Anybody cycling June/July09? (child ment.)

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  1. OMG! 5 shots in one day? What shots are they?
    How many days are you put on Delestrogen(E2V IM)? I only got 2 days next week, before follistim starts, then it changed to E2V suppository daily during stim.

    And talk about high dosage, I am a slow responder too, very slow in fact, only made 2 eggs the last IVF. Hmm...I really should ask Dr F to up my dosage at least to 625IU instead of my original 500IU. This might be my last attempt. I have make sure both DR and myself have to give it ALL!

  2. I will do the E2V IM starting Tuesday, and then every third day until they re-check E2 levels on 7/21. Ganirelex, Luveris, Lovenox, Follistim and E2V IM on 2 of my cycle days and then drops to 4 shots per day in between. I will also be on the supp. but not until 7/13.

    Is this protocol similar to your last cycle? I've never done the EPP before. I did the estrogen patches, but that was after retrieval on IVF #1 only.

  3. My first cycle was done locally, it was the long lupron protocol. This is my first attempt with SIRM, and everything else is new to me except lupron and follistim. I don't have Lovenox in my calender.
    Who is your doc?
    What was your FSH?
    You mentioned you made only 1 egg the last time, did it fertilized?

  4. The Lovenox is for Factor V (blood clotting disorder), I also have DVT (deep vein thrombosis), a double whammy. The doctors say that's why I've miscarried so many times.

    My doctor is Dr. S. I haven't had my FSH tested by either of my most recent RE's, just my AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) which shows your ovarian reserve. And that came back with a huge variance, 1st test 12/07 at .80 and then 2nd test 3/09 at 2.4. The last time I had my FSH tested was 12/06 and it was 7.7. What was your FSH? Did you have your AMH tested?

    My first IVF, I had 9 eggs, 6 mature, 3 fertilized, 2 transferred. Second IVF, 6 eggs, 3 mature, 2 transferred. Both BFN. All of my pg's were natural, 2 prior to IVF and 2 after IVF, but all m/c.

  5. 9 eggs sounds like a terribly good number for our age group. I think all RE like to keep it around 10-18 eggs. So you are not considered a \"slow responder\" at all. I wonder why so high dosage of follistim then.

    My first FSH tested in 2007 was 7. This May, it was 23.4!!!!!! Seriously, I swear I have menopausal symptoms, like no longer quite interested in sex, often dry, and feels hot while others are feeling cold and short AF, 2 day now. But Dr F said it is not menopausal if I am still experiencing period which comes pretty puncturely.
    I have not been asked by Dr F to do AMH.

  6. My previous RE's and Dr. S said that I am a poor responder, but maybe because it's from the anti-ovarian response to meds that they put me in that group. It took me 15 days of stims to get the eggs to mature. I'm nervous that I'm only stimming for 7 days, but we'll see.

    I'm experiencing the same things as you...dryness, different period, loss of interest, which drives me crazy in itself. But I also wonder if these IVF meds toy with the body well after the cycle ends. I have a twin sister and her period has changed to a longer cycle, but only 2 days. Mine was the opposite, I was spot on at 29 days and ovulated at day 17, now I'm at 27 days and ovulate at day 14. Ever since my last D&C, things changed.

  7. Ziggy - how are you doing?

  8. Hi Ladies!

    Hope you all had a nice 4th. My internet was down all weekend, so I couldn't check in. I don't know what I ever did before the internet...

    I made a huge mistake while mixing my stims last night. I accidently mixed an extra 150iu Gonal-f to my Gonal/Menopur injection... I was supposed to inject 300iu Gonal/1 Menopur & didn't realize my mistake until I injected it. I was so mad at myself! I'm going in for a follie check tomorrow AM, and I'm really nervous that I messed up this cycle (or myself)!

    Racer - Has AF shown up? Did you go in for your U/S anyway? When mine was late, I went in anyway. My RE did the U/S and saw there were no cysts, so we got the green light, pending E2. However, E2 was way too high, and AF didn't show for another week. So I just kept taking the Lupron until AF showed, then had my E2 tested again. It was low enough, but my office only starts stims on Thursdays, so I had to continue with Lupron until then! I'm still on a low dose of Lupron, Medrol, aspirin, and Gonal-f/Menopur until further notice. I'm not on Estrogen yet. I think that starts after ER.

