots. We were always worried about it too. Hope it helps and things get even better.

    dtilbury - welcome to week 10 (tomorrow). having been here for a couple of days all I can say is I am starting to definitely feel pregnant, at least I think I look pregnant.

    Hope everyone is doing well and has a good weekend.

  25. Mhiggins and dtilbury - Congrats on being 10 weeks +!

    hdsass - I hope your AF shows up right on time for you and that everything starts moving along!

    mubark - Sorry I can't provide any insight. Just try to relax and focus on the fact that your doctor says it is a strong pregnancy. Wishing you the best!

    Alicia - So glad they were able to find the problem early! Congrats on your strong BETA and I hope everything else is smooth sailing for you.

    AFM - I had my appointment this morning and everything looks good! I am starting stims and Lupron tonight and they have tentatively scheduled ER for the 28th. I am so happy to be starting this! And even better, my clinic now has put their patients info online... So I can login and enter my password and ALL my info pops up, med instructions, blood test results, ultra sound results. I am so happy I don't have to try and remember everything as they are telling me. Today is a good day, I hope everyone out there feels the same!

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