Anybody use More Milk Plus?

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  1. Does anyone use More Milk Plus to help increase supply?

    Picked it up yesterday and am using it along with a power pump session in the evening for the next few nights here. I plan on just using the one bottle, which is 10 days worth to help me jump start back to what I was at before a hospitalization (complete with a high fever so I didn't eat for about 2 days) in Dec. followed by a bout of Norovirus 3 weeks later which caused me to not eat for 3 days. That was 2 weeks ago. I dropped from 28-32 oz after the hospitalization, but cae back up to 28-30 after about a week. I dropped to 24-26 after the Norovirus, but two weeks later haven't bounced back, even after adding an extra pump for a few days.

    DS is 9 months old and eating about 24 oz a day, but I want to restore my freezer stash for a medical trip I'll be taking in 2 weeks (went through what I had back in Dec. when I was hospitalized) and would like some extra for growth spurts, etc when he ends up eating in the motn.

    Anyhow, if anyone has used this, or similar, did you need to take it consistently? Did it work?

    Just an FYI for anyone thinking of taking this - it tastes nasty! Ugg...

  2. I haven't used it, but in general I like the motherlove products.

  3. I honestly have found that the fenugreek alone works pretty well and is much cheaper. You might want to try that if the bottle doesn't do it for you. 3 pills 3 times a day. I was also hospitalized while nursing. It was when DD was 3 months for 6 days for an appendicitis that burst a little. It was horrible and I worried about my supply (which wasn't great to begin with I had induced for the adoption and worked so hard to get it up). It did bounce back pretty well. Hope you are feeling better.

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