Anybody cycling June/July09? (child ment.)

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  1. LB - F.... F.... and F.... I am so sorry. I hope you are doing ok.

    ucenik - that's encouraging news! I hope your little guy is snuggling in nicely.

    coco bean - Welcome, and good luck!

    I just finished BCP yesterday, and am relieved. I don't know how fertiles ( ) can take those. I start stims Thursday, and am already feeling a bit nervous/negative? The reality of this thread and being over 40 is hitting me. I'm kind of glad. I'd hate to be shell-shocked...

    Happy Saturday, everybody.

  2. Hi everyone.

    freedom - I am so sorry to hear about your results. If you ever need to vent, please remember that we are all here for you. Make sure to take some time for yourself and if you need to scream, cry or do nothing, don't hesitate.
    I\'ll keep you in my prayers.

    Ziggy 37 - good luck w/the stims and keep us posted.

    Palavouzopoulos - welcome to the 40/40 club/board.

    To everyone else - Happy Sunday and hopefully next year, Father's Day will have an extra special meaning for al of us.

  3. freedom - I'm so sorry. Ugh. Just plain sucks! Hugs.

    Ziggy - my protocol starts with 10 units of Lupron and Prednisone, then adds Ganirelex, Estrogen (IM), 750 units of Follistim, Luveris, Lovenox and estrogen supp., plus intralipids. I think there are some other things in there, but can't remember off the top of my head.

    garifalia - I booked a one bedroom unit at Wyndham Grand Desert Resort for 13 days. It's a timeshare resort, off from the strip, but still fairly close in driving to SIRM. I work for the company, so I was able to get a good rate ($56 day). Let me know if you'd like me to check on dates/rates for you. Now I'm hoping that the airfares will come down a bit. What day do you start monitoring?

    Georgopoulos - I'm looking forward to meeting Dr. Sher at the end of July. Check in.

    Jean & Cocoabean - Welcome. How are you doing?

    Jean - How are you? Update when you can. Hope all is going well.

    AFM - These BCP's are making me a crabby person. DH just asked when I'll be off of the medication. I had to remind him that this cycle is just starting. I'm traveling on business again this week, so I'll be checking in later in the week. Keep up the positive thoughts.

  4. I may be cycling come July, if all goes well.

    I did intralipids last cycle, as a precaution...but does anyone know if this really works?

  5. Racergirl, you're right - that's a whopper! I had to google some of those meds. I hope this does the trick! I found out this morning I'll be doing 375 gonal-f + 2 menapur, then lowered to 300 + 1 menapur. I thought it was alot, but I guess not.

    mereoni, I still can't believe what happened to you. Hope you feel better soon.

    I x-posted that AF never showed after stopping BCPs on Friday, so my RE's office took my blood anyway. U/S revealed no cysts, and AF should be here \"soon,\" but my E2 was over 200. So I'm back to waiting...

    Does anybody know an effective rain dance?

    Happy Tuesday,

  6. Happy Wednesday to everyone!

    My husband and I are going to Hershey this weekend with my parents. It will be great as I need to get my mind off of things during the 2ww. My pregnancy test is scheduled for July 1.

    How is everyone today?

  7. Just wanted to add my sympathies to freedom - uggghh. So sorry. Did they do icsi at all? I used to lean against using it, until it turns out I only get a couple of eggs at a time. So sorry for your pain.

    I got my big box of meds yesterday. Just had that sinking \"here we go again\" feeling. This is my fourth cycle start (first got converted to iui). On the plus side, at least now I know what I'm doing. Downside? Now I know what I'm doing :S

    Will wait for AF to start next week and then begin meds . . .

  8. Hi Racergirl(Beth)
    $56/day is not bad, but still alittle higher than what I want to pay especially now that I am not working in the summer. I am hoping to look for another couple to share this condo with during our stay. Here is the link: #:// for reference.
    This is a luxurious-style condo situated across Spanish Trail, which is within walking distant to SIRM. I talked to the owner of this property. She is willing to give us a break, close to 2 weeks for 1 deal simply because we fit into her ideal type of clients she is hoping to rent to, no frills, not party animals, but down to earth couples with a mission. If anyone cycling in Vegas this July and are interested in this accomodation and of course open to the sharing the condo with us, please contact me. My email is if you want to send me a note other than here.
    Baby Dust to all of US!

  9. Hi girls

    LBNY - I'm really sorry to hear your news, please look after yourself and dh.

    ucenik - I have everything crossed for you and your little fighter.

    garifalia - good luck with the accommodation hunt in Vegas.

    Racergirl - Hope the business trip went alright and that you not having any more trouble with taking the BCP.

    Well, my AF came last monday so will start monitoring for a LH surge from CD8. Scary and exciting at the same time!!!!

  10. Thanks for your well wishes Cocoabean. So far no luck yet.

  11. Good morning all,

    I hope everyone is doing well and preparing for the long weekend.

    I went for my second beta test today. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high b/c I don't want to be too dissappointed if it's not good news. I guess that's my defense mechanism.

    How is everyone else?

  12. ucenik - Good luck!! Have you heard back yet? Does your office keep your beta 1 results until they get your beta 2 results? Mine does that. Anything to keep that suspense going... I hope Hershey kept your mind off things for a little while at least. Fingers crossed for you!!

