Anybody cycling June/July09? (child ment.)

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  1. ucenik - my heart breaks for you. I'm so very sorry.

    Sending hugs,

  2. Ziggy - Good luck at your appointment today and keep us posted. I also wanted to let you know that all of my pregnancies were from my left maybe your left will be your lucky star. And I'm hoping that my left ovary has my eggs this cycle too.

    garifalia - how are you doing? How did your garage sale go? One week to go before we have to get ourselves out to Vegas. I'm getting really excited.

    ucenik - thinking of you today.

    I did my 2nd E2V shot last night, Follistim starts Tuesday. DH and I are going to a home auction tomorow...hoping to find some deals. If nothing more than that, it's keeping my mind occupied.

  3. Hi Racer - my U/S went fine this morning, thanks. Still 5 nice follies on the left (yeah our lefties!), and nothing worth counting on the right. I found out that my E2 was 544 on Friday. I guess that sounds about right for 5 follies? We're going in Tuesday for ER & if all goes well, ET will be on Friday. I'm so glad it's on Friday, so I can rest for the req 3 days without taking more time off work. Ahhhh we're almost there!

    How was the home auction? Sounds like a great way to keep your mind off of things!

    Hugs to all,

  4. Hi Guys!
    Racer : Garage sale went ok. Thurs was the best days of all, we did 3 days. Took a girlfriend who will be house and pets sitting for me, out for buffet lunch today and did some light shopping afterthat. Then went to the beach with DH to meet his friends. NIce day, low humidity, sunshine, cant ask for a better day.

    Ziggy : Exciting....You go 5 follies!

    So I did my 2nd and final shot of E2V last night too(as Racer), this one hurts more than the 1st, burning sensation for a good 5 min! I lay down flat on my face, told my husband to jab on my exhale. I told him \"on this breath\" and exhale, and exhale and exhale, but no jab, and I was almost out of air on exhale, I finally felt a sharp pinch, of course by now, I have no more exhale to concentrate on, I flinched. Everytime I do that, I know I am going to feel pain. I focused very hard on my breathing instead of thinking of the pain, burning....burning.... but I was keeping my cool. Then my silly DH asked \"So should I take it out now???\" I lost it and yelled \"TAKE IT OUT! OUCH!!!\" Is it bleeding??? Of course I was hysterical, gone was cool, \"NO, nothing, no blood\". \"ok\" but I kept my position for 5mins till I finally stood up and that was my episode with the INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION day 2. And Saga continue......

  5. Hi ladies,

    Just checking in with everyone and hope you are doing well.

    I have to go to the dr. tomorrow for them to check my blood levels for the last time and afterwards will discuss this with the doctor.

    I did breakdown Friday night, and still sad today. However, I am trying to immerse myself into my business and do some things for me. My husband and I attended a wedding yesterday, which was beautiful and I was actually able to have a couple of glasses of wine - it's been a while.

    I don't know what we're going to do next. We talked about several options - adoption, donor eggs, surrogacy and none of them seemed right for us. I think there is another issue going on b/c I did get pregnant naturally in December (which ended in a blighted ovum). If this doctor cannot offer the testing necessary to see if there is a problem (and I feel that AMA is just what he says b/c he doesn't know), then we will go somewhere else.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and I will keep touch.

  6. ucenik - It's good to see you here. I do have one bit of advice and it is to get the immune tests completed. I did, at the urging of a friend (Notdone) here on IVFC. At first I thought, well, the testing is just going to prove all of my doctor's right, that it's just me (AMA)...well, my doctor's were wrong, I have a multitude of immune issues going on and would never be able to carry a pg to term without the assistance of immune treatments. Now, it's not to say that I have any good eggs left, but I'm certainly going to try, I just have to, for me, for us. It's a personal decision. Another member here (64mustang) told me to Believe and every day, I remind myself to believe.

    If you want details of the testing, please feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to share.

    Please be good to're allowed to cry and feel for this loss.


