Anyone cycling in August?

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  1. A big warm welcome to all the new ladies So glad to have so many joining!

    hdsass----That is soooo exciting! We will be cheering you on the whole way!

    Daega---Let us know how you like the \"Infertility Cure\"

    AFM---Not to be a total Debbie Downer, but I could seriously cry right now.
    Just scheduled my FSH, estrodial, and sonohysterogram, and thought I was well on my way to treatment (I was thinking maybe starting stims at some point in July) HOWEVER---I can't get a consult appointment with my RE in order to start treatment until the VERY END OF JULY. It looks like there is no way on god's green earth that I will be able to have an ET in Aug.
    I am on a cancellation list hoping/praying I can get in the first week of july to see RE.
    UGH--nevermind my UR woes!

    sorry---this is just so frustrating to sit here and wait to hear when someone else has the time to help me start MY FAMILY. Do you think 28 is too old to throw myself on the floor and kick, and scream much like a 2 year old would?

    IVF sucks.

  2. Hi ladies and welcome all the newbies. Our little group has grown since I last posted.

    Tootsie- You ever hear the phrase we plan god laughs. IVF is like that you can be set to go left and you get turned right. I totally understand how you are feeling right now. But with IVF you have to have a certain level of patience and the RE's feel if you waited this long to get pregnant a few more weeks wont kill you. RE's are very busy and sometimes you just have to wait to see them. I know your upset but its worth the wait and if its not in July then August. Yes you are too old to fall on the floor and start kicking You can do that when you are pregnant.(with joy)

    hdsass- your on your way sounds like a good tentative schedule of course it all depends on AF right?

    Daega- I read that book while waiting to be seen by my accupuncturist, it is good the little I have read. She also suggested I read it but I am so busy trying to study for nursing school. I want to be an IVF nurse they can learn a thing or two from a patients perspective.

    Stef- I will you the best of luck this cycle and sorry to hear about your chemical and m/c its hard but have faith it will happen for you. Stay positive.

    Katina- I never had massages but could use one right about now When this is all over I will treat myself to one.

    Anna- sorry to hear about m/c and glad to hear you are not giving up and will try again. Just stay positive it will happen again. Wishing you a BFP cycle.

    Marine wife- sorry to hear about dh that is so great you guys are doing a cycle. I agree egg quality matters more than the sperm. With my experience egg quality can make or break your cycle. Being your 22 you should be fine with quality. How does your dh feel about doing IVF?

    AFM just doing accupunture and waiting for Julys AF to get the party started.

    Stay positive ladies we will be pregnant soon.


  3. Kaycee---You are the voice of reason...a true gem

  4. hdsass- Sounds like you will be doing your ET a little before me. I'm still a little fuzzy on the dates...and as I've learned quickly, nothing is set in stone in the IVF process haha. Just depends on what my body decides to do I guess, and I'm still a little confused since I'm only doing 10 days on stims, and not doing the Lupron...

    tzema-As far as DH is feeling about IVF...I think the only thing he is concerned about is us not eventually achieving the desired result...He's worried that we have to undergo such a financial burden, and then it might not work, and he thinks it will be his fault. We just completed all of the \"fun\" stuff on our checklist through our RE and we both look pretty good though. Everything looks excellent on my end, and they are very optomistic that with TESA that DH should be fine also. It's just pretty crazy to be 22yrs old and going through IVF haha. Couldn't have ever predicted that one!

    AFM....I'm just anxious to get this darn cycle started already, haha! I'm so impatient, I know....I guess the anxiety of the unknown is getting to me! Talk to you ladies soon!

  5. Hi girls...I just wanted to give you all a quick update:

    I spoke with my team nurse today and she told me that the embriologist and our UR decided thats its going to be an oct ET for me. I will start BCP and lupron sometime in sept.

    I'm so angry and DH and I rearranged our entire life based on an Aug ET....this just devastates us. I'm also back in college and not only took off the entire summer from work, but also from school....what a f***ing waste of a summer.

    I'm also sad not to be cycling with any of you. I've been on a few different threads, and this one seems to have some of the nicest women on it. I'm bummed to have to find new cycle buddies
    Kaycee---I will especially miss your positive notes that I have come to count on every week!

    I'm sending you all BFP vibes, and loads of baby dust.
    I will check in from time to time to see how you all progress, and wish you ALL BFP's coupled with uneventful pregnancies.
    Stay well girlies

  6. smarotsolaki---I am so sorry!!!!!!!!! I know how frustrated you must feel. Just try and stay positive is so hard to hold your emotions at bay through this whole IVF process. Then they throw hormones at us and expect us to remain calm when we hit bumps in the road........ Whatever!!! Best wishes to you and keep us posted.

