Anybody cycling June/July09? (child ment.)

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  1. Ziggy - thinking of you today and sending good thoughts your way. All the best to you for your transfer...grow embies! Let us know how you're doing!

    garifalia - Is Summerlin a resort? It sounds familiar, but I can't remember where it's located. Good, glad to hear that you'll have a car. Did you rent for the whole duration or just a week? I'm working a half day today and then getting home to start packing and get the house in order. I'm having custom closets put in while I'm gone, just a little present to myself. Yes, I'm doing the same with my Follistim and just keeping the needle in and dialing twice. As you know, I'll be working out there, and my calendar is filling up with meetings already...I do hope that I'll have some time to play.

    tfranics - how are you?

    ek - so nice to hear from you and really happy to see that all is going well. I know your hesitation and understand completely. Keeping good thoughts and prayers for you.

    Cocoabean - I'm also on the EPP, but doing shots and supps instead of the patches. The patches made me really lightheaded on another cycle. How are you feeling? Good luck in your cycle and keep us posted.

    I'll be heading to Vegas on Sunday afternoon and I'm excited and nervous. My belly is swollen and I'm full of bruies, so I guess all is on track

    Have a great weekend everybody...update when you can! Best wishes to all of us.

  2. Hi Ladies,

    I had my transfer this morning! We transferred all 5. 1 was poor quality, 1 was 8 cell, 2 were compacted (8-cell?), and I forget what he said about the other. I cannot read the embryologist's writing! But the RE was really excited about the compacted ones. He said that's the best you can get (this was a 3dt) & they are very aggressively growing. We felt really optimistic when we left.

    However... I've been googling it, and I've read conflicting things about compacted embryos at this stage. Since they're growing so fast, it could be a sign that they are abnormal. Does anybody know anything about it? Ah well. I guess we'll see!

    My RE requires strict bedrest for 3 days! I'm already going out of my mind.

    How is everybody??

    ekb - Congrats on seeing a heartbeat! That is great news.

    ucenik - I told DP your story today after the transfer. He just couldn't believe it! I think your little fighter is going to have you on your toes for the rest of your life. Never a dull moment! How are you feeling?

    racer - A custom closet sounds so great. We are remodeling & left the closets for later, but in the mean time my clothes are all over the place. It drives me crazy. What a nice present to give yourself! Sorry your belly is all bruised up. Just wait until the PIO. I don't remember it hurting this much before?

    garifalia - What's new? Sounds like you are going to have a blast in Vegas. When are you leaving? I hope you all have a great IVF vaca!

    cocoa - Yeah for stimming this weekend!

    Happy Friday everybody,

  3. Ziggy
    How are you feeling? compact sounds good to me. I thought they are supposed to grow fast. Arent they supposed to reach 100 over cells by 5th day?

    No, not a resort, but someone's house. Rented the 1st flr from a 50-yr-odd couple for a good price, sounded like nice people, even have a pool in the back yard and big concrete patio.

    Follistim is a breeze....I do like the pen idea, and the needle is the tiniest of all!

    I dream about the day I can hear and see a heartbeat. I am envious of you.

    I agree with Ziggy, your litte precious in your tummy is going to be quite fighter, defiant warrier!

  4. Good night ladies!

    I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well. dimitris, it sounds very promising to me. I'm continuing to blow baby dust your way. You may end up with twins or triplets which would not be a bad thing at all. You and garifalia are right, I think this child is going to be a fighter indeed! I am anxiously awaiting Monday's appointment.

    Xaris - Have a safe trip to Vegas. Are you planning to take in any of the sights while you are there?

    Georgopoulos, cocobean - I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    We are a small group on this boad, but strong.
    Everyone have a great weekend, and I will post my update on Monday!

  5. Hi Ladies!

    Almost finished with bedrest! Actually, I think I am quite finished. I've had enough. I cannot believe my doctor requires 3 days of this. I'm wondering whether your doctors require it?

    garifalia - I think I misunderstood some studies I had read. I think if cells are compacting, but not more than 8 (?) cells at day 3, then it's a good sign. Any more cells, and there is a concern of abnormality. Hopefully that's correct.

    This was a 3 day transfer, and I've read they don't start to implant until days 5-8. So any time now... I realized that my doctor does betas pretty early too. Saturday (8dp 3dt) + Monday, and I won't receive the results until Monday afternoon. When do your doctors do betas?

    I hope everybody is having a great weekend.

  6. Hi everyone

    Ziggy - I think each RE is different, some want you to carry on as normal after ET, others prefer you to take it easy. Sending you lots of positive vibes on your 2ww.

