anyone cycling in April?

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  1. morg, does mock transfer feel like the real thing?? What is involved with that?

    it feels like nothing! i think they just look around to make sure there is no endo, fibroids, polyps, etc. so that they would need to specially place the embryos somewhere. since i am all clear, i think they just can place them wherever they like!

    i didn't even feel the saline at all- i saw it up on the sonogram screen and i was like that is really inside me? i didn't feel anything! the HSG i def felt, it wasn't bad or anything but this- nada!

    you will be totally fine!

  2. Hi Ladies!!
    my first shot of lupron on the 30th!!! so it really is coming up. My insurance is picking up 50% of everything except the meds which i was really scared about until i actually got the bill. $1916.73. *sigh of relief* My clinic had given me an estimate of $3-5k for the meds.... much better. heres hoping that i get plenty to freeze... my clinic has a great rate and the storage is inexpensive.
    Thinking of all of you. ((hugs)) and babydust


  3. Alexi that is so exciting! Please let us know how the first round of shots go…DH was so funny today in the IVF class- asking every question possible. I am scared we are going to mess up the shots…I just found out we have to do progesterone shots until I am 7 wks pregnant! I am sure I will have to do some of those myself…oh boy.

    Also, Alexi- how far in advance did you have your meds delivered (or picked up)? Also, is anyone thinking to do acupuncture throughout the process? I am debating…

  4. i am at the Diamond Institute. in Milburne NJ they also have office in Goshen NY and Bermuda!!!! the dr take turns going down to bermuda.

    the frozen success rates are 70%+ with a transfer of 2 and 35-40% per embryo. they use virtification when freezing which is better for the embryo make sure your clinics do virtification during freezing.

    I know it is alot but I am a state employee I work as a teacher in a abott school district so it is state funded. I get nj state benefits and health plan it is awesome. I can not complain at all. and when I go out of work I get 7 1/2 months paid maternity leave at 67% of my pay. TAX FREE!!!!!!

    the transfer is painless!!!! the worst part of transfer is that you have to hold a really really really really full bladder for 30 minutes afterwards and they push on it. Most drs will catherter you to drain the bladder. or you can pee in a bed pain. I just hold it in in tears and then jump up at the 30 minute mark and barley make it to the bathroom. at that point it is painful to go.. but well worth it. the transfer only takes a hour start to finish. from comming in till leaving.

    morb--- I did PIO shots till 12 weeks .. talk about a pain in the A S S!!!lol

  5. Is retrieval painful? I have gotten mixed reviews...

    I am really a big ol baby

  6. Is retrieval painful? I have gotten mixed reviews...I am really a big ol baby

    Candy you will be knocked out so shouldn't feel a thing! At least at my center, we are under anesthesia.

  7. Morgb:- I had mine delivered tuesday. My clinic likes you to have them a week in advance to ensure that you're good to go. only my follistim and ovidrel needed refridgeration. We used the pharmacy recommended by the clinic (mdr encino) and they deliver by overnight FedEx. They also came in cheaper than the other U.S based pharmacies on my meds. I have orders for PIO till 10wks PG (fingers crossed)
    Candy:- my clinic uses 'conscious' or 'twilight' sedation. I don't get to feel or remember but if they really wanted to ask me a question they could rouse me. My clinic then gives you an hour in recovery and then they ask for two days full bed rest. Not a problem cos DH has sworn to wait apon me hand and foot since it is all his fault (jk)

    thinking positive thoughts!

  8. Hey Alexi!

    I got conflicting info. A patient from my clinic said she was given anesthetia. Then the RE told me it would be something like what you described Alexi. Another told me she was given something that made her not be able to move but she still felt some pain. I dont know I really am fearing beng in a lot of pain. Not enough fear of course to make me shy away from it but I dont do well under fear so I hope I dont jerk around or start crying. Well I know I will start crying lol.

