anyone cycling in April?

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  1. Anyone cycling in April? IVF #1 for me...I am tent. scheduled for my retrieval/transfer the last week in April...starting BCP today (no Lupron, going to stim right after BCP)

    We have male factor so we are doing ICSI (i have no issues). I am excited! Doc gave me a 50-75% sucess rate for this cycle...I am crossing fingers, toes and eyes!

    A friend told me she took additional folic acid (prenatal + extra folic supplement) for her 4th IVF and said she swears that is why she got pregnant...with twins (and they only put 2 in). Just passing advice along!


  2. Hi, I'm starting my first cycle too, and for exactly the same reason
    I've been on bcps since the 3/1 and i start lupron on 4/30
    projected retrieval 4/23-4/24
    My Dr told me to take both the pre-natal and evtra folic acid too....
    hugs and babydust

  3. Alexi- good luck! We should be right around the same time!

    Can I ask what type of male factor you have? We have low morphology. Did you doctors give you a similar sucess rate for ICSI? Doc says since I am fine I should be high end of the range...but I'm not counting my chickens yet.

    Just had my prelim ultrasound and bloodwork done Friday and Thursday I have my mock transfer and SIS (and IVF class)

    Please keep me updated!

  4. My husband has an unexplained blockage behind his (succesfully reversed ironically) vasectomy! go figure so we have to have TESE and ICSI but they gave me 50-75% and the dr keeps saying he'll only see us 'this one time'!
    My meds are due tuesday and i'm soooo impatient for all of this to be underway.

    Had my saline sono, my mock and my class 3/19. it went really well and wasn't anything to worry about.

    good luck! keep me posted


  5. Alexi- Oh that is such positive and wonderful news! Wouldn't it be great if we both work on the first IVF! My doc says the same, that the success really depends on the woman, not the man, so that we are considered the highest success rate candidates! I am curious why I am skipping the Lupron but i am happy that we will be able to go through this around the same time

    Here is to BFPs and a (hopefully) a January baby coming up! Did your docs tell you how many embryos he will transfer? Mine says max 2- but I really want the doc to put 2 in...worried about putting all our eggs (no pun intended) in one basket.

    Anything else your doc said to do to prepare for stim? I am taking a prenatal and the folic...not sure if there is anything else I can do to prepare myself...

  6. Hi ladies do you mind if I join??

    My name is Kari and I am doing a FEt with transfer april 6th...wohooo 14 days away. I have a really bad past so here it goes:

    IVF#1 long Lupron 10 eegies on day 5 (2 compacting morulas) BFN all eggies died.

    Ivf #2 8 eggies 7 mature 7 fertilized transfered 3 on day 3 BFP with twins. carries twins for 16 weeks when my water broke on baby a. to early to deliver I had to terminate the preg. d&C next day

    HCG level never came down and no period 2 months later. had a hytseroscopy on feb 11th and found massive amounts of scar tissue lfet from D&C.

    endometrial biopsy showed endometritis(inflammation). whuich was casue of the sac breaking.

    took premarin for 28 days and had first af a few weeks ago.

    On my baseline last week left ovary showed a Lupron cyst but not secreting horome so I can contiune. tomorrow is a linnig check and if all goes well transfer my 2 frozen 5 day blasta on April 6th if they survvive the thaw.

    whewwwwwwwwwww wow I have problems

    morgb-- when I was preggo with twins I was told to take extra folic acid and iron pills with the preg.

  7. Well, as of today i am the proud owner of the most expensive refrigerated little box ever! LOL it'll be here in the morning.
    now i'm officially over-excited and i'm sure the days are gonna crawl till my first shot on 3/30!
    Ive been given all the usual activity restrictions...1 cup of coffee only, no heavy exercise or jumping around alot.... Kind of wierd for me as i have a farm to run and my DH has a job interview in MO taking him out of town. Oh well! it's all worth it! My bcps kept causing breakthrough bleeding and i've been way too moody so i'm being switched to ortho nova 135 instead.. hope it helps!