    Ekb - Great news!!! Congratulations!!!!

    ucenik - Hope you and your little fighter are both doing ok. When is your next u/s?

    garifalia - Hope all is going well with stimms. Any news when you are havingh ER yet?

    Racegirl - Have a good trip to Vegas tonight!

    As for me, AF turned up last Thu, much sooner than I was expecting so went to clinic for CD2 b/w and u/s on Fri morning and was given the go ahead to start stimms in the eve. I'm on a higher dose this time - Gonal F 450 and Menopur 150 - which is good because the GF pens are easy and I only have to mix 2 vias of menopur - not to complicated! I sooooo need to produce more follies this time (only ever managed 1 or two before)!!! Wish me luck girls.

  7. Hi Ziggy
    Leaving for Vegas tonight. Racer is already on her way. No news yet on ER or ET until my first appt with my RE on Monday. Will you keep you posted.
    REst well, dont be too ambitious around the house. Talk to your \"FOLLIES\", STICK BABIES STICK!

  8. Good morning ladies,

    Just to give everyone an update, I went to the RE doctor this morning and had my blood level tested and sono. I have to wait until this afternoon for the blood results. The sono was so emotional. I saw and heard the baby's heartbeat. I really wanted to cry on the table, but I held it together. I just have to see my RE doctor probably one more time and then he's going to release me to my ob/gyn.

    God is good all the time, and this is truly a testimony I must share with others.

    I hope everyone is doing well, and please don't forget to update when you can.

  9. ucenik - That's great news, congratulations and thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!

  10. I feel your miracle ucenik. ((((HUGS)))))

  11. ucenik - a miracle, how truly amazing...many congratulations to you!!

    garifalia - I heard you at the desk this morning, but I was in a room with my IV and no way to get your attention. How did your appointment go? I'm back at my room getting ready to take a nap, I'm exhausted. I still don't have my appointment time for tomorrow, they are supposed to call shortly. I'll call you tomorrow morning, as I'm hanging here at my room for the night.

    My best friend of 28 years drove in from Dana Point, CA last night, she's here to support me through this journey...I love her, she's awesome. I have another friend who may come out too and it would really mean a the world to me, as she knows first hand what we are all going through.

    cocoabean - congrats on starting stims! Sending good vibes your way for more follies.

    ziggy - wow, they will test beta at 8dpt, that's great. My previous RE made you wait 14dpt. How are you feeling? Be sure to take it easy. I'm so happy that you had all 5 transferred. We too, will transfer all, not that I've ever had more than 2, but I'm hoping this cycle will produce more.

    AFM, I'm in Vegas, arrived last night and had my Intralipids this morning. I have deep veins, so there was a lot a poking and prodding, finally they had to go in on my right hand...OUCH! But all went well, just sleepy. I'm anxious to get my U/S so I can settle some of these nerves.

    Hope you're all having a nice week.

  12. ucenik - What a wonderful feeling! I'm so happy for you!

    racer - It's so nice that you have your friends' support through this. I would love that. We have chosen to keep this a secret, and it's been very hard. Our families think we're avoiding them. And about the poke in the hand -- I once had a BW appt w/ my RE and all the nurses were busy, so I begged him to take my blood (I was late for class). Word to the wise, RE's aren't all that experienced in taking BW. OUCH is right - he also had to go through my hand. It was sore for a week!

    garifalia - how was your first appt? I hope it went well!

    cocoa - yeah for an early AF! That's a first.... seems like everybody's is always late in IVF. Good luck stimming!!

    Happy Tuesday, girls!

  13. Hi Girls
    Ok, so I had my first US with DR F. It went better than we both (RE and myself) expected. Sighted 14 follicles but couple of them are under par measurements. I did have 3 measuring at 16mm and most of them are lurking around 12-13mm after 7 days of stim. RE is ordering me to stim for another 2 more days and my next US will be tomorrow. Its far from over yet, but I am very thankful for what I have for now. I hope the rest of the follies will catch up within these 2 days. I am nervous....stake is so high for me. Also worried about my husband's sperm condition, whether we will get any on day of ER via on his own or TESE.
    Please keep me in your prayers, sisters....

    As for Vegas, gosh, it is insanely hot here. Nothing on my agenda today, lonely, since no one to talk, and can't really log on to internet at the place I am renting from because of slow and unstable connection. I am in the library trying to get my surfing time in for good! Husband only arrive in another 2 days' time. Going to squeez a show in, Le Reve at Wynn before the big day.

    I cant believe I miss you yesterday! I asked for you, but they said they cannot tell me. Is goldmart staying in MArriort? If so, I am located pretty close to that hotel. 5 mins drive away.