    Georgopoulos - That's wild. Congratulations!!

    ucenik - How are you? Did you have another beta today?

    garifalia - 625iu? It makes my 450iu mistake seem like chump change. Do you think your doctor will up yours? That's an expensive shot... but like you said, if it's your last cycle (might be mine as well), give it all you got...

    $250 acupuncturist?? Holy *&^%. What comes with it? I hope a good massage & pedicure.

    Happy Monday, everybody!

  9. Hi Ziggy
    I am getting so confused now, who's from where, who's doing what....
    Are you in Vegas too? working under SIRM?
    I am a slow responder, I thought 500IU seems like alot, but when I heard baby4me getting 625IU and someone else getting 700over IU, I thought hey a min, maybe 500IU is not enough. I am going to pester my RE to up my dosage. (between you and I, I am looking into getting follistim from 2nd-hand market)
    I hope to do some pampering too in VEgas, but most probably not with my tight budget...

    yeah, how did your US go? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours...

  10. Hi Ladies -

    I didn't get an US, they won't do one until I get out to Vegas. But I did have my E2 checked today, it came in at 14, which shows that AF is on it's way shortly...YAY!

    How was your many tell do tell!

    I have to call the office tomorrow to let them know if AF started before noon tomorrow, if not, then my calendar will change some.

    My Follistim is 750ml and then drops to 525ml.

  11. Hi Racer
    I thought Dr F would know how many follies I have when he got my records, but he said nothing much was mentioned besides the fact that I dont have any large cysts. I saw the technician measured my fibroids, lining, ovaries, uterus, all that jazz, and only one liner \"no large cysts\" was written. I am going to give hospital a call tomorrow to find out where are the rest of my info. Although I vaguely remembered the tech told me that I have 2 really tiny follies in my R ovary and 4 small ones on my left. But then Dr F said the number that they saw on the US might not even correlate with what we will end up with.....maybe higher, may even be lower.
    But one rather bad news, that my fibroids are awfully close to the uterus. He was concerned at first and asked me if I have any sonohystogram done. I told him 2 yrs ago, and was then given the ok sign to proceed. Dr F said \"if my fibroids werent a problem before, they probably are not now\". I guess a convenient answer and I hope a responsible one on his side.
    He still didn't answer to my inquiry on increasing dosage of follistim! URGG!!

  12. Ziggy - the rain dance worked, AF just showed up. I also wanted to let you know that I messed up my meds on a previous cycle, my RE said it wasn't enough to do any hopefully, you're not worrying too much.

    garifalia - the total of 6 follies is great. There may be more as time goes on. If the doctor isn't worried about the fibroids, I wouldn't either. I had to have a current sonohysterogram before I cycled this time...but I think it was just to see if everything was clear after all my m/c's and D&C\'s.

    ek & ucenik - how are you doing?

    Cocoa - any updates? thinking of you.

  13. Hi Ladies,

    It seems as if everyone is doing well. Did anyone do anything exciting for the 4th? My husband had to work so I ended up going to a nearby park with my family and played 9 holes of golf. My dad is an avid and excellent golf player. It tuckered me out. LOL

    I had my 4th beta today. On Friday, my beta was 65, and today is 262 so I'm starting to get pretty excited. I have to go back this Friday for them to check my levels again. My progesterone level dropped a bit, but it was still within a normal range. My dr. has me on both PIO shots (I am so bruised) and suppositories.

    I'm going to keep the group of us in my prayers.

  14. ucenik - glad you had a nice 4th! Things are sounding really good with your little fighter. Sending you both lots of positive thoughts. Please keep us posted on your progress!

    Racer - yeah for AF! Do you get to start stims today?

    garifalia - no, I'm not cycling in Vegas, I'm in CA. Congrats on your 6 follies! When do you go in for another U/S?

    I had my CD7 U/S this morning, and my RE found 5 follies on the left, and ZERO on the right. I wonder what's going on with that. He said it was a good thing that I accidently took too much Gonal-f the other day! I'm going back in on Friday for another U/S. Hopefully things improve. Just waiting on the E2 call to see if we need to change my meds. I have just enough to last me for 6 more days (for a total of 11 days of stims).