    Morgb:- I'm having 2 transferred if all goes well. my dr asked us which would hurt more... doing all we can with max transfer for my age group and getting a bfn- or putting in just one and wondering if doing two would have made a difference.... Id actually love twins.. my best friend had spontaneous twins and they're awesome.

    Kari:- I'm cheering for you honey and you're in our prayers. Keep me updated

  8. Kari- I am so, so sorry for your ordeal and for your loss...i can't even imagine having to deal with all of that- you must be a very strong person. I will be thinking of you throughout this next FET and wishing so hard for you to have a successful transfer!

    So glad you are here so that I can support you throughout this process!

  9. Alexis how exciting! Can you believe the day is finally here that you are going start your IVF cycle! Please let me know how the injections go...

    I have had issues with my BCP, too. I took the first pill last night and spent the morning throwing up- I'm very sensitive to BCP, so I am a little worried about how the injections are going to affect me!

    We feel the same way about twins- we would love to have them! Doc says he will implant MAX two if all goes well but we are going to be adamant about him doing two!

    What kind of exercise restrictions have they given you? No jogging or working out I am assuming? THis is all during the time you start injections?

  10. Morgb:- sorry you're feeling yucky... I'm kinda scared my heads gonna spin round with the injectables
    The nurses told me to keep my heart rate below 140 and to avoid repetative bouncing morements or jumping so that translated to no trail running jogging or riding my horses.... not the end of the world and its only from the start of follistim. It's only going to be a problem for me because i spend 90% of my day chasing goats chickens and horses all over the place.... nothing can make you leep tall buildings and preak a sweat like my little menagerie! Dh is doing most of the really vigourous stuff like mowing and irrigating the pastures and i'm sticking to egg hunting and other fairly bland chores as much as possible.. anything to give us the best chance. I can walk all i like though so I'll be putting in my treadmill hours somehow.
    I'm not letting my Dh stick me... he can't give shots to the horses without a thirty minute worry about hurting them so i'm gonna suck it up and do it so he doesn't feel bad about poking me and then over do it and harpoon me to 'get it over with\'
    I think you'll do fine with them.

    Sticky Babydust and hugs

  11. Alexi- your life sounds amazing- i would love to switch from being in a city to the country...

    I hate the no exercise rule! I like to play tennis and go to the gym...I haven't had my IVF class (it's on Thursday) so I'm sure they will go through all of this then.

    I think DH is going to have to give me my shots! I am NO good with shots I am feeling better with the BCP- i took them with dinner and felt a lot better this morning. This will all be worth it when our cycles are successful!

  12. I'm blessed to have the best of both.... I'm less than thirty mins from the city and my clinics only about ten mins more...
    My meds came today, the big bags of syringes and needles was kinda intimidating but i think once i do the first one i'll be okay.
    Morgb:- you'll be fine you and dh will do great with the shots and i'm sure the first one really is the hardest... my only advice if he's doing it is don't watch.. that always makes me feel worse. Glad your feeling better. i start the new bcp tomorrow a.m so fingers crossed i wont have another bleed until i stop them on the 6th
    bolajing:- how did you're lining check go? i've got my fingers crossed for you!

    Sticky babydust and hugs

  13. pleae girls. don't feel sorry for me things happen with pregancies and YES they are not fair. but who knows maybe there was something wrong with the babies my body rejected it for a reason. Oh but if it happens agoin I might loose it...

    ok so I had my scan today for the fet and my linnig is at 4.9 already. and my e2 level is 453. wooohoooo I do a trigger shot on monday. but I don't know why there are no eggies..hehehe it's prob to stop me from

    and it's official as long as monday the 30th scan is ok the thaw is set for the 6th. only 13 days away. i can't wait to get those snowballs back where they belong and out of that cold freezer...

    alexis-- the 30th will be here sooo soon in 6 days. but whose counting... Isn't it weird how we look forward to stcking ourselves with needles. before IVF I would cringe at the site of a needle and now I count down the hours till my next injection. lookinbg at the clock I have ahhhh 53 minutes till my lupron...hehehe

    morgi-- the injections dont really effect you like you might think. you might get some headaches and feel moody but who knows if thats really the ypou will be fine. I give myslef all my injections in my stomach but dh has to do the PIO. I can't angle in my butt.

    so ladies I have done this many times so any questions on medicine or whatever feel free to ask I like helping......