  14. garifalia- Sounds like things are going well. I'm sure those other follicles lurking near the maturity point will increase in size over the next couple of days. That's wonderful.

    Will definitely keep you in my prayers.

  15. garifalia - 14 follies!!! That's terrific!! Sorry, I misunderstood, I thought you said 4 when we talked, so 14 is wonderful. I'll call you in the morning...I don't have any conference calls scheduled, YAY, but I do have some work that I need to get done. Goldmart is staying at a Marriott property, but further out from me and you.

    ziggy - like you, my family does not know about our plight. They all live in another state and I don't want to worry them. Initially, we told no one and kept it to ourselves, however, after many losses, I shared with just a couple of friends.

    cocoabean - how are you doing with your stims? When is your first U/S scheduled?

    I had my U/S today, he saw 8 follies, all measuring between I'm stimming for 3 more days, back for U/S on Friday. E2 was good and so is my lining.

    Take care and good thoughts.

  16. garifalia - 14 follies!!! What an improvement! Can you believe it?

    racer - 8 follies for you! That's great! Sounds like things are progressing very nicely.

    I'm so excited for you guys. Hope you're having a blast out there (aside from all the meds, needles, and nerves).

    Try to stay cool!

  17. Hi Sisters
    Ok, my E2 is in the 1100s zone today, and sighted 16 follies, 2 more than Monday??? But there are at least 2-4 follies under 9mm, 1 folly already at 21mm and most are still lurking around 13-15mm. So going to stim 1 more night. Dr F said we will lose the big one but hopefully gain some smaller ones which will do some catching up. Will find out tomorrow if I will have ER on Sat. Dr F said coming from someone with no follicles, this is not bad!
    I am really nervous, hopes are higher, I am not used to it.

    Connection to internet is a real pain in the neck here for me, sorry I can't do personals till I return to MN.

    I am thinking about all of you in the meantime, Racer, Ziggy, ucenik. Cocoa,

  18. garifalia - You are a follie machine, woman! That is fabulous!!!!!

    As for me, I 'm hanging in. Panicking periodically as symptoms come and go. Feeling nervous today for some reason and just trying to remember it's not in my hands, and I need to trust God and let go, and whatever will be, will be, and my worrying can't change the outcome. Now I understand why some women want weekly scans.

    I prayed to a team of saints to get here (St. Gerard (patron saint of mothers), St. Gianna (patron saint of unborn children), St. Jude (hopeless causes), St. Anthony (to find my lost child ) and I'm just continuing to try to keep it going. Hope y'all don't mind the religous reference - I feel like I've used all the resources available, western medicine, eastern medicine, supplements and nutrition AND my catholic faith and I think I'm feeling guilty that I haven't expressed much about the faith part.

    I just wish there was a way to know for sure if this pg will be successful or not, so I didn't feel like I had to rely on a sour stomach or sore chest to know how things were going.

    Don\'t mind me, I'm having a meltdown today

  19. Hi ladies

    garifalia - what a great number of follies you have in there woman!!!

    ekb - Hang in there darling! Everything is going to be alright (((HUGS)))
    ps: I've been praying to St. Gerard too

    racer - Glad things are going well for you. Good luck for your u/s on Friday.

    ziggy - Hope that the 2ww are not driving you mad. Sending lots of baby glue your way!

    Had an u/s yesterday, D7, and they saw a few follies coming along slowly, the biggest one at 10mm. Apparently the good thing is that they are all roughly the same size, no dominant one. I have an acu appt this afternoon and will go back there for another u/s & b/w tomorrow morning, Friday. I must remain hopeful and positive

    Good luck & baby dust to everyone else

  20. Thanks guys for calling me a follie machine, yes, definately a compliment to a woman who made close to nothing in the first cycle.
    Got another US and E2 today, triggering tonight! Retrieval on Sat. It will most likely be a 3 day transfer. RE said he would probably get out of me between 10-12 viable eggs out of the 16. It would probably would not be a 5 day transfer for me as it would make more sense for a true follie machine women who makes 15 viable eggs and up. FIne with me, I can't wait to go home anyway.
    Hang in there everyone. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.
    love you guys......

  21. Hi ladies,

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Friday It sounds like everything is going well with all of you.

    I\'ve been ok, just hungry and tired. After getting home, I have to take a nap. I don't know if it's b/c I'm not extremely busy at work, the pregnancy or both. Certain things, I just can't stomach. Fruits and vegetables and ginger ale and peppermint tea have been great friends to me. I'm back to my RE on Monday, so I hope things are still progressing well.

    Here\'s wishing everyone baby dust and a great weekend!

