anybody wean a very attached toddler?

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  1. My baby girl is almost 19 months old now, and it looks like it's going to be tough to wean when it comes to naps/bedtime. If you had a similar issue with your toddler, please tell me how you weaned?


  2. My 4th child was/is very attached. I actually nursed him until just after he turned 4yrs old and it went quite well. By that point he was only nursing once/day or every other day, so it wasnt abrupt or anything. He is just as attached now

  3. I weaned my DD at 18 months. It was actually much easier than I thought it would be. I weaned down to once a day (can't remember if the last one was before bed or before nap). Then on the day I chose I just said there was no more milk and offered a sippy instead. She was fine with it within a day or two. I had the same experience with my DS although I weaned him a little earlier (16 mo to cycle). I think I had a harder time than they did. I cried a little. It might be a hard couple of days, but then they move on. My DS is still (at 5 yo) a huge snuggler. DD loves some snuggle time too (she's 2 yo).

    Good luck!

  4. I nursed my little one up until 1 week before her 2nd birthday. I had a conference to go to. I was gone 2 nights and when I came back I said I left all of my milk at the conference and that was it. She was ok with it. Told me I need to go to Albertson's to get more boobie milk. To this day when she needs comfort she will rub them. She will kiss them and say "They are so cute!". This 4 months post.

    I think it was harder on me than her.

    Good luck

  5. Do you need to or want to wean? They will eventually stop wanting to nurse, often around 3 years.

  6. nickxs: How did your DD go to sleep without having you there to nurse? I think my DD will cry and cry!

    carrie walczak: Well I kind of want to wean her around 2. We are hoping to cycle in fall/winter.

    BTW, thanks for all the replies mamas!

  7. I weaned my very attached 3 y/o and it wasn't as bad as I feared. We weaned the day I had my embryos transfered for my last cycle. Of course I had been very gradually weaning him up until that point, over a year or so. We talked about it and discussed what we would do instead. We decided to spoon instead or hold hands when he went to sleep, so sweet. We had a weaning party with our immediate familly to celebrate. We made cupcakes and crowns for him and I and we gave him a couple of presents. When he asked to nurse in the weeks that followed, I reminded him of our party and how that was the end and then gave him tons of cuddles. It was so very sad for both of us but time.

    Good luck to you....


  8. Is it a FET or fresh? My doc let me continue BF through a FET. It wasn't successful but I can't put that down to BFing and I would have hated to stop and then have the cycle fail too.

    One strategy to reduce feedings is to get out as much as possible during the day with your toddler and change napping strategies, walk to sleep in the stroller for naps and have someone else put her to sleep at night while you are out of the house. Also start talking to the child about needing to stop.

    My DD naps just fine at day care in the stroller, she will even nap in the stroller in the house without walking.... but never for Mama. My MIL can get her to sleep relatively painlessly, as well as my friend Maddy. Maddy read stories and then sang her to sleep when she said she was tired. I can nurse her and then put her down in her crib and sing to her and she will go to sleep on her own but only when she isn't really tired and only at bed time.

    Good luck


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