    Kaycee--love your positive attitude.....keep it comin!

    Eros--I think I am going to do massage as well. I did swedish massage 1-2 times per week for my frozen cycle. And that is the only cycle I got pregnant. I think it made a huge difference for me. I also ask for valium this time for ER and ET. I have a friend who ask for it on ET day, and she got pregnant with twins....worth a shot I guess. If AF cooperates I should be starting BCP's around 07/15........what about you?

    AFM---I am trying to stay patient and positive. However I get sick to my stomach just thinking about all this. I have been through so much with infertility so far, I just don't know how much more disappointment I can handle.......and keep my sanity I just pray all of us get BFP's!!!! Keep the prayers going everyone.......

  7. Welcome a new member Vladimir, Eros,dtilbury,Stef. Good luck to all of you.

    Tootsie- I am so sorry to hear that. I completely understand you. It is so difficult and frustrating to plan ahead of time for something and it turn out something else. Just try to stay positive.

    Best wishes to all of you

  8. Thanks for the welcome!

    AFM....DH and I live really close to the Canadian Border in WA State. We just discovered that the Victoria Fertility Centre in BC, is SIX THOUSAND dollars cheaper to do a cycle through! However we are currently going through Dr. Robbin's office in Spokane and love him!! Has anyone ever switched RE's after doing initial consult and all the bloodwork and exams and stuff? It gives me so much anxiety to leave the wonderful clinic we love, but as we all know $$$$'s are very important in this process!!!! Thanks ladies !

  9. Tootsie- sorry to hear about them pushing your cycle back but hey I pushed mine back today after I was given my estimated due date. I need to deliver after May due to being in school and I have clinicals and finals and I just cant risk getting an incomplete. So the only way to get the due date I want is to push my cycle back a month. I dont really mind it gives me more chance to improve egg quality through accupuncture and my vitamins. Trust me I am impatient as it comes but when you have a cancelled cycled due to things not going right you learn to respect the ivf process. Us ladies have to remember we dont control IVF nor does the RE our body does. Waiting for af, then waiting to respond to meds, then hoping for fertilization, then hoping we make it to transfer you kinda develop a new respect for the whole process. But we gotta remain positive and hope for a good outcome and as I learned when I had a failed 1st cycle dust yourself off and try again and guess what I got my twin girls. So I will still be your cycle buddy honey dont worry about that I will support my girls cause it is a tough process mentally and physically.

    Pround marine- I left my old RE my husband looked him in his eyes and told him\" those who repeat the same mistakes are doomed for failure\" he said that because he wasnt willing to change my protocol so we left and guess what I got my twin girls. So I took my lab results and test results so I didnt have to repeat and hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Do what you are comfortable with all I can say is things could be cheaper but if you get bad office remember the baby that is destined to you may not make it to you. Sometimes we get what we pay for and sometimes they are cheaper in other ways besides money. Hey I am a straight shooter and want you to have a great result. Just think long and hard about it ok.

    dtilbury- you will be ok its normal hey this is my 4th cycle i get butterflies but I know I am in good hands and I am doing all I can to help my body out. Relax and just enjoy the ride. Stress can have negative effects remember that. Just think of how its gonna be when you get pregnant

    Proudmarine- Your dh will be ok they do Tesa everyday he will do fine. I know that feeling its great but enjoy it it is an amazing process and I wish you all the best.

    Ladies it is stressful I know but coming from a veteran just try to relax and enjoy it make your body a place the little soul wants to come to not stay away from because the environment is so stressful. You guys will be fine I think we have a great group here. I wish all you ladies baby dust oh I almost forgot I do use guided imagery if you guys are interested check this site I think after all this stress and anxiety it is worth it I used it for my twin dd cycle. close your eyes here comes the baby dust********************************************** ********

  10. Kayla's Mommy- Well I've done a little more research into switching clinics, and at this point I feel that we love our current RE so much that I really don't want to switch. This is such a stressful, painful, and trying process that I would rather go through it with a Dr. that I am very comfortable with. Even if it costs a little more money. It's hard, I'm feeling really torn, because part of me is like YES, switch, save some dang money finally haha....and the other part of me is looking inside what makes YOU feel best. And so far, that would be our current RE!

    dtilbury- I understand the stressed feeling. This is our first encounter with fertility stuff however, and even though we've only been dealing with it since December it's very frustrating....DH and I have Tricare since he is military and that's made it even more fun....They are SUCH a pain to deal with. And then I'm trying to prepare myself for the fact that this is our first attempt at may not work. And that's a really difficult thing to face. I feel like we're putting all our eggs in one basket, and I'm not quite sure what direction my emotions will take if this cycle doesn't produce the desired results. And then I feel selfish for expecting so much, because I look at other women that have been trying to conceive for years...and I'm expecting a BFP after one cycle. But hey, that's what I can hope and pray for....for all of us!