  9. I was totally knocked out. you wake up with minor menstrual cramps and you can ask for a tiny shot of morphine. then you have to wait for a hour and after you eat and pee you can go home. you just have minor cramping nohting a tylenol won't fix. the few days afterwards when you walk you have a minor and I mean minor pressure in uterus but nothing to worry about. I went to work the next day. Transfer is what you have to worry about holding your bladder for 30 minutes I really feel like the transfer is worst. I can't hold my bladder I am dreading it.

    when this whole experience is over you will look back at IVf and see how easy it is.

  10. Well I'm DELAYED

    I went to the dr for my last scan for Fet and my linning was only a 6. something. It has to be between an 8-9 to trigger for the FET. So I now have to wait till the 6th for a scan and if goes well the transfer will be the 13th. I can't believe It. I knew it was going too smoothly. I swear If I go next week and it's not a 8-9 I am gonna lose it. the 8 week FET turned into a 13 week it better not go past the 13th of April

    I don't know if I should look at it as: \"Good things come to those who wait\" or plan old ?\"BAD LUCK\" Maybe it's a bad sign!!!!!

    woohooo 2 weeks to go I think whopptidoooo

  11. Aww, Kari so sorry to hear about the delay...what a pain! I am very impatient and would be annoyed to hear that news as well. But in the long run, an extra week won't mean anything to you although right now (and for all of us!) even an extra day feels like forever!

    Yes, good things come to do those who wait! You deserve it, stay positive, Kari!

    I am obssessing about this SCSA DNA fragmentation RE says its not worth doing it since if DH has high fragmentation there is nothing you can do about it except use donor sperm, which we wouldn't resort to right now, obviously. So it's just an extra stress that we don't need. But now I'm just worrying that he has it for no good reason! Anyone else obssess about everything through this process? I need to stop obsessing!

  12. Morgb:- gotta tell you i'm absolutely nuts about this. with me out of the saddle for the forseeable future i've suddenly aquired a limitless supply of time to pace around my house, knit, google things and you got it.... obsess.

    Kari:- I'm sorry you got delayed... better to have a nice lining though? It would have me wearing a hole in the floor if it were me. I'm one of those calander checking clock watching types. ((hugs))

    AFM:- I officially started Lupron YIPPEE(ish) I'm giving myself all my shots, my DH is only tough in uniform the rest of the time he faints at the sight of blood. It didn't hurt until afterward of all things but it did kinda burn/tingle for a little bit after. i also have had this killer headache all day and i want to blame it on the shot. It did make me feel more 'in control' of this thing and after watching the video at Freedom Pharmacy i felt confident i could cope...Ah something else to obsess over......

  13. Hi ladies can I join the group?

    This will be my first IVF. We have been trying for 4 years and finally after arguing with my OGBYN I went to a fertility clinic. He told us that there was no way for us to get pregnant with out IVF. My tubes are too small for the eggs to safely pass through (we soon found out after an ectopic pregnancy). My husbands morphlogy isn't all that great either. I will be starting my Lupron shots on Sunday 4/5/09 and I am not really good with needles. You should have seen the shade of white I was at my injection class. My husband is going to give them to me thankfully. We are doing ICSI and they want to only put one egg in. They gave us the choice to do 2 but I can’t make up my mind. My insurance isn’t covering anything and if 1 egg doesn’t work I will be saving up for the next 5 years to try again. Stress!!!!!

  14. tissy welcome- I too had a problem like that my OBGYN kept pushing me off and told me to wait a year. me and dh have been together for 8 years and never a mistake preg. I knew something was wrong. I referred myslef to a re becasue I don't need a referrel. What they found was a blocked tube and low estrogen. My lining was breaking down 4 days after O every month and not enough time for the eggies to implant. I wonder how many fertilized eggs I wasted.

    I did 2 IVF with the second one hitting the jackpot with twins but had to terminate the preg from a preg complication at 16 weeks. so I have been waiting since dec 10th 2008 to do my FET. I had one nightmare after another and 2 surgeires post D&C. and hopefully if the 6th brings good news I will transfer my frozen snowballs on the 13th. I month shy of my due date from IVF #2.

