Anybody do a 6 day transfer?

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  1. I am going for a 6 day transfer tomorrow was a little curious if anyone has done them what your outcome was and how many blast you transfered as well as grade I have done 3 day transfers before but never this long help??


  2. Ahmet, mine were 5 day tx but on the fifth day there was only one blast good enough for freezing after my tx of two. We waited one day and wound up with 4 grade a blasts to freeze. I'm guessing some need more time than others to divide enough. late bloomers. My success with the five day tx was twins. two in and hopefully in may/june two out. looking back if given a choice I would do 5 or 6 day as opposed to a 3 day. hope this helps.

  3. Thank You so much!!!! And Congrats!!!

  4. for my FET I had 2 embies. one was a 5 day and 1 was a 6 day. I am now pg with twins. they kept telling me that the one that went to 6 was not going to make it to freeze, thru the thaw, and wouldn't produce a baby. on a score of 100 it was a 35.

  5. Thanks Lori and Congrats to you as well gives me hope ;0)!!

  6. My clinic (CCRM) does genetic testing that takes a few weeks for results, so if you do that testing all the transfers are FETs. They test the blasts on day 5 but also check on day 6 to see if there are more to test. My Dr there has said repeatedly that they see absolutely NO difference in success rates when transferring day 5 or day 6 embryos.

  7. Hello,

    I transfered 2 embryos on day 6. Both took and I am a mom to B/G twins.

    Good Luck and best wishes.

  8. Thanks ladies!!!
    Congrats dimash !!!
    well we have had a + since 6 dp6dt so hoping for great beta numbers!!

  9. congratulations!!!! when is your betas and u/s? let us know what ur beta numbers are.

  10. Thank you ladies well beta is in
    10dp6dt was 150 which seemed a little low to me and I had been spotting since like day 5dpt but then had second beta today and it was 375 so Thank You Jesus it more then doubled so hoping and praying everything stays nice on track! U/s is scheduled for Jan 5th and oooohhhhhh the wait!!!!!
    Thanks again ladies!!

  11. Congratulations!!! Hope it works for you!!!
    Hope to hear an update on January 5th.

    Best wishes and have happy holidays

  12. Ahmet, can't wait to hear about your u/s as well! congrats!

  13. Thank you!!!!! Jan 5 will be the day!! Thinking it might just be 1 in there since I didn't have the highest beta numbers but they doubled so that makes me happy! Did any of u ladies have any spotting I have had it off and on and on sunday was red but I have been drinking lots of water nd trying to rest as much as I can with 2 younger ones : )

  14. Mel- I had alot of spotting. during week 5 I had a big gush of bright red and they could never find a reason for it. since then I've spotted off and on. never anything major but always enough to scare you. spotting is very common in ivf pregnancies. how many did you transfer?

    14.4 weeks with twins

  15. Thanks Lori! We transfered 2 blast. Can't wait for u/s so I can see everything is good

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