  7. ucenik - I hope your WTF appt went alright today & you got some answers. I am so sorry you are going through this.

    garifalia - I don't think I could stand anybody (other than a nurse) giving me a shot. The anticipation would kill me. I do all of my own shots. I actually asked DP to help me with my trigger last night, but he saw the size of the needle & suddenly seemed to have more sympathy for me... then he ran out the door. Hope it gets better for you.

    racer - Ready for your Vegas trip?

    We're going to Vegas in a couple of weeks for a quick vaca. I can't believe how long it's been since I was there. I hope you all have a great time, on top of all the dr. appts!

    I've got ER tomorrow morning. Will check in after.

  8. Ziggy: I am so excited for you...... When are you going to Vegas? I will be there from Jul 19-?? Was Follistim prescribe to you? What time did you give this shot at? Are you consistent with the shot at the same time daily?

    I post this in the NV thread, thought I will paste it here too.

    As for my current situation, I was mentally doing pretty well until my DH semen analysis came back blank, but frutose was found which I think it means that he is still making sperms but tubes are blocked , so some good news amongst the bad. Dr F ordered an FSH for him, which came back 14.4?? (Whatever that means). I wrote to both Dr F and Keichia today to enquire, and Keichia wrote back to inform me that DR F suggested that we may want to look into donor sperm in case TESE is unsuccessful. I called SIRM in fumes demanding that shouldn't the doctor be telling me this in person rather than sending a nurse to email me?! Told them donor sperm is not an option for us at this point. Still waiting for DR F's call. Most likely won't hear from him today I guess. I mean it is not like buying tomatoes off a rack in the grocery store, the way they put it like I should start an account so in case we have no sperm, just make a call for them to send some over!!!
    Really ****** now, with my life. One hurdle after another. I haven't even started the actual stim and I already quite defeated.

    Start Follistim tonight! I will need 2 jabs min to get 625IU in every night. STINK!

  9. Hi ladies,

    Sometimes I wonder about the medical profession. garifalia I don't know what to say. I hope you are taking some time out during this process to have a little bit of me time.

    Ziggy - good luck with your ER. Here's positive thoughts and baby dust.

    Racergirl - I hope all is well with you.

    To all my other ladies in the 40/40 club - How are you? I hope all is well on in your lives and on this crazy journey of IVF that we share together.

    My update - I was trying to wait to post this until tomorrow. Ok so as you all know Friday the doctor tells me I'm having an early miscarriage. So you can imagine what condition I was in, went to the wedding on Saturday had a few drinks. Go back to the doctor's office today to have my blood levels tested for what I think is the last time. Low and behold the IVF nurse called me and said that my doctor is baffled b/c my HCG is over 4,000. She tells me he is going to have my blood work redone from Friday and to start taking my estrace, baby aspirin and progesterone suppositories again. I get a call later this afternoon and apparently the lab screwed up. My level on Friday was over 1,000. I just don't know what to say, but God is working all the time in our lives. I have to go back tomorrow for blood and sono and hopefully there will be sac there.

  10. OMG ucenik! This is FANNNNNTASTIC NEWS!
    How can they screw up things like this. OH Gees....
    Keep us posted.. I am so happy for you.

  11. My chin just dropped to the floor! This is unbelievable.

    ucenik - Please keep us posted!


  12. ((garifalia)) - I'm sorry about the SA results, but it's encouraging that he's still producing sperm (though now you have the extra added expense of TESE - ugh!). I think donor sperm should be a subject brought up by your doctor too. (And with more sensitivity than you were shown.) I'm sorry for that.

    Let us know how it goes.

  13. garifalia - somehow I know I typed a response to your post, but I don't know what happened. I'm losing it. I can't believe that the office would tell you such news through a nurse, but then again after my little incident I do believe it. Did you schedule an appt to speak with the doctor yet?

