anyone cycling in April?

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  1. Tissy, congrats on starting lupron!!!!!

    AFM, Af has decided now of all months to be late. Ever since I had surgery I am NEVER late. always a 28-29 day cycle. Today is day 31. I sense this is just because I am so excited to start ivf. I did test in on Monday, Tuesday and friday and all bfn's so where the heck is she??

  2. well why you ladies are starting your Lupron I will HOPEFULLY be finsihed tomorrow. If my linning is great tomorrow bUt I feel likme I will get more bad news I will be transfering on the 13th which means tomorrow I will give my self a trigger for my FET. I don't know why we trigger there are no eggies in there.

    welcome Haley- BCP are good becasue they get rid of cysts. but if you don't have any then you'll be fine.

    WISH ME LUCK TOMORROW!!!!!!! PLease No more bad news for me.

  3. Good luck today Kari! You deserve good news- we will be pulling for you!

  4. Last BCP today.....YIPPEE! the countdown to stims has started. Looking through the various boards and found that often AF shows up late.... Not me it seems! or at least i hope... I started spotting today and i havent even stopped taking the darned things. Oh well, it would be my luck that it stops and im waiting for an eternity for it...I guess as long as its here before friday when i get my next u/s to start follistim.

    GOOD LUCK KARI... you're in our thoughts and prayers

    Candy: of course AF is late (rolling eyes at mother nature) after all this time ttc'ing where would the irony be if she showed up on schedule.

    Tissy:- how did your shot go today? after the first couple they got easier for me.
    Wishing everyone sticky babydust


  5. Yay! Congrats Alexi you are on your way missy! My last BCP is Friday and I cannot wait! I hope AF shows up quickly...I don't want to be late for my cycle- way too impatient! Alexi- your day 1 will be when it is red blood flow? Sorry TMI...just curious what day counts as day 1 if you spot beforehand.

    Another you think it's ok if I get my hair highlighted this week? Will be almost a week before stims. I def don't want to do it if there is any risk at all. Most stuff I've read haven't said anything really against it (during pregnancy people avoid to be safe and during retrieval, transfer etc. and even during stims some people avoid) Do you think it is ok?

  6. Morgb:- *grins* i think you're right so CD1 will probably be tomorrow (although from the way this mornings going it may be today) I noted the date and stuff in my file so I guess they'll figure it out at the clinic friday morning. As for getting your hair done if it were me id go for it! better now than later on i say! I'm had mine done last week just because it was that or look like a zebra crossing!

  7. Good luck Kari!! Please come tell us how everything went

    Alexi- I just KNEW something like this had to happen. I knew she couldnt be on time the one time I WANT her to come.. I do feel heavier boobs and heavy feeling in my uterus so feels like she will make her appearance later on today. Congrats on your last day of BC!!!!!!!!! How exciting. How long was this cycle on BC? Was it like your normal cycle? I want to know what to expect. I hope it makes my cycle shorter cause I just wanna start already. I am such a patient person aren't I??

    morg, I have always been told to count day of \"full flow\" as day 1. Hope that helps. and as far as the hair color I think If you do it far enough from transfer and retrieval you should be just fine honey

  8. I really need to learn the lingo here...this may sound silly but why is your husband called a dh? Candy - whats AFM and AF? I assume it is your period but just wondering why you call it that. Sorry guys, but once I learn these things I am good to go - I am a total newbie!

    Kari - GOOD LUCK!! We will all be thinking and praying for you today!

    Alexis - I am with you.... countdown to anxious just want the next 2 weeks to go by quickly!

    Morg - I think you are fine with the highlights, but if you don't feel comfortable check with your doctor.

    What do you ladies think about alcohol and caffeine - when do you eliminate those from your diet?

  9. Candy:- this cycle was kinda screwy for me.. I had a really really light AF when i had my mock..... so that was 3/19 but i had an odd reaction to my BCP's and had spotted the whole first week of march! then nothing till today so thats (taking off socks) a whole 18 days ago... lord only knows as I've been swallowing the things since 3/1 so i think its probably a shorter cycle or aliens have taken over my uterus (and hormones have taken over my brain) I'm usually 28-30 days. *shrug* who knows im mostly confused since im now actually looking forward to stabbing myself TWICE instead of once.

