Anyone cycling in August?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    daega- I have a guided imagery cd it is probably as relaxing as your yoga cd. we are doing std testing this Saturday its atleast 4 tubes of blood But we gotta do what we gotta do. I go to accupuncture tomorrow I look forward to it actually thats a good 1 hr to myself no phones, tv, dh, kids, etc.

    ASPAV- no biopsies here, I have never heard of it and I would never risk infection before a cycle if you got an infection your embies would be in jeopardy at transfer time. I just eat alot of pineapple and bedrest at transfer time, oh yea use my guided imagery cd. It worked for my twin cycle.

    tootsie- Just relax and enjoy the ride just reassure dh and have faith you will get some swimmers from him. Think positive it works!

    I wish all of us babydust and hope we are all knocked up soon, I am ready .


  2. Hi girls...just thought I'd chirp a bit.

    Instead of date night with know, wine, dinner, maybe a movie---Our date included us both waking up at 5 am and having our bloodwork (for the standard std testing) together....ahhh how romatic

    ASPAV.---I have not heard of a biopsy prior to IVF---what would the data be suggestive of?

    Daega--I have a yoga fertility cd too!

    Positive thoughts and baby dust to all----getting \"knocked up\" never sounded so good as it does now!

  3. ASPAV.---I have not heard of a biopsy prior to IVF---what would the data be suggestive of?

  4. Hi Ladies,

    ASPAV- hun you have to do what you are comfortable with. Personally retrieval is more than enough for me and I personally wouldnt have a biopsy unless it was a medical necessity. But you have to do whats best for you what did dh say about it?

    Had accupuncture today oh it was so relaxing I cant wait to cycle. But I may push it back a month my accupuncturist suggest 3 full months before cycling but hey 2 is fine with me.

    Tootsie- dont feel bad our date night will be saturday morning atleast 4 tubes of blood will be taken from me and he will be good for atleast 2. Oh the joys of getting pregnant.

    Baby dust..


  5. Oh the joys of getting pregnant.

    S E R I O U S L Y....
    I'm not sad about our \"date\" night----only women on our board can understand how truly romantic it is to sit across from your DH while drawing thats true love!

    LB---Thanks for the info!

  6. Hi Ladies,
    Kaycee- Thank you for your advice. I am not sure about doing the biopsy. I only try to get information about how to increase the chance of pregnancy. I only experienced being pregnant for only 7 weeks, which was wonderful. This time I want to have baby. Generally DH wants me to do whatever I am commutable with. He is so relax and supportive. If I want to do the biopsy my doc think I have to do it a month prior to my transfer.

    My first appointment for acupuncture will be this Saturday.
    I wish all of us babydust

  7. Mind if I join in?

    I am 33 and dh is 39. We have unexplained infertility. We did IUI with Clomid previously and were able to get pregnant and have an almost-3-year-old ds. We tried 4 more IUIs, even with injectables, without success.

    We are doing our first IVF in Aug/Sept. We were waiting for PGD results. I am supposed to start stims last week of August.

  8. Welcome hdsass- sorry to be about unsuccessful cycles but IVF raises your chances quite a bit. We may be cycling together just hang in there I will start with Julys af I may push it back to september because I want to be totally ready. What results are you awaiting with PGD? Are you doing accupuncture?

    Tootsie- I completely understand the date night .

    What medication will you ladies be taking for your cycle?


  9. hdsass--- Welcome! So very very sorry to hear of your heartbreak. This is a great group we hopefully you will find the support that you need.

    Kaycee---I should start BCP with Lupron around june 18ish---this, of course, depends on wether or not our UR is available to do my DH's procedure. Wouldn't it be nice if they could just freeze my eggies?? That would make things soooo much easier for us....

    Deaga---Just checking in with you. How are you enjoying the yoga cd? I have a yoga fertility dvd too, but I believe its still in its original packaging

    Anyone know about how long it takes to get your CF results back?? I just checked with DR. and she said a few weeks....

    Hoping everyone has a great week!

  10. Thanks for the welcome!

    Kaycee--I am doing PGD for a single gene disorder. I am not doing acupuncture (isn't everything so expensive). I think I'll be doing Lupron and then Follistim (my nurse saved some samples for me because I had to do the PGD, which was really expensive as well)--I hadn't even looked at what was in there.

    Tootsie--thanks for the welcome. I am not sure how long the CF testing takes...

    Good luck to everyone!

  11. hdsass- welcome to the group. Hopefully we will cycle together.

    Deaga- Does the yoga CD helpful. Do you recommend it?

    Kaycee- In this cycle we will transfer a frozen embryo therefore the only drug which I will use before the transfer is the Suprefact Nasal Spray.

    Tootsie- Hope everything goes well and you find UR to do the procedure.

    Good luck to everyone

  12. Hi Ladies.

    We will be cycling with my July AF with retrieval around mid-August. This is our third fresh cycle. We are doing cgh testing and will transfer when we get the results back. I have been doing acupuncture with someone that specializes in fertility. I am 36 and DH is 40. I am looking forward to starting my cycle.