  15. bolajing: Have you been doing the 2 shots a day? They put me on Lupron for the entire time before the HSG shot. The Bravelle & Metapur starts around the 12th. Were they as bad as I am thinking they are going to be?

  16. well I am doind a FET so I only take Lupron and patches and pills for now.

    When I did a fresh cycle I took manupor in the moring and follitism at night. I don't do Lupron with my fresh cycke because Lupron tends to give you poo egg quality for most women. I take Ganirlix whxih gives better egg quality. which is one shot a night after the follie reaches 12mm.

    The shots aren't that bad the needle is half a inch. I have been taking injections since april last year so I am sooo used to it. and the HSG needle yes i bigger but you really don't feel it.

  17. bolajing: what are they doing to ensure the lining doesn’t breakdown this time? I am worried about that myself. They never really discussed that with me but I guess they know what they are doing. I just want to have plenty for the eggie to hang on to… don’t want them falling out!

  18. I am at the very beginning of my first ivf cycle (first blood test tomorrow and lupron starts 4/22). It is a little scary since I HATE needles, so I already organized to have nurses give me shots instead of my husband and myself. Originally they were going to put me on a birth control pill at first, but now they aren't. Do YOU ALL KNOW IF THAT IS A GOOD OR BAD THING? Best of luck to all of you...I am sure I will have lots more to report and many more questions as the process progresses!!!

  19. Welcome sezinkeskin:- From what I know it is neither good or bad... there are lots of different protocols out there for every different circumstance. From what i understand not only do different women need different meds but each woman can react differently each cycle. Im down regging with bcps overlaping my lupron but lots of women dont even do lupron... dont use bcps or use micro dose lupron. If your worried go ahead and ask your RE, your paying him well to help you.. congrats on taking the first step and good luck.

  20. Hi sezinkeskin: Welcome to the group. Like Alexi said everyone is different and I’m sure that your Dr has done a few of these before so I am sure it will be ok. They have changed my protocol twice and Dr. said if can continue to change as they do your check ups. These ladies are very nice and helpful and everyone is very informed about IVF stuff so someone will always be able to answer your ?’s. We are here to help!

  21. Thank you ladies! It is so nice to have you all to chat with! I look forward to checking in regularly!

  22. I got my blood work back today and they said all my levels look good and I am a go to start Lupron 4/22! Kinda freaked out about the needles still! I got all of my meds delivered yesterday and started taking prenatals and folic acid now.

    Tissy - Good luck tomorrow, please report how everything goes. I am only a couple weeks behind you! I am going through the same decision as to put back 1 or 2 embryos. My husband (are you supposed to call him an dh? Still learning the lingo!) and I think we will go for the 2 but not 100% sure yet. We are also doing Icsi due to his low sperm count, motility, and vericocele! (I am totally fine). We will wait to see how many healthy embryos we have!

    Morg b - I am in nyc, I am using Dr. Copperman at RMA, he and his staff is awsome so far!! How do you like Weill?

  23. Hi haley! My friend used Dr. Copperman and really liked him. I really like Cornell so far, my doc is really great.

    Congrats on getting the green light to start the Lupron! I take my last BCP next Friday- yay! Then I'm off to stim...very excited to start!

  24. Hey girls. Its been a while since I have checked in. I have been going thouugh some real tough times and ivf was almost cancelled but at the last hour I decided to continue on. I am determined to have my baby. DETERMINED. So I'm back girls.

    bolajing, so sorry about your delay. I know how you feel. My whole inf journey has been about delays.

    AFM Af will be here tomorrow!!!! (she's playing peekaboo today) so tomorrow I call the RE. This thing is really happenening!

  25. alain: Glad you decided to contiue. You will have a baby soon enough!

    I started my Lupron this mornging. It took me a while to let my dh come towards me with a needle but I did it! 1 Down God knows how many to go. Hopefully not to many…

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