    AFM....I'm still just feeling ready to get this show on the road already haha....I'm so darn impatient! Talk to you soon!

  11. Tootsie--I know how you feel...I took off 3 weeks starting in late August and then they wanted to push it back and then I was worrying about how to switch or have someone cover me once I come back and have to do ET, etc...It is so frustrating when you are planning for something and then it changes...But, my husband helped me through it; he said we have to persevere, do whatever it takes and he was right. Hope you stick around! Good luck with everything.

    Proud Marine Wife--glad you figured out where to do your cycle.

    AFM: it seems that I'm going to be on Lupron about 4 weeks before even starting stims...does that seem like a long time to be on Lupron?

  12. Vladimir--You may have already posted this, and forgive me for asking it again.....was your husband wounded in the Iraq war? If so, why isn't the military helping with the IVF cost? I hear you on dealing with is a pain in the butt. My insurance does not cover IVF, but does cover meds. But I have to pretty much sign my name in blood to get them. Drives me bananas! I think you made the right decision about your RE. I recently switched RE's. It was tough, but this is my fourth IVF cycle. So, after 1 fresh cycle and 2 frozen.....I felt like....3 strikes and you are out! I really like my new RE and he did change my protocol. So hopefully I will get to bring home a baby this time.

    hdsass--for my first IVF cycle, I was on Lupron for 3 weeks. It was hell. I didn't do well on Lupron at all. I handled the stim meds better than Lupron. So, my heart goes out to you......hang in there.

    Kaycee---What cycle did you get your twins? Was it a fresh or frozen cycle? I would love to have twins. My best friend had twins via surrogacy. They are so much fun. I am just scared of having another m/c. I really believe that I can get pregnant again, but I am not so sure how I will deal with another m/c. My last one was at 10 weeks.....I was so in love with my baby. That is my biggest fear, but it is a risk I just have to take.

    AFM.....I had a RPL (repeat pregnancy loss) panel complete last week. Most of the results came back......all normal. Should have the rest of the results next week. The total cost to have it done was $1,600. I don't think my insurance is going to cover it........I am so mad!! But, I had to have it done before going to another fresh cycle. Insurance sucks!!

  13. Finally trying again.. Had first cycle two years ago, ending w/ a chemical and was heartbroken. Yet here I am again, not going to lose faith.. waiting for AF due around July 6 to start BC. Changed DE and looking forward to a new start. I feel more comfortable now, so hopfully that is a good sign. Wishing you all well

  14. Hey ladies - mind if I join you?

    I am 29 - turning 30 next month, DH is 33. We've been trying for 3.5+ years. I have PCOS-ish tendancies, DH has mild MFI. We did our first IVF in May and had a chemical pregnancy. Just did our one day work-up with CCRM yesterday - will be cycling there in August.

    ETA ----> dtilbury, I'm in Cincinnati too!

  15. Yodamistress---Glad you joined!! Welcome! Sorry about your chemical pregnancy. I had one in December, it is tough!!! I was wondering if your 1st IVF was with an RE in the Cincinnati area? I recently switched to a new RE and am wondering if I made a good decision or not. This will probably be our last attempt at IVF, so trying to make all the right moves.

    Welcome f0f0k4!!!!!!

  16. Wow! I can't believe how big this group has gotten. Warm welcome to everyone that is new.

    Tootsie--Sorry to hear about your delay. This process can be so draining. Good for you staying positive and focusing on improving your health before you cycle. I know what you mean about being due at a certain time. I also have to deal with that.

    dtilbury--About the massage. My RE did not want me to do massage once I started stims, since it released toxins into my system. We finally agreed to relaxation massages. Now they are offered at the clinic so, go figure!

    Islam--I really enjoyed the infertility Cure. Lots of good info and I like the Qi breathing. It is very relaxing to me. My acupuncturist studied with Randine Lewis so, I feel like I am in good hands.

    Vladimir--I am also in Washington State. I live in Edmonds. I did my first cycle at Seattle Reproductive Medicine(SRM) and we are now at Colorado Center For Reproductive Medicine(CCRM).

    kakioula--I am also at CCRM and will be there in August. We are doing ER only and will be doing CGH and transferring when we get the results.