  14. Hi ladies may I join?

    I will be starting BC pills in April. This will be my first Ivf. I have no problems. Hubby is the issue. Low numbers across the board and this last SA it was 0% morphonlogy I would love to be able to go through this journey with you all.

  15. Hey Candy! We would love to have you join us!

    I\'m Morgan and we have Alexi and Kari on the board so far. Alexi and my DHs both have male factor as well- same with the morph (my DH has 8% and a varicocele)

    I am just starting BCP too (today will be day 4). The good news is that both our REs say that the guy doesn't matter very much- are you doing ICSI? If so, that should circumvent the problem and you should have a very high success rate probability (Alexi and I were given 50-75% success per cycle and a 30 to 50% chance of twins!)

    Kari- it is so nice of you to offer to answer our questions, being the IVF newbies that we are- I do have much time should I schedule to take off from work after the transfer? I was reading that it is better to law down with your feet up as much as possible. Thanks so much!

  16. Thank you so much for the welcom morg!!! How is BC going for you?

    Yes, we are doing ICSI . The RE said we have no other option and I gladly will oblige.

    My re gave me 75% chance of success just based on the known factors, and 30-40% chance of twins!

    Kari I wish you nothing but the best this cycle!! I will gladly follow your journey and could use all the info you feel like giving!!

    Nice to meet all of you

  17. morgb- here is the deal with that. they say there is no fact that lying down for days following a transfer helps the eggie implant. this is what happened to me

    IVF #1 read stories of lying on bed for 3 days post transfer. I did this and BFN.

    IVF #2 they make you lie in the bed for 30 minutes and then go home. well I went back to work and ran errands and all that stuff. and I got preggo with twins.

    In a natural cycle you wouldn't be lying around waitng for a egg to implant. plus the egg doesn't implant till day 6-8 anyway. so what i do is take that day off of work for transfer and just relax at hoime no lifting and the next day go on with your life. unless you have to do crouching and lifting at your job. save your days off of work for those beautiful u/s visits when you will see your baby...

    welcome candy--- yeah my dr gave me a 84% success and I got twins ... twins are great before u are preggo but once you start thinking about two at the same time it gets really scary...and when you see them on the u/s it brings fright to my face. double the bottles, double the diapers, double the aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh I call 1!!! watch my eggs will split and I will end up on TLC with my own multiples show. called Kari and John plus two sets of splits!!!!(dh name is john). lol

  18. hey Kari! omg you are very right- twins sound so great right now but i'm sure once reality sets in, it's actually a lot of work! but still soooo amazing!

    wow- an 84% success rate! that is fantastic- was that with 2 embryos? do you think mine will be similar to that if I don't have any reproductive problems and given that we are doing ICSI?

  19. Kari, I used to LOVE watching John and Kate plus 8! As far ar multiples, If I could pick between one or two I would most idealy like 1 (dont let my husband hear that) but given how hard its been on this journey I would GLADLY take two and call it a day.
    Another question for you, once we do the ivf, if we have a lot of eggs and have to freeze some, will the be available to me if I get pregnant with try #1 and want siblings for him or her later on?

