anyone cycling in April?

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  1. I just cried when I saw my name on the chart. I am so thankful to have found this group!

    Morg- I think ther's 2 really feisty babies in there too! lol

    Tissy- My 2nd beta is tomorrow. I will let you all know how it goes!

    Haley- Yes I am over the moon! Nervous but happy as I dont know what. Sometimes I think its a dream. And yesterday was my BIRTHDAY! What an AWESOME gift from God.

  2. Beta came back at 4650!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u/s is September 8th!

  3. Candy: Holly ****! You must be having a litter! That is great. Something is growing in there! I am so glad that it worked for you this time and we were all rooting for ya! Did you figure up what your due date would be yet? This is a website alot of us

  4. Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much. God is SO good to me. I cant believe this is happening to ME!


  6. That's great Candy! A spring baby (or babies, more than likely!) Great time to give birth I am curious to find out how many are in there. I would put my $2 on two little bambinos!

    My little boys are going to be winter babies and it will stink because it will be soooo cold to walk them outside! But I am thrilled no matter what. Just get them here healthy!

  7. Candy: I used this website before I went to my first u/s so I knew what to look for. It's got alot of good info on it. Some of it is depressing but just dont read all of it. The top part of the page is very informative.

  8. Thanks Tissy and Morg!!

    3rd and final Beya : 11,336!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless!

  9. Candy: is your Dr saying anything about those #'s?

  10. I havent seen my Dr yet. I will see her for U/S. Nurses are claiming twins already though

  11. Hi Ladies,

    I was away this weekend and now going to be away at the beach for the week, but I wanted to say a quick hello to you all before I start my drive! DH and I are trying to take advantage of every opportunity to do anything we can while we can! I am 18 weeks now and I swear that I felt some fluttering in my tummy over the weekend. My dr said I can start to feel kicking at 20 weeks, but I think I felt the start of it which was really cool. When did you all start to feel kicks??

    Candy - Congrats on your super high betas!! I am so happy for you, it definitely sounds like mulitples!

    Morg - I am having a winter baby too, and the bright side of that is during the first 2-3 months they eat every 2 - 3 hours so you are pretty much homeward bound for that time! So better to be inside during the cold than the summer!! By the time summer rolls around we will have to time to get our bodies back (hopefully!) and time for walks.

    Krsitin - How are you feeling?

  12. Haley: I am good. Glad that you are doing well and taking vacation. I started feeling something around 16 weeks but now that I am 20 I feel him atleast a couple times a day everyday. It's so neat to start feeling the movement get stronger and stronger each week. I can't wait until my DH can feel him on the outside!

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  13. Candy- i am sooo excited to hear how many! i am sure its 2.

    Haley- totally you could be feeling the baby! I think I started to feel the little munchkins around 18.5 weeks (and I have an anterior placenta so its harder). I feel them a lot now...

    True on the winter babies...i just would like to be able to walk them around and be outside more...but I guess we can bundle them up!

    Have a great trip!! Is this the babymoon?

  14. OMG ITS TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TWO HEARTBEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Baby A 116bpm
    Baby B 114bpm

  15. omg!!! Yay!! So exciting! Great news, Candy! So happy for you

    Let me know if you have any twin questions I am happy to be of service!

  16. Congrats Candy! We all knew it! So how many more u/s do you have with your Dr before they release you to a regular Dr? Is DH excited? You deserve 2 with all you have been thru. Now you get twice the fun!

  17. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much girls! I couldntg believe my ears today. Its like I was in a dream. I love God!!!

    Morg- I will be asking LOTS of questions. My mind is all a fog right now. All I can think about is DOUBLE the expenses, DOUBLE the worry, DOUBLE the work. But yuu know what, I know that I am DOUBLY BLESSED! And I wouldnt have it ANY OTHER WAY!

    Tissy- Yes hubby is excited. He wants two girls!! I remember the pain of the chemical and today I just counted my blessings
    I have one more appt with my RE on Sept 18th and then I will graduate to reg OB. Actually I believe all multiples get referred to a high risk doctor by my clinic

  18. Candy- it's great to have a high risk OB- they are typically more qualified than regular OBs and you feel more secure getting monitored more frequently.

    Let us know about your second u/s! It's next week?

  19. Candy - congrats!!! That is SO exciting!!! TWINS! YAY!!

    I had a great week vacation. It was so nice to relax and go to the beach everyday. I have been feeling my little one inside me almost daily is such a crazy feeling. I put my DH's hand on my belly for him to feel it, but I don't think it's strong enough yet.

    Started to order swatch cards and think about the nursery now. I can't decide to go more modern or traditional, I like them both!

  20. Haley: I keep doing the same thing with my DH but he can't feel him yet either. I have been trying to look up at what point you can usually see and feel them on the outside but everywhere says something different. I have gotten my crib set and bought paint for the room. We have gone with brown/blue modern for connor's room and I am very excited to get started on it. When it's all done I will send you guys a link for the picture. Hope everyone is having a great day!

  21. Tissy, I love the name connor! So cute! September is a crazy month for me workwise so I think I am going to start to register in Ocotber for everything and pick out my furniture then. I am having my baby shower on Nov 8th! So excited! Next anatomy scan is next weds, can't wait to see my little guy again soon!!

  22. Haley: Glad that you get to see your little guy again soon. I love seeing them moving around. It is so crazy the amount of stuff to get done before the baby comes. I have a busy schedule too for the next month or so. I have baby classes every tuesday from 6-8 for 6 weeks and yoga classes each week. That takes alot out of me. Then I have my 10 year class reunion at the end of October. Fun! Fun! by then I will be in my 3rd trimester and hopefully not to uncomfortable to catch up with everyone. Then comes Halloween which I can't seem to make up my mind about a costume. I guess a pumpkin would be the easiest thing to do since I wouldn't have to try to hard for that look. (Just a word of caution) Don't wait to long about picking a crib unless you get get it shipped soon after you order it. I have to wait 2 months for mine because everything that this place sells is special order only.

    Candy: How are you feeling?

  23. Hi Ladies,

    Well I had my 2nd anatomy scan today and everything went great, baby looks healthy and growing perfectly! It was so great to see him moving around inside of me!

    How are all of you doing?!

  24. Haley: I am doing well. Can't complain. It is getting more and more hard to get out of bed in the morning but I am doing ok with it. My baby classes started and we learned alot about the stages of labor and some stretching techniques. I go every tuesday for 6 weeks. Glad your scan went well. My next one isn't until 10/6. I can't wait to see my little boy again!

  25. Well ladies forgive me for not keeping up. I am trribly sick. Ive been hospitalized for dehydration as well. I just want this first trimester to be over so that I can start enjoyinng these blessings

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