    Update - blood levels and sono. Progesterone went up to 24.6 (it might have to do with the PIO shot I thought I was supposed to take last night but didn't have to) Estradiol - 592 and Beta 4900. So my beta didn't double from yesterday, but it went up. We did see a yolk sac today. Hopefully, a viable fetus will develop soon. I have to go back on Monday. Funny thing was, I felt as if my doctor was trying to play-off the lab's mistake. Didn't offer an apology (although I believe my nurse did yesterday). Just admit that your people screwed up, don't try to cover it up. I almost went to the dentist to have routine x-rays done. Thank goodness I didn't.

  14. Ziggy : Thinking of you today...good luck to your ER. Keep us posted.

    ucenik: Still waiting for RE's call regarding \"Donor sperm\" subject. Today I called hospital, talked to another person, and now she said Fructose being positive doesnt mean DH is making sperm, just that the vesticles or whatever they called it, are \"functioning\". So worries are still up in the air. Donor sperms is not an option for us. I don't even know how to approach this right now. On the happier note, its great to hear that your beta is rising steadily. What a comeback! You give us hope.

  15. ucenik - holy mackeral batman...that's great news! Wow, I'm actually quite stunned and of course ecstatic with your update! Chills just took over my body when I read your post...the doctor's aren't always right, sometimes that gut feeling of ours IS!

    Ziggy - I just read where you had ER this morning. How did everything go? Let us know. I'm just about ready for my trip to Vegas, just trying to get some work delegated and other things caught up on.

    garifalia - my first shot of Follistim is tonight, along with 3rd shot of E2V. I had higher dosage of Ganirelex and Lovenox this morning. Wanted to let you know that the mail came yesterday, she's sending you a note.

    Ek - would love to hear from you and how you're doing.

    I\"m off to a birthday party...have a good night ladies. And ucenik, nothing but truly good thoughts coming your way.

  16. ucenik - Is it starting to sink in yet? I still can't believe it myself! Your numbers look good - correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they are supposed to double every-other day, not every day? Anybody?

    garifalia - Any call from your doctor yet? I hope you get some answers SOON! It's not right to leave you hanging like this. UGH!

    racer - Hope you have alot of fun at the party tonight!

    My ER went fine today (actually the meds made me very relaxed! I've slept all day today). We got 5 eggs, as expected. The embryologist should be calling tomorrow with the fertilization report... Yikes, I'm nervous!

    Happy Tuesday, everybody!

  17. Hi Ziggy
    Do you know if your 5 follies are going to be 3-day or 5-day wait? I am nervous too...I remembered I couldnt think of anything else besides my follies during the 1-2 day wait. I thought it was worse than the 2ww.

    My DH's SA has always been unsteady since his reversal. Some times they find none sperms in one specimens and the next time they may find a few, not many but enough for me since I am a poor responder with DOR.
    Dr F called me finally. He said he is hopeful that they will find something from TESE, but like all doctors, he wants to cover all grounds. So in worst scenerio, if there is none, what do we want to do?
    Discard the eggs? Freeze the eggs? use donor sperms? IF we want to use donor sperms, we have to order them prior to ER, and if we dont need to use them, we will then lost $300. (WOW, I just realized donor sperms are a whole lot cheaper than donor eggs, DANG!)
    DH and I havent discuss this yet....

  18. Racer:
    So talked to Dr F yesterday, and mentioned to him about the Follistim struggle. He doesnt sound like he knew neither, but said he thinks it would hurt less if I were to pull out the needle, re-dial the pen then jab again verses having to jingle the needle still in my tummy and trying to re-dial on the other hand. I did his suggestion last night, yeah.....not bad, surely better than having the needle moving around in my tummy. Although funny thing, I got a small bruise from last night's jabs, and not much from the first night's jinggling needle in my tummy. Hmm..what did you do with yours?

  19. ucenik - what a rollercoaster you've been though hun! Hope those beta numbers keep rising and that you'll see more during next u/s. We're keeping everything crossed for you.

    ziggy - Congrats on getting 5 eggs! I'll be very happy if I manage to get such a good crop. And good luck for that fertilization call today!

    racergirl - Hope that everything went alright with starting Follistism yesterday.

    garifalia - Sorry but cannot advise on the Follitism struggle... But sending you massive positive vibes so dh's swimmers can improve in time for your ER.