    Hope you're all doing well!

  15. Hey Ziggy
    You are definately ahead of me. I havent started stim yet till next week.
    My follies have been \"slow\" from prior history of stim. I cant really remember what happen last time, but I believe there were about 4 follies, and only 2 were growing, and the other 2 were doing zit. I hope this time around they will be more alert.
    How many days will you be stimulating?

  16. garifalia - Ok, now it makes sense. I misunderstood your post. I hope your new protocol does the trick! Not sure how many days I will be stimming. The plan was for me to stim until Saturday (10 days total), but I'll know more after Friday's U/S. I will be out of meds after the 10th day, so hopefully we don't have to go longer. Meds are OOP for us.

  17. Sorry to be downer, it seems that the 6 tiny folllies that tech saw, are not officially considered as follies unless they are more than 1cm big. NOne of them are.

  18. garifalia - I think its way too early to be worried about the size of the follies, stims haven't started yet, and you're just finishing with AF.

    Ziggy - 5 on the right is good. What did your E2 come back at? I won't start stims until next week. I'm on a low dose of ganirelex and estrogen for a week. I've finished the lupron. How are you doing? What kind of stims are you on?

    I just had my first session of acupuncture and it was great. Looking forward to the next appt.

  19. garifalia - I agree with Racer, it's still too soon to worry! How are you doing?

    racer - I'm not sure what my E2 is now. The nurse said she'd call only if I needed to change my meds. I'll ask on Friday, when I go in for another U/S. I'm on 300 Gonal-f + 1 Menopur, 2.5u Lupron, baby aspirin, and Medrol. Hopefully I get some answers at tomorrow's U/S... It's so hard to schedule days off with such little notice. I wonder how everybody does it??

    Acupuncture sounds so nice! I'm glad you are taking good care of yourself!

    Hope you're all having a great day,

  20. Hi Sisters
    You are RIGHT! too early to start worrying.
    I am in the middle of my garage sale, not too exciting, but sold some girlie stuff in the morning.
    By the way, my E2 was noted as <10. Whatever that means.
    Just got my follistim and luveris today!
    Oh, did I tell you my husband might more than likely needs a TESE procedure? So that's another $3000 more added to our expense.

  21. Hey what's another $3000? Yowch! Maybe you can sell more of your girlie stuff to make up the diff! How was your garage sale?

    I had my 2nd follie check today, and there are 5 nice ones on the left (14-18mm), but still 0 on the right. I think he said my lining was 8.3. I'm going back tomorrow AM to see if we have the green light to trigger on Sunday. ER should be on Tues!

    How's everybody doing?
    Happy Friday,

  22. Hi ladies,

    Happy Friday. I hope everyone is doing well.

    Just to give everyone an update, my doctor called and said my levels went down so it looks like I'm having yet another miscarriage. I had a sono today and I just had a feeling it wasn't good. My doctor said they should see a black dot but the black dot was so small. Plus I did have some brown/pink discharge a couple of days ago.

    I really don't think I can do this again. I just don't understand what happened, the embryo transferred was 7 cell Grade A. I guess I need to have some additional testing done.

    I wish everyone else the best of luck and will keep all of you in my prayers.

  23. ucenik, I'm so, so sorry. D*mn.

    Thinking of you,

  24. Hey what's another $3000? Yowch! Maybe you can sell more of your girlie stuff to make up the diff! How was your garage sale? I had my 2nd follie check today, and there are 5 nice ones on the left (14-18mm), but still 0 on the right. I think he said my lining was 8.3. I'm going back tomorrow AM to see if we have the green light to trigger on Sunday. ER should be on Tues! How's everybody doing?Happy Friday,Z
    Hi Ziggy
    We also have male factor, you see. It was found that my DH's tube might be blocked, found fruitose(or whatever they call it) but no sperm. Hence a back-up TESE(where the urologist goes to the testicles directly for the guys) if there is still none on day of ER. So that is another $3000 more. OUCH! U said it right.

    Sounnds like good follies to me. I would be estatic if I have 5! Who cares if they are from the left or right ovary. As long as they are good size follies, that is what matters. You go girl!

  25. (((((ucenik))))))

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