Anybody do a 6 day transfer?

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  1. I am going for a 6 day transfer tomorrow was a little curious if anyone has done them what your outcome was and how many blast you transfered as well as grade I have done 3 day transfers before but never this long help??


  2. I have done 2 6 day transfers. Both I transfered 2 grade 1 (highest) blasts, 1st bfp ID twins sadly m/c and second just found out bfp I am 7w1d fraternal twins.

  3. Our fet of 6 day embies was recently successful. We transferred 2 top grade and 2 that were just below that. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with twins. Our fresh was a day transfer of 3 day embryos and was a bfn.

    Good luck - I think you are just as likely to get a bfp with 6 day embryos as you are with 5 day.

    Best -


  4. I had two grade 1 embryos transferred on day 6 and I am 19 weeks pregnant with twins. My doctor had originally scheduled a day 5 transfer, but moved it back a day to "see the front runners" better. I froze 5 from the same cycle, all grade 1, too.

  5. just had a son 14 weeks ago from a 6 day fet. Good luck

  6. My dd is 4 months old. I had a long history of bfns so we transferred 3 blasts on day 6, something I wouldn't recommend unless you've had a lot of tries already.
    Good luck!

  7. i have a 7 month old son from a day 6 blast FET. blast was hatching as it thawed. someone on these boards told me that there is some thought that 6 dayers actually do a little better than 5 dayers b/c they are at a stage of development that better matches the lining at transfer.

    good luck!

  8. Thank You so much ladies you have inspired me and congrats on your babies!! Today we transferred 2 grade 1 expanded blast find out 12/21 yayyyyyy

  9. Glad it all went well! Fingers are crossed!

  10. Thank you !!!

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