  13. Katina---welcome---wishing you the best of luck this time around!
    If things work out in my favor, we should be having our ET around
    the same time (more late aug. for me)

  14. Hi everyone.

    I am coming off a FET last month, got a BFN and had the worse AF of my life. Now I am on cycle day 34 or 35. I am never late so, I am wondering if it's my body trying to get back to normal. Glad we decided to take another month before we cycle. I am ready mentally but my body is saying no way!!

    daega, what Yoga fertility DVD do you use? I do Yoga a couple times at the gym but I would love something I can do at home when I have the time.

    tootsie, what fertility CD do you have? Is for relaxing?

    Thanks for letting me jump in. Wishing success to each and every one of us.

  15. Hi All

    Sorry I'm just catching up. It's been a busy week.

    I use the 'Restoring Fertility' DVD. It includes a yoga practice for each stage of your cycle and I adore it. Unfortunately, I do not do it daily (more like I do it on the weekends). I purchased it through I'm wondering which practices I can/should do while cycling.

    The acupuncture visit went well yesterday. I unfortunately cannot go again until June 30th - he's booked solid! I'm waiting for a cancellation in order to get in earlier. I've also scheduled DH to go in on July 1. He doesn't really think much of acupuncture but even if he just takes the herbs, that'll be great. Granted, I know he'll do everything since we'd like to do whatever we can for a succesful cycle.

  16. Daega---glad to hear you're enjoying the yoga and the acupuncture. Hopefully you'll get more appointmetns!

    Pick--I have the DVD titled \"Yoga 4 Fertility with Brenda Strong\"
    I also have a relaxation CD titled \"A Relaxation Experience\" by Alice D. Domar, PH.D. Director Mind/Body Center for Wonen's Health at Boston IVF

    Although I have yet to even open them....
    my friend gave them to me.

    bye for now girls....

  17. i also have Yoga 4 Fertility!

  18. Daega, I also have problems getting appointments with my acupuncturist. Now I book out all my appointments six weeks at a time. I have a flexible schedule so, that helps.

    Do you guys like Yoga 4 Fertility? I was hoping the library had it but no such luck. I don't want to spend the money right now if I don't have to!! It might be worth it though. I find yoga very relaxing.

    Take care. Katina

  19. Do you guys like Yoga 4 Fertility? I was hoping the library had it but no such luck. I don't want to spend the money right now if I don't have to!! It might be worth it though. I find yoga very relaxing.

    It\'s good but to be honest, I like variety - doing the same thing every day bores me. I enjoy Yoga 4 fertility but I got Restoring Fertility because it had 4 practices. Now I have 5 options to keep me busy!

  20. Can I join? I will be doing my 2nd fresh IVF in August. Recently had a m/c at 10 weeks from an FET. Should be starting BCP's mid July, if AF cooperates. Have a new RE this cycle, so hopefully that will make a difference. Noticed some of you are doing acupuncture, anyone doing massage as well?? Anna

  21. Welcome Anna. Sorry, to hear of your m/c. I had one in December and it was such a huge loss. Looks like we are close in starting our cycles around the same time.

    I did relaxation massages with my last cycle and will start again when I get closer. I did go in for a massage yesterday because I have neck and shoulder issues. I am in a lot of pain today. Not relaxing at all!!

    Cheers, Katina

  22. Hello Ladies,

    I would like to join your group. I will be doing my 3rd IVF, 1st DE cycle the first week of August. The 2 previous OE IVF cycles ended with a 9.5 wk m/c and a chemical. This is our last ditch effort before looking at adoption or just moving on. We are cycling in Europe because of the expense and are 100% out of pocket. I would love to join you in your jouneys and hope we all have a bundle of joy in the end.


  23. Hey Ladies, I was hoping I could join your group. My DH and I are doing our first IVF cycle with ICSI August/September. I think I'm going to start BCP the very end of July, stims the end of August, and hopefully do retrevial about the end of the first week of September. A little background...My DH broke his back in the military, and is a parapalegic, and has to have TESA done to retrieve his sperm. However, our RE told us that a lot of the battle is that my egg quality needs to be good, and the sperm quality isn't AS least not with ICSI...and it seems that everything on my end seems good. Oh, and I'm 22 and DH is 32. We've been married for a little over a year, and have been seeing our RE since December....and we've finally decided to go ahead with the August/September series...Look forward to talking to you all!!

  24. Hi Everyone! This group is growing!

    I\'m making my way through 'The Infertility Cure' by Randine Lewis. It's about Traditional Chinese Medicine and explains acupuncture and acupressure really well. My acupuncturist wants me to go through it before my next visit so I'll have an understanding of the course of treatment he'll use. Plus, since I'll be overseas for treatment, I'll have to do acupressure when I am on my own. It is a superb book!

  25. Hello, welcome everyone!

    Vladimir--so sorry to hear about your husband. My husband was in the Marines and the Army as well.

    I just found out my schedule--will start Lupron in July, stims on 8/20, retrieval 8/29 or 8/31, and transfer 9/3 or 9/5. I can't believe it is actually happening!

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