    I started wearing the Estrogen patches on my tummy last Sun (D10 after LH surge) and having the Ganirelix shots on Monday (I'm on the EPP this time). All going well I should start Follistism on Sat/Sun

    Lots of good luck to everyone!

  20. Thanks Cocoa for your vibes.
    I am doing estrogen priming too, but I use suppositories. Just returned fr acupuncture, always feel good after that. Starting Luveris tonight, don't know what does this med do? anyone?

  21. Hi Ladies,

    I got the call this AM - all 5 fertilized! What a relief. The embryologist's asst had a really strong accent, so I thought she said \"0/5 fertilized\" at first. My heart sank! Thank goodness she corrected me. We won't get any more status until the xfer on Friday (3dt).

    Cocoa - How exciting! I hope all goes well & you get to start stimming this weekend.

    garifalia - Sorry about the bruises! My tummy is pretty bruised up as well (now it's moved on to my posterior w/ the PIO, estrogen, etc.). You must be so stressed with all the unknowns re. DH's sperm. If he's willing to go through TESE, do you think he'd be willing to have a donor sample on hand just incase? I know it's a REALLY hard decision. I hope it all works out for you!

    ucenik & racergirl - Hope you are doing well!


  22. Ek - would love to hear from you and how you're doing.

    Hi guys. Well, I had two good beta's a couple of weeks ago, and today we had the u/s at 6w2d. The measurement matched the lmp dating exactly, and on top of that good news we also saw a heartbeat. I couldn't stop saying \"oh my god\" over and over. I don't know why, but it just shocked me. I was prepared to not see the hb, and I was prepared for bad news. Really wasn't prepared for good news, if that makes any sense. I'm feeling queasy often, which is really reassuring. A few good \"yakking\" episodes would send flying, I'm sure!

    I'm still feeling cautious about the next few weeks. It seems like genetic issues often kick in around weeks 8 through 10, so I don't feel ready to fully embrace this just yet, but I'm staying somewhat hopeful and grateful for everyday that it continues.

    Thanks for the support, and best wishes to everyone cycling. Sorry for the ups and downs some of you are going through.

  23. Georgopoulos - That is so exciting! I have another sono on Monday and I hope to see something else. I'm glad that the yolk sac is there. My RE did tell me to make an appointment with my ob/gyn (he and the group he belongs to are very popular and one of the best in LI and it's very hard to get an appointment if you don't call in advance). So I guess my RE is a little more optimistic that this will be a viable pregnancy. I know what you mean about being cautious.

    dimitris - That is wonderful news! Do you know how many you will implant? I know my doctor recommended 4, but I didn't have that many to implant.

    garifalia and Palavouzopoulos - you're almost there. Hang in there.

    Xaris - I hope all is well with you.

    Happy Over the Hump Day to everyone

  24. Great NEWS! sisters, Ziggy, ucenik, Ek. I am feeling good vibes from you guys. Pumped up right now from your progress.
    So Ziggy, are your follies going to be 5day transfer then? So exciting, I dont think I will have a 5 day transfer since I don't make too many eggs.

    As for me, I think we are going to pass on the idea of donor sperms. I am confident for some reasons that they will be able to find some of his \"guys\" with TESE procedure. My acupuncturist too think that DH's kidneys pulse feel very strong and steady, she thought it felt more like a blockage to her rather than him not making any more sperms. We are approaching this with a leap of faith!

  25. Wassup guys??!
    I need updates! Ziggy how are you doing? How did your follies do?
    ucenik, what;s your beta now?
    Racer : So I tried 2 ways of administering follistim, I think I prefer my first way of keeping the needle in my tummy while I re-dial the pen. Are you feeling anything going on inside? I will be staying in Summerlin did I tell you? I rented a car afterall. So I can be free as a bird, instead of stuck in the house.
    TGIF People!

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