Anyone cycling in August?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I will be cycling in August and would love some company. I have unexplained infertility but show signs of PCOS. I recently cancelled my transfer due to a poor PGD report. I am 35 dh is 41 we have 4 1/2 year old twin dd from our first IVF, and hopefully this will be our last cycle. I will start the bcp with my July af, followed by lupron then injections I should start stimming around 8/9. We will be doing icsi and pgd for translocations, and chromosome abnormalities. Look forward to cycling with you!


    IVF #1 twin dd
    IVF#2 cancelled transfer (poor pgd report)
    IVF#3 August

  2. I might be doing a FET in August.

    my store Unexplained.

    1st IVF - BFN
    1 FET - chemical or early m/c
    2 FET - BFN
    3 FET - M/c

    Got pregnant Naturally before starting IVF but m/c

    So will be doing FET in August.

  3. Hi Kacee,
    I hope every thing go well for you this time. I will do my cycle on August –September. I am 32 and DH is 38. I got pregnant on 2006 but at the same time I had ruptured cyst. My Dr did an open surgery to take out the cyst, two days later I miscarried my pregnancy. After that Dr told me that I have endo and one of my tubes is blocked. I had my first IVF on Oct 2008, the result was negative. My second cycle cancelled because I got pregnant by myself. Unfortunately that was ectopic. During the surgery doctor found that my tubes are damaged and they removed both of them to prevent any ectopic. I am so worried about this cycle and hope every thing goes well.


  4. Hi ladies,

    Thanks for responding.

    Wannababy- sorry to hear about your m/c's. Its great you had some embies to freeze. How many did you freeze and how many will you transfer? When will you know for sure if you will do your FET or not?

    Leila-Wow you have been through alot I am so sorry. But dont worry about your next cycle many women have gotten pregnant with no tubes through ivf. Its best they removed them so you have no more problems with ectopics which in itself could be very dangerous. Just stay positive and of course I will also be rooting for the best for you. What is the next step for you are you taking the pill or just giving your body a break before starting in August? When did the ectopic happen was it fairly recent?

    Ladies hang in there its been a long road but we will get our bfp soon.


  5. Hi ladies,

    Wannababy- I hope everything goes well for you this time.

    Kaycee- I had my ectopic on April 9. I am not in any pill (except folic acid) right now. I only try to relax.
    I have frozen embryo from my first IVF for the transfer this time. Are you going to have fresh cycle? Do you use any pills?


  6. Hi Everyone

    I will be starting BC when AF starts at the end of June and then start stims on Aug 21 - ER and ET should be at the beginning of September.

    I\'ll be 35 and DH will be 36 at the time of this adventure, It'll be our first time doing IVF and we're dealing with MFI but I also have a few health issues that are not fertility related. We're nervous and somewhat excited to be taking this next step.

  7. Hi all,

    Welcome Islam! Well I have done ivf a few times so if you need any tips just let me know. It is a stressful process but I have learned the more relaxed and positive you are the better the process is. Will you be doing accupuncture? It is great and also relaxes you while helping with your cycle. Just enjoy the cycle and look forward to getting pregnant .

    Leila- I am taking metformin now for my pcos symptoms, fish oil, prenatal vitamin, and bcp when I get af in July. I will also be starting protein shakes for egg quality since i produce a lot of eggs and some are not very good quality.

    Wannababy- how you doing?

    Do you ladies know what stimming medication you will be taking?


  8. Welcome Islam! Well I have done ivf a few times so if you need any tips just let me know. It is a stressful process but I have learned the more relaxed and positive you are the better the process is. Will you be doing accupuncture? It is great and also relaxes you while helping with your cycle. Just enjoy the cycle and look forward to getting pregnant .

