anybody have toddler who was not good sleeper?

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  1. My little girl is almost 19 months and not a great sleeper. I'm not sure if this is because she is still very attached to nursing. She wakes up sometimes crying and the only thing that will calm her is nursing which is making weaning seem tricky. If your toddler wasn't a great sleeper for whatever reason, how/when did they start sleeping better?

  2. I nursed my DD and she was sleeping well from 4 mo to 11 mo. Then she started waking and wanting to nurse at night. At the 1 year appointment the ped said she really didn't need to nurse at night anymore.

    At about 13-14 mo we did CIO with her. It was hard, but within a few days she was sleeping through the night again. We have had a pretty good sleeper since. She is now a little over 2 yo.

    You have to decide if you can do it, but it does work. Good luck to you.

  3. My DS is now 3. He has never been a good sleeper. Started out with wanting to nurse, we stopped that but then he just wanted to be with us, so he ended up in our bed. We finally gave up on that, because DH was spending most nights on the couch, because DS loves to sleep sideways. Finally we got him a Full Size bed and this has done the trick. He now sleeps through the night, but it took until he was 2 3/4 years old! Every little one is different, I hope you find your answer soon.

    Good luck

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