Anyone carrying identical twins?

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  1. Anyone carrying identical twins?

    Mine are sharing a placenta. I feel really emotional about all this and would love to find someone going through the same thing.

  2. Hi there - I'm currently 15 weeks with mono/di identical twins. They share a placenta, but do have a thin seperating membrane between them which slightly reduces the risks that are associated with cord entanglement. We still have TTTS to worry about. I also have had a difficult time getting my head around all of it.


  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy dyuksel!

    On December 11, I delivered my identical twin boys (and fraternal girl, yes, I was carrying triplets). During my entire pregnancy, their was some question whether mine were di/di or mono/di (like yours). Regardless, they watched for \"Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, TTTS\", however, it never materialized.

    In doing my research, I found this web site ( and thought that it was really informative. Understand that TTTS only happens in 15% of cases and the solution (surgery) is 85% effective. Statistically, there are other things that are much more common to worry about (I won't help you with your list, smile), however, I would leave the worry up to your doctors and enjoy your pregnancy. It really does go by quickly!

    Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. The internet is a great resource, however, sometimes it's best to wait until something happens instead of worrying about it. You know yourself best.

    Take care, Olivia

  4. Mine are 2 yrs old.

    It's going to be GREAT! The first thing you need to do is find a good specialist (Perinatologist) who has experience with mono-di twins. You need to ASK about this. MANY doctors have no idea!!! Very alarming !

    It is a high risk situation BUT can go very smoothly. Mine did. Zero problems.

    Just be your own advocate. Do your research and make sure you STAY ON TOP of your pregnancy.

    You need high monitoring from the very beginning to watch for twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Educate yourself on this now.

    Congratulations!! It's GREAT!

  5. congrats on your identical twins! i was in your same boat not too long ago...looking for others who had been through the identical twin pregnancy and very anxious about the outcome of the pregnancy...

    I had a complicated mono/di pregnancy but everything worked out in the end. We had sIUGR with twin B and I was bedrested for 12.5 weeks- we ended up making a lot longer than the doctors expected and we were very lucky.

    i gave birth 2.5 weeks ago at 34 weeks and both twins are doing great. Twin A came home from the NICU in 11 days and Twin B came home after 17 days.

    Our twin B (IUGR twin) did amazingly well (he was born in the 3rd percentile for his gestational age!). He eats like a champ and is growing like a weed. It was just the stupid placenta that was not giving him enough food!

    Anyway, I am happy to provide support, answer questions as I did make some good \"friends\" who were so helpful to me during my difficult pregnancy.

  6. Thanks so much for your replies and congratulations everyone on your twins!

    Morg - You must be so happy having them both home. I hope you are enjoying them and getting some rest too.

    swak - Triplets! How's it going?? Thanks for the website tip.

    I really appreciate everyone's comments. I'm sure to have lots of questions as I get further along.

    Best wishes for a happy healthy new year for you all and your families.

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