  22. ekb - I'm sorry you're having a down day. I'm hoping that yesterday brought you a better day. Love that you have the faith and keep believing.

    ucenik - I'm sure the exhaustion is from the pregnancy...there were times where I could barely stay awake past 7pm. Glad to hear that you're doing well.

    ziggy - I've been thinking about you and sending good wishes out to you for your beta tomorrow. Keep us posted.

    garifalia - Here's to a successful retrieval tomorrow! You're in my thoughts. Call me when you can.

    cocoabean - how did your u/s go today? slow and steady is what they are telling me.

    AFM - had my u/s today...we are up to 11 follies all growing at the same rate, albeit slow, but it's the norm with me and these meds. Slow and steady. The sizes are all consistent, nothing dominant. I'm trying to remain positive, the doctor and nurses said it's all good. I'll be back for another u/s on Sunday, maybe trigger Sunday or Monday.

    Hope you're enjoying the start of the weekend. Positive thoughts ladies!

    Take care.

  23. Hi Ladies!

    racer - 11 follies...! I'm beginning to have follie-envy of you guys! Sounds like everything is going very smoothly for you. Glad you'll be triggering soon! Grow, follies!

    ucenik - I second what racer said about exhaustion. I used to have to sneak out to my car at lunch & nap almost every work day. Weekends were all about napping. Enjoy it! So glad things are going well for you! Good luck on Monday.

    garifalia - good luck tomorrow!! I'll be thinking about you. Get lots of rest & check in when you can!

    cocoa - how did your appt go today? It's great that they are all roughly the same size. Any idea of when you will trigger?

    ekb - I admire your faith. I hope you're feeling better today. Do you have any u/s appts coming up to give you piece of mind? Hang in there, girl!

    Thank you all for the positive thoughts. I did something stupid tonight. I'm 10dpo (7dp3dt) & decided to use an HPT tonight. I know it's too soon, but I was really feeling down because I have no symptoms to grasp on to still. It was BFN of course.

    My RE will not share my beta results until Monday afternoon! It's going to be a long weekend...

    I hope you all have a great weekend!

  24. Happy Monday ladies,

    dimitris - Today is your day. I'm feeling much baby dust for you. I hope you are doing something to pamper yourself over the weekend.

    Xaris & Palavouzopoulos - Any updates on your follies and the size? Do your doctors have an idea of when the retrieval will be?

    garifalia - How did the retrieval go? When is your transfer?

    EKB - How are things going for you?

    Didn\'t someone else have a retrieval over the weekend?

    Still tired and very hungry. I had my final ultrasound with my RE. The little one is doing well. Very strong heartbeat. At 7 wks and 3 days, the heartbeat is 146 BPM and it's measure 1.6 cm. I am released to my ob/gyn. My RE gave me a big hug b/c he knew what our journey was and he made me promise to send him a picture of our child in a Yankees outfit. This is all very surreal, but God has certainly blessed us, and I know everyone in this group will be blessed with a little one very soon.

  25. ucenik:
    Things have been going slightly downhill since I wrote the last time.
    ER was on Sat, RE only managed to save 7 follies out of 16,while 3 are too small, and I guess I lost 6 big ones because they were \"empty\" or \"dead\". So that was a big disappointment although still very good for me since I only made 2 follies on my first IVF.
    DH has no sperm in his sample, so proceeded to $3000 TESE procedure. The scenerio was pretty pathetic since there was a period of 30 mins that we both were on the operating chair/table in separate room. DH said it was quite a scare when urologist found nothing from his right testicle, and his right side has always been the tender side. Before urologist could poke him again in another spot on the right side, he shouted at him to stop and suggested to try his left instead. They found sperms on his left!
    RE called yesterday (D1) that 4 fertilized out of the 7 but 1 was abnormal. So 3 left in the running. We'll see what the outcome is today. RE said to put all 3 in tomorrow for ET. I have booked a plane ticket back home on WEd night.
    I dont know why I feeling alittle down despite that I have 3 embryos. I guess I am nervous and scared that my odds are deplicting so fast that it felt like a dream when RE told me about my 16 follies. Trying real hard to keep my hopes up. RE did said that he is happy with the outcome as it is statistically correct based on my scenerio of TESE and age and DOR.....

    So happy that you are doing good, strong heart beat is so reassuring and comforting.

    Read your messege in the other thread. I also think you tested too early, have faith sister. I know it is easier said than done.

    Left a msg on your cell yesterday, I didn't quite make it to SIRM in the mornng to meet you as my cramps are still bothering me. I dont know how I am going to survive on ET since I am still recovering from ER.

    How is everyone else doing?

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