    Thanks. We live in Bermuda and do not have REs or anyone who can do IVF here so we're basically going on vacation for 3 weeks and doing it in Europe. Thankfully, that means that I won't have to worry about work or home) and we'll get to see a few interesting places as well. I am in the midst of a 6-week nutrition programme. Bye, bye dairy (I may be allergic) and saturated fat - and non-natural sugars. I am looking into doing accupuncture leading up to us traveling to Europe but I will not be able to do it while I am over there without travelling (or staying at an expensive spa).

  9. Hi ladies,
    I hope all of you doing well.
    Does your clinic or your doctor recommend acupuncture?
    Is it specific kind of acupuncturing?

  10. My clinic highly recommends it. I have done it for every cycle and the accupunturist knows which points to treat for ivf. It really helps your lining and relaxation. I go everyweek its great and i see results. July seems so far away when you want to get pregnant, right . Hang in there ladies.


  11. Hi everyone,

    Thank you Kaycee for the information regarding the acupuncturing, my clinic did not tell me anything about that. I am looking for a good acupuncturist to try it. I think it can at least help me to relax.


  12. Hi Everyone.

    I\'m going to see my accupuncturist starting on June 11th (my schedule is awful before then) and I may read up on accupuncture for fertility in the meantime. I am also set to start BC on June 26 or 27, which will kick off the cycle. Just trying to read about low dose estrogen BC pills to see what the side effects before we go to the doctor on Tuesday.

  13. Hi Daega

    I was on low dose bcp and had no side effects I took them at night right before bed because I was concerned about nausea. I wish you luck at your Dr appt and let us know how it goes.

    ASPAV- relaxing during a cycle is an understatement. I promised myself not to obsess this cycle I am really gonna take it easy.


  14. Thanks for the advice! The appointment went well and I was given a prescription for loestrin. I'll be starting on or about June 27 and will take my last one on Aug 17. I'm scheduled to start stims on Aug 21.

  15. Good for you I will be stimming around August 11th and will transfer around the 25th of August. Looks like we will be cycle buddies. I had accupuncture today it went well I will go every week until I am pregnant. Are you doing accupuncture? What does your dh think about this whole process?


  16. I'll start acupuncture next Thursday - I guess I'll find out what my schedule will be then.

    DH is taking everything in stride. Since MFI has led us down this path, I think he's more attentive to the process since he feels it is his fault that we have to do this. Since it has taken a year to get to this point, I can say that he is better able to communicate how he feels and what he thinks than he used to.

  17. Hi girls...Hope you don't mind if I join you.

    It sounds like I may be cycling around the same time as you.
    Quick bio: I'm 28 Dh is nearing 40. We are dealing with MF at this point. 2 SA's resulted in a zero count both times. He had corrective hypospadis surgery as a young child and a severe case of epididymitis in 2000. He has been diagnosed with NOA along with sky high LH and FSH levels. This will be our first IVF/ICSI.

    I just had my first RE app on june 3rd and it went better than I expected. My RE wants to also put me BCP along with Lupron.

    Here\'s my kicker: Our U/R will be performing a fresh testicular biopsy on DH and we just found out that he only does them a few times per year (WTF!!!)
    We were hoping for a late Aug. ET as I have the entire summer off from work...but we can't really start any meds (or anything) until we find out if the U/R can fit us in for Aug.... We are still anxiously waiting to hear from our embriologist as to what his schedule is. They told us an aug transfer was probably unlikely, but I'm still hoping

    Hoping you all don't mind if I join you in this treacherous journey of IVF...
    I\'ll be blowing baby dust to you all

  18. Of course you can join our group. I hope everyone can fit you in that has to be so stressful waiting to see if they can squeeze you in. Can you ask for a referral to another Urologist that is more available to do the surgery. I would not recommend taking medication getting ready for retrieval and then find out they cant do dh surgery. Most RE's want the sample retreived and frozen before they put you through a stimming cycle. Anyhow I am rooting for you and hope you can cycle in August. Just hang in there and do not give up if its not August it will be very soon thereafter. Are you going to do accupuncture for you cycle I can say from experience it does work and help with your cycle.

