anyone cycling in April?

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  1. Haley: I have spurts of energy then I feel like I can't even make it to the car to get home at night. It's crazy how it's back and forth all the time. It has gotten to be a crazy chore to get out of bed to use the bathroom every 2 hours but I know I am almost there. I just keep telling myself 5 weeks left! Connor has dropped in the last week enough that the Dr could tell and mentioned it at my last appt so she said he may be here before 1/12 so we will see.

  2. Hi Haley & Candy. Wanted to let you know that I had Connor on 1/3 and here is a link to my facebook so you can see his picture. How are you guys doing?

  3. Hey Girls!!

    I know it has been forever, but I just got time to check in and see how everyone is doing! It sounds like everyone is great, and I am so happy that Candy you are prego!!

    Just and update on us, we were having twins, and we lost one. So now we are having a baby boy. his name is Jackson Walker and he is coming thursday! I see everyone is fb friends, please add me so I can keep up witgh everyone, as I cant come to this page that often!

    Our fb name is John Krista Ratliff

    Please pray for us, Jackson is big for his size, and we are having to have another csection due to the fact that our first son was an emergency csection. They said due to his size, and the tickness of my scar, there is a 20% chance Jackson and I wont make it due to uterine repture.

    Again, Congrats to everyone!!! I cant wait to see pics on FB!!!


  4. krista: I sent you a friend request on FB and I am glad to hear that you are doing well. Don't worry about your c-section I am sure everything will be fine! He may not be as big as they think he is since thier estimate for me was 1 1/2 lbs off. It will all work out!

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