    AFM... Just went in last Tuesday to update my FSH and I am waiting my results. Seven months ago it was 5.1 so I am not to worried. I will feel better when I get the results. Still doing acupuncture once a week and will bump it up to twice weekly after my next AF starts. Trying to relax and enjoy summer.

    Cheers, Katina

  17. I was wondering if your 1st IVF was with an RE in the Cincinnati area? I recently switched to a new RE and am wondering if I made a good decision or not. This will probably be our last attempt at IVF, so trying to make all the right moves.

    It was not. I started out with Dr. Thomas at CRH in 2005 and then did my lap with Dr. Awadalla at IRH in 2007. We did our first IVF at a clinic in California because we got it \"free\" as a consequence of an essay contest associated with the clinic's 20th anniversary. I use quotation marks because when you include travel costs, precycle testing, AH and freezing, we spent in the neighborhood of $6K - $7K. So cheeper than locally (since we need ICSI) but certainly not FREE. If you really want my take on CRH or IRH I would be happy to give it though, in all honesty, I was not super impressed with either. Though, to be fair, I did see Dr. Williams once at CRH and liked him pretty much. Overall though, based on my experiences and success stats (gotta pull from the CDC's website for IRH since they don't submit to SART), if I were to cycle locally, I would choose Bethesda.

    Originally Posted by Eros
    I am also at CCRM and will be there in August. We are doing ER only and will be doing CGH and transferring when we get the results.

    We are seriously considering doing a freeze all with CGH. An added benefit to this would be that we could have our four frosties from our first cycle transferred to CCRM and tested as well for no additional cost. Only downside is that we're likely loose at least half in the thaw-refreeze-thaw. But we're probably looking at a 50% survivorship regardless since our first clinic doesn't use vitrification.

    ETA ---> Disclaimer: my husband's aunt is personal friends with Dr. Thomas and his wife is my OB. I have nothing against the guy personally, just don't think he's on the top of his game as far as being an RE.

  18. yodamistress---what is CGH?? Not familar with that abbreviation. I did 3 cycles at bethesda, 1 fresh, and 2 frozen. The result was a chemical and a m/c at 10 weeks. So, for this cycle I am going to IRH. I am nervous about the switch, but I just feel 3 strikes and you are out.......for bethesda. But, then I think, I did get pregnant at besthesda. I am confused, as you can tell. But I will say this, my protocol is different, so maybe that will help. Did you have a bad experience at IRH?? I have heard good and bad...... What meds are you taking this cycle?

    Eros--Have you tried acupressure?? I am considering it as well as massage, not sure. I have tried acupuncture and didn't like it.

    Kaycee--thanks for the info on guided imagery........gonna try it I think!

  19. dtilbury- My husband was injured right after Desert Storm, almost 12 years ago now. He was in Okinawa, Japan and was thrown out of a military vehicle on a wet, slippery, coral road. A bunch of other people were injured also, his best friend was pretty crazy. Anyhow, we think the VA may pay for the TESA procedure. Tricare definately won't though. It's so much work and phone calls and faxing and blah blah to get them to pay for it, it's almost not worth it haha.

    Eros- So if you don't mind me asking, how come you switched clinics? We considered SRM but decided in the end that our clinic in Spokane has good sucess rates and it would be much easier on us to only have to travel 3 1/2 hours to our clinic, instead of almost 6.

    AFM- I am anxiously awaiting's funny the only time in my whole life I have looked forward to getting it haha. After this visit from AF I will start BCP's the end of July. Yay, just ready to get started already! Also, DH and I got Keith Urban tickets for Sept. 14th and I just had the oh **** thought that I might be right in the middle of my cycle LOL! I'm going come hell or high water though, we've looked forward to this since we got the tickets last month haha! Have a great week ladies!

  20. Oh and btw, I'm considering acupuncture, since I found out that I can go only 20mins from my home to do it...(We live in a VERY remote little town haha)....I'm a chicken though and a little scared of the pain, what have been your personal experiences with it? Do you really think it improves sucess rates? Thanks girls

  21. I love acupuncture and I am so afraid of needles. The first time I went to an acupuncturist I was so paranoid. I was shocked that I barely felt anything. I find it a relaxing experience!

  22. kakioula--I can understand your concerns about shipping your frozen frosties, like you say there is risk either way. For us, we have had 7 embryos transferred in the last year and 4 were excellent, 3 not so good. I did achieve pregnancy and miscarried last December. So, I want to know for sure that we are putting back healthy embies.

    dtilbury--I have not tried acupressure. I absolutely love acupuncture and would do it every day if I could afford it. I find it relaxing. I am also going to do massage.