    Haley:- I'm banned from alcohol as per clinic request and I'm allowed ONE (count them... ONE) cup of coffee as long (and they really are strict at my clinic) as it wasn't a big cup. being a bit of a rebel i drink two cups of 1/2 caff and suffer on. on the IVF Beginners Questions Thread (under general IVF at the very top of the forum) is a thread with a list oabbreviations and lingo. AF is Aunt Flo the evil relative we all dread (unless you need her to start your cycle... lay an extra place at the table ladies) DH can be either Darling Husband or if your feeling hormonal or frustrated Dumb Husband. (if mine comments on my pimples it'll be dead husband) AFM is As For Me and of course the list goes on.. my fave is PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise) funky sound huh.

    End of novel

  10. lol@ Alexi.
    Yeah DH was Damn husband, Dumb Husband and even Doochebag husband, for me last week. lol. As of Saturday night though he's back to \"dear\"

    Wow 18 days??? If I only I can be so lucky!!!!! Thats only two and a half weeks!!!!

    Haley, some others are :

    BC-Birth control or BCP-Birth control pills
    RE- Reproductive endocrynologist (fertility doctor)
    ER-Egg retrieval (or emergency room lol)
    ET-Egg transfer

  11. I just went back and counted. Today is not cd 31, its cd 32 I just want an answer already so I can call my re

  12. Thanks for the explanations you all - I found the acronym list and printed it out so I can keep up and learrn. But \"cd\" is not on it - what does that mean? last question...sorry!!

    Candy - I love your explanations of DH! LOL!

    Morg - Have you heard of the Yinova center? It is an accupuncture clininc and Jill Blakeway is supposedly a fertility goddess. I am gonna go there twice after I start my injections. My doctor also says \"full flow\" counts as a day 1, not spotting. If it happens after 9 pm than the following day is considered your day 1.

    Tissy - Did you get any numbing cream to help you with shots?

  13. Haley- I have not but looked it up now and Jill looks amazing! You will def be in good hands. I am really happy I am doing the acupuncture I feel like it's a good step in the right direction!

    I hope Friday comes quickly! I am really ready to be done with these devil BCPs (hate them!) and get AF and start injections!


    I thought it would be helpful if we had a little spreadsheet with everyone's start dates so we can all remember who is starting what when so we can wish them good luck (I've seen this a few times on other threads)

    If you'd like to be included, please send me your screen name, name, tent. stim start date, tent. ER, tent. transfer...I will post it when I get a bunch of info!

  14. I'd love to participate, as soon as my body decides to cooperate!!

  15. Haley:- cd stands for 'calender day' cd1 being the first day of your period. don't feel bad about asking questions. thats what this is for.

    Morgb:- you go girl it looks like we're both desperately waiting for the end of the week.... hope you get AF for the very last time for a while.......thanks for the spreadsheet idea, you rock for volunteering honey ((hugs))

  16. bolajing: good luck with your trigger shot. Someone told me icing the area helps a lot. I don’t know if it works but I am going to try it. Anything would help with that giant needle!

    Firdeus: My 2nd lupron shot was much better. I think the first one was scary just because I didn’t know what it was going to be like. One day at a time right? By the way I spotted for like 15 days on the BCPs and now that I am getting ready to go off of it on Tuesday it has stopped. Figures!

    fati: I think if you get your hair done before you start your stims you will be fine but you can always call your nurse. I drive mine crazy with ?’s and I know she can’t wait to get rid of me! My info for the chart is tissy: Kristin, Stim date: 4/12, Ret date: 4/21, Transfer 4/26. Thanks!

    sezinkeskin: I didn’t get any numbing cream but truthfully it didn’t hurt that much. It’s the meds that sting anyway and not the needle. When do you start yours?