    Also anybody being offered packages due to their age? I think it's called shared risk? I get 3 fresh and 2 frozen cycles for almost 20,000. (I think it comes up to 18 or 19 but I always round up cause I dont know exactly how much meds will cost). A pregnancy up to 21 weeks terminate the package though

  20. Kari, I used to LOVE watching John and Kate plus 8! As far ar multiples, If I could pick between one or two I would most idealy like 1 (dont let my husband hear that) but given how hard its been on this journey I would GLADLY take two and call it a day.Another question for you, once we do the ivf, if we have a lot of eggs and have to freeze some, will the be available to me if I get pregnant with try #1 and want siblings for him or her later on?Also anybody being offered packages due to their age? I think it's called shared risk? I get 3 fresh and 2 frozen cycles for almost 20,000. (I think it comes up to 18 or 19 but I always round up cause I dont know exactly how much meds will cost). A pregnancy up to 21 weeks terminate the package though

    Hey Candy! I am surprised that they would offer that to you if you have a 75% chance of success...I would bet you won't even need those extra cycles!

  21. You know what that is something I struggle with from time to time but then I think about it this way.. How many times have I read and heard about people that were given GREAT odds. Had a great# of embryos retrieved, wonderful grades and all and everything looked perfect and then BFN? And how many times women go through an ivf, have it be successful and then unfortunately miscarry? I know 21 weeks doesnt mean you are out of the woods but it eliminates those chemicals and blighted ovums and stuff. So thats where I'm at now with it. Regardless I have no choice because my husband is looking at it from an investment point of view abd he would rather spend 20,000 for 1 try intstead of lets say 30,000 for 2 or 45,000 for 3. Get what I mean? I'm happy with this decision. I know it wont make getting a bfn any better but at least I am not wondering when and how I will be able to go on to another cycle. Financially, at least.

    I'm so glad I found this group. You ladies are awesome. It feels gppd to talk about this. Anybody keeping this a secret? I am. Except for 2 friends. No one else knows

  22. well what they don't really stress is the success rates they give you are not per embryo they are per transfer./ I transfered 3 and got twins. with a 84% success. my infertitlity. is a blocked right tube, low estrogen. we did ICSI but dh sa was normal.

    yes you can freeze embryos .. most clinics only freeze good quality embryos. my clinic only freezes 5 day blasts of god qaulity. the rest wil be discarded. my clinic is very emxpensive a fresh ivf cycle is $38,000+ 3000 for ICSI+ 2,000 for assisted hatching+ 1000 for cryo preservation and +200 for sperm cryopreservation just in case they need it. I did 2 fresh cycles and had some procedures with it and my insurance was billed $150,000 so far. I live in Jeresy and everything is very expensive I can go to another clinic and pay half the price but half of the success rates. luckily my insurance covers IVF 100% up to 4 times all FET's and all procedures.. I just pay a $15 copay so far out of pocket I only spent $3000 in a year on infertility treatments.

    so yes you can use your leftover eggies.. but remeber sometimes you might not have any. on IVf #1 I had none out of 10 egges and IVF #2 out of 8 eggies retrieved I only had 2 to freeze the others were discarded.

  23. Wow Kari, that's expensive! But I am glad you are fortunate to have insurance thats covers almost all of it. I live in Fl where its not manditated to cover infertility. I am self employed so I can find ANY type of insurance that will pay for ANYTHING infertility related. I mean ANYTHING. So everything is out of pocket. They even found a way to weasel out of paying for my lap.

  24. Kari- what center do you go to in Jersey? I am at Cornell in NYC. Those are some success rates, I hope I will be in that success bracket as well!

    I am a little concerned that my stims aren’t going to be enough to make me produce a lot of eggs…I am on a really low dose since they deemed me to be a very high responder. I really hope they know what they are doing! My doc seems so nonchalant about me in general like he doesn’t need to worry since it’s DH with the problem, but I hope it is just because he is not worried about me!

    Had my mock transfer and sono today and it was a cinch (just like a pap)…doc said everything looked beautiful and I am ready to go!

    Candy- I totally understand where you are coming from and why you would want to take the package for multiple treatments and you need to do what makes you feel most comfortable. In the long run, we know you will have a successful treatment and no one would ever fault you for taking an “insurance” policy out in case this cycle will not be successful (but all signs point to that it WILL be!)

    Alexi- how are you doing? When is your Lupron shot, coming up soon, right?

  25. morg, does mock transfer feel like the real thing?? What is involved with that?

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