    Vladimir--There is a study that my RE refers to about acupuncutre increasing infertility odds. If I can find the info I will post it. I had it somewhere, just not sure where. I would be more then happy to share our SRM experience with you. Is it OK if I pm you, it is kinda long? I also ready to get started. I will start the BCP sometime the middle of July and I am looking forward to it. Since we are doing CGH this time around(and not transferring right away)I will only have to be gone for one week. Last time I was gone for two and it was really hard for DH and I.

    Take care. Katina

  23. Eros-I would love to hear your experience and it's fine if you private message me! I'm going to start BCP's the very end of July. I think my nurse told me they like to start you on day one of your cycle? I can't remember haha, it's so much information to take in, sometimes things slip right through! I have a very good friend that lives in Spokane though, and I think I'm going to stay with her for about two weeks while they are doing all the almost daily bloodwork and ultrasounds. We live in a very rural area and it scares me to think of our medical professionals in this area monitoring such an important few weeks! Not to say that all of them are incompotent, I've just had a few bad experiences up here DH would like to come with, but the cost of a hotel, plus boarding our dogs and paying someone to house sit, water plants, ect, is just not worth it. And besides I'm a bit of a hotel snob haha Motel 6 just doesn't do it for me LOL. DH doesn't like paying for more luxurious hotels so it drives him crazier. It's just easier all around if I'm with my friend haha. However, with that said, I am going to miss him like crazy!!!!! Anyhow, look forward to talking more!

  24. Mind if I join you ladies?

    I'll give you a lil info about me and my DH:
    Me: 33 (34 on Thursday - shhh, i feel so old hehe)
    DH: 33
    DD: 16 - from a previous relationship, when I was 17 (haven't been pregnant since)

    This next cyle is going to be our 2nd one. We just did a fresh cycle in April/May and failed <-- it was terrible - hands down, mine and DH\'s worst day together - I hope to never hear those words again!
    My last cycle was really good - 10 eggs, 8 were mature, 6 fertilized and all 6, made it to say 5. We transferred 2 and froze 3 on day 6. They were 'beautiful' embryos according to our RE and no one has a clue why it didn't work.

    Our RE thinks that it could POSSIBLY be NK cells (Natural Killer) - basically my body seeing the embryos as foreign and attacking them - so the only thing he's going to change for this cycle, will be adding Intralipid. A lovely (expensive) drug that has to be infused over a period of 2 - 3 hours and may need to be done more than once - Oh goody, like this entire process isn't expensive enough, lets add more to it - I'll just bend right over and get that out of my a$$ thanks LOL

    Anyways, My RE has also allowed me to skip doing the BCP's this cycle, as they made me pretty sick last time. So, I'll be starting Suprefact on July 10th - about a week-ish later I'll get a period then I'll start stimming. I imagine my ER will be the end of July sometime....

    I still find it hard to believe that we're willing to go through that again - it's amazing what we'll do to achieve our dream.

    ASPAV I saw you had asked about endometrial biopsy - well, my RE suggested we do it as there's more and more evidence that it makes an IVF cycle, more successful - something about disturbing the lining, makes implantation better!? I don't know, I did it, it hurt like a mother hummer, and I'm not pregnant... sooooo...

    Someone mentioned massage too and I've been considering checking that out for this cycle - anything to help me relax!! I did acupuncture, but towards the end, I was pretty sick of needles and I was getting real sensitive and the ones in my legs and feet were starting to hurt (Basically, I was turning into a huge whimp by the end of last cycle hehe) BUT, I'll do it again as we had everything turn out perfectly, minus the pregnant part.

    Vladimir: I saw you were thinking about cycling in Victoria - the clinic here - is GREAT!! I live in Vic and Dr H is truly the best - he takes every negative pregnancy test, personally. He has people coming to see him from other countries/provinces and cities <-- I'm glad I live a mere 10 - 15 minutes from the clinic.

    dtilbury: I've been thinking about checking out acupressure - you know, less needles the better!? Have you heard anything about it?

    Bucket loads f sticky baby dust to all of us here - may we all see BFP's ASAP!

  25. thomeko- So excited I found someone with personal experience at that clinic!!!! It's such a hard decision because I love, love, love our RE now, however it would be so much cheaper for us to cycle in Canada. I would greatly appreciate any more information you have for me about your previous cycle and the RE! We live in Oroville, WA...right across the line from Osoyoos, so it wouldn't be too bad for us to travel up there and just stay up there for a few weeks! Anyhow, look foward to hearing from you!!!

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