  17. Morg - what a great idea! Thank you so much for doing this!!! Name: Haley, Lupron: 4/22, GNRH: 5/2, RET: 5/13, Transfer: 5/16 or 5/18. They say these dates are all subject to how my body responds to the injections, so I will keep you posted.

    Candy - your body will cooperate soon!!!

  18. Great, thanks guys! Alexi, did I maye miss yours? I know I have seen it somewhere. Can you give them again please?

  19. Nearing the end of the day..... No af. I want to test but I dont have any more and I really dont wanna shell out the twenty bucks. So what if I can afford it. Thats twenty bucks to (potentially) just end up seeing one line. On the plus side though I usually get af after I test. Always a jab in the heart but now I'm thinking of testing just for that purpose. Oy!! The madness has begun :x

  20. Morgb. here you go honey.... Alexi, BCP 3/1 Lupron 3/31 Baseline sono 4/10 Stims 4/11 retrieval 4/23. transfer 4/27 thanks for doing this for us.

    Question:- what are you guys triggering with? I ask because i've got ovidrel and its a sub q shot. the needles not much bigger than my lupron so i haven't been too concerned about that one. also just for my perpetual curiosity... what are we all stimming on.... I get 200 of follistim until my first dosage check. apparently the stuff stings a bit but i get the pen thing so it should be fairly easy even if it makes me squeal abit (which i do for affect with the lupron to remind dh which of us is getting poked and which of us is IF! gotta milk it a little bit havent we )

    sezinkeskin:- I might get the cream for the PIO shots because i have to do them myself and it will make it a bit easier i think. i don't need it for the lupron. the medicine only starts to sting about 30 seconds AFTER i get done... weird huh

  21. \"Not Pregnant\" Always feels worse seeing those words as opposed to one line.

    Ok now I'm highly ticked. The cycle before I am to start IVF is the cycle that decides to be different from the past 7 cycles. I shoulda known things couldnt get off to a fast and easy start

  22. Candy - So sorry you having such trouble. Just call your RE and let him know what's going on, it will make you feel better!!

    Kari - How are things going??

    Tissy - How are the shots going? I thought I would be able to go to my RE and have my shots there, but it turns out the nurse comes to your house to give you shots and it's 50$ each time they come!!! So expensive!! So, I am going to have a nurse come over and teach my DH how to administer each shot, and then he will give it to me daily. I know I have 2 weeks until I start Lupron but it keeps me up at night thinking about my DH giving me shots.....SCARY!!!

    Alexis - These are the meds that I got for my cycle:

    Lupron (generic: luprolide acetate)
    1 x 2 week kit

    Gonal F:
    2 x 900 IU pens

    10 x 75 IU vials

    1 prefilled syringe

    Progesterone in Oil:
    2 x 50mg/ml 10ml vials
    4 refills

    7 x 16 mg tabs

    14 x 100mg caps

    Doxycycline for partner:
    20 x 100mg caps

  23. Haley- what is your protocol? How much of each med are you scheduled to take when you start stims?

    I am not able to get our list up in a good format...I keep trying to paste it into excel...grr...let me look into.

  24. I don't know what the protocol is yet, I will find out closer to the time of injections. Did your friend who used copperman get preggers? Every thread on this site in the NY section is all about weill cornell. I hope I didn't make a mistake to go to rma. I heard such great things about copperman from friends, doctors I am nervous!

    Maybe try to paste it on a word document and then cut and paste?

  25. sezinkeskin:- I wouldnt worry about RMA honey. They have RMA clinics across america and they have excellent pregnancy rates. I'm using the one in San Antonio and i couldn't be happier. if this cycle does not work then its not because i didn't have a great doctor! their network has a great reputation everywhere they go. It's hard not to pick apart every decision, i know. I went to the texas thread and i don't fit any of their groups... all you get their is houston or military families using Wilford hall (Military hospital)
    I promise the lupron shots really dont hurt and once you've had the first one you'll be fine. Did you check out the videos? that made me feel way better.
    When do you start shots?

    Hugs and babydust

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