    Daega- I am sure you will enjoy your appt I had mine yesterday and just about feel asleep on the table. The music, warmth, and the needles just relaxes me to the point of sleepiness. It helped my lining a lot and thats a plus when it comes to transfer time. Aww I hope dh isnt to hard on himself these things happen.

    Just hang in there ladies we are here for eachother and please feel free to ask questions. I am also sending babydust to you ladies.


  19. Hi Tootsie - I hope the urologist has space in August!

  20. Thanks for the warm wishes everyone. Having support from women like you, really is a true comfort in the most immeasurable of ways.

    Islam/Kaycee---It sounds like acupuncture would be a wonderful idea to aide in our hopeful BFP's! Do you know if insurance covers the cost?

    AFM---Due to my DH's severe MF I do not believe that we have give any SA samples, as their is really nothing to freeze. However, they do suggest using a backup DS. DH says he is totally fine with it, but that he never wants to divulge this information to anyone---including DS child. I haven't quite digested it so well. I'm not opposed to DS, I just can't imagine going thru life not EVER telling the child his/her true genetic background.
    DH wants to take the medical information from the DS and use it as his own, in order to maintain confidentiality.

    I have some people tell me that I have to be sensitive to DH as it is his body that is failing him....and as long as there are no medical reasons to divulge the information, then I should be at peace with it as well.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Sorry for the rant. I just am totally freaking out about getting all our info completed in time to start a cycle....(prior to July 1st)
    1. FSH and Estrogen test for me
    2. sonohysterogram
    3.bloodwork for DH
    4. U/R consult (after DH's bloodwork is in)
    5. Psychology consult (for backup DS)
    6. Order DS
    7. follow consult with RE

    Anybody else completely overwhelmed???

  21. Hi Tootsie-Its really a person choice, but I see how dh can feel that way. I am sure he has all these feelings of maybe being less than a man to not pregnate his wife and all that so I can see how he wants to keep it a secret. On the other hand secrets have a way of revealing themselves. Its great he can pass off the medical records but you cant pass off genetics i.e blood, bone marrow etc. Of course I hope you never need that but you get what I am saying. My dh on the other hand said he would never do ds and yes I asked him about it since all of those services are mentioned in our financial package from RE office. But others like your dh is ok with it as long as its \"your little secret\". If it were I and again its a personal choice you do what you are comfortable I would honor his wishes. Its hard enough for him knowing he may not end of \"biologically\" the father of your child. But I really hope he can use his own swimmers as it only just takes one. I hope it works out for you guys. Try not to go crazy with all you need to have done by July 1 if you fall short you can always push it to the next cycle. Try not to stress yourself out all these test can be overwhelming and you want to try to enjoy the process of getting pregnant. Stay positive things will work out.

    How is everyone else doing?


  22. Thanks Kaycee---its always good to hear other people's feedback.....

    Just wondering how everyone else is progressing??
    Hope you girls are doing well and enjoying that acupuncture!

  23. [ Try not to stress yourself out all these test can be overwhelming and you want to try to enjoy the process of getting pregnant. Stay positive things will work out.How is everyone else doing?Kaycee

    P.S. thingking about trying to enjoy the process of getting pregnant put a whole new positive perspective on things....Thanks

  24. Hi everyone,
    Tootsie welcome to the group I hope everything work for you and have all the tests done on time.

    There is a question for all of you : do you do Biopsy before your cycle.
    There are some data that show Biopsy before IVF has positive results and increase a chance of pregnancy. I asked my doctor about it, she believe there is no scientific study to prove that this will help. But she is willing to do it for me. I really want to have a positive result in this cycle. Pray for all of you.


  25. How is everyone else doing?

    Not much going on here. DH and I have to decide when we'll go to do the blood tests for the STD testing that's required. I start acupuncture on Thursday so I've been reading a book about acupuncture for fertility. Other than that, I've been working through my fertility yoga dvd (I wonder what practices I should use on the dvd when I start the BC pills).

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