    Georgopoulos - Has AF shown up yet? I'd be glad to send her your way.

    cocobean - How is your EPP going?

    garifalia - any luck w/ Vegas accomodations? It seems like places should be less expensive with the state of the real estate market. Hope you find a cheap, but nice place.

    I hope everybody else is doing well.

    I had about a week+ setback because AF was late, but she finally showed up yesterday. My office doesn't start stims on Weds, so I have to wait until tomorrow night to start. I really hope this works (but I can't stop thinking negatively)! We are 100% out of pocket after this.

    I hope you all have a happy 4th!

  13. (PREG Mentioned)
    Yes, my doctor does keep the beta 1 results until I take the beta 2.

    After cycling 4 times with my clinic/doctor, I noticed that if it's good news, they will call you earlier in the afternoon. If it's bad news, they will call you later in the afternoon.

    My doctor call me early this afternoon to let me know that beta came back positive. Of course, he led in with the caveat, but it's still early. I have to go back on Friday for them to monitor my levels again.

    I\'m just going to take it one day at a time and try to stay positive.

    I hope everyone else ends up with the same good news as me.

  14. garifalia - any luck w/ Vegas accomodations? It seems like places should be less expensive with the state of the real estate market. Hope you find a cheap, but nice place.

    Hey Ziggy
    I found a place to stay in Vegas, not exactly my top list, but certainly not a bad one considering what I will be paying. I hope to find another couple to split a luxury condo with which is just right across the street from the medical center which I am going to, but no one responded on that. Hence I rented a room from a single gal who live quite close too, private bath, patio...for $320! for 2 weeks. Communicated with the lady more than couple times already, nice gal. But still hope to share the luxury condo with another couple who are cycling like me.

    How are you doing? What \"sta

  15. ucenik - Congratulations! That's wonderful news. I know what you mean about taking it one day at a time, but try to enjoy it! You deserve it!

    garifalia - Glad you found a nice place to stay. And how cool that you'll be able to go through this with a roommate who's also cycling? This should ease your stress level & that's important now!


  16. ucenik- Congrats on your beta! I was thinking about you today when I realized tomorrow would've been my beta.
    Cocoa, Zippy, Ek and others- Thank you for your kind thoughts. We're still in the process of deciding our next step. DH has an appt with a Reproductive Urologist in a few weeks. Although we have done ICSI with every cycle, we really need to up our game. I think we're going to schedule a consult with Cornell. When I mentioned a second opinion to my RE, he suggested Drs Rosenwaks and Griffo. Dr R is at Cornell, which has a satellite office nearby for regular monitoring, requiring visits to NYC only for ER and ET. I've been reading very positive reviews of Cornell's embryology dept on these boards. Look for me hopefully in the Oct cycle boards

  17. Georgopoulos - Has AF shown up yet? I'd be glad to send her your way.

    Well, guys, I have some news to report. AF never showed, and it turns out I somehow managed to get pregnant while waiting to start my ivf #3.

    I turn 41 next week, and that on top of having lost an ovary and tube to an endo cyst a few years ago along with having hashimoto's makes this seem very surreal.

    I've had two very good beta's, and am now waiting for an u/s. One thing I want to share that my RE at SIRM had me try the last few months was 100units of pycnogonal (from any health foods store) and 500mg of resveratrol from www. . He said he's seen good results from it, and I'd say I'm officially a believer.

    Best of luck to all of you, and I hope everyone on this thread gets their bfp!!

  18. Hi Ladies - I'm sorry I haven't posted recently, traveling again.

    Georgopoulos - Congratulations!! What beautiful news! Please keep us posted. I'm also taking the pycnogonal...I haven't heard about the other, but will ask. What are the benefits?

    ucenik - Have you heard back about Beta 2? Fingers crossed and positive thoughts coming your way!

    LBNY - I've heard that Cornell is great. Wishing you and DH all the best for Oct cycle. Please keep us posted and we'll look for you.

    Ziggy - Did you start your meds last night? I know it's hard to keep the positive thoughts, this is a tough road. We're here to help you through this journey.

    garifalia - Good to see that you found a place to stay. What day are you arriving in Vegas? I'll be working remotely from the resort, so I won't have to take vacation or sick days for my 2 weeks out there. My DH arrives a few days after I get there.

    Palavouzopoulos - How are you doing?

    mereoni - Will you be cycling this month?

    AFM - I completed BCP's on Wednesday, waiting for AF. Lupron and Prednisone began last Saturday and will continue through this weekend, add in Ganirelex Saturday. E2 check on Monday or Tuesday.

    Happy 4th of July USA! A huge thank you to our soldiers! Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.

  19. Happy Fourth to all of the ladies in the 40/40 Club! and giving everyone much baby dust.

    (Xaris - I got my 2nd beta back Wednesday and it came back positive, although the doctor put a caveat on it and said it was still earlier. I had to go back today and my beta number did go up. They want me to go back on Monday and keep taking PIO, prog. suppositories, Estrace and baby aspirin.)

  20. garifalia - Good to see that you found a place to stay. What day are you arriving in Vegas? I'll be working remotely from the resort, so I won't have to take vacation or sick days for my 2 weeks out there. My DH arrives a few days after I get there.
    Hi racergirl
    I will be arriving in Vegas by 7/19. My first appt with Dr F is on 7/20. I will also be arriving first, and my DH to follow at the end of the week. In the meantime while I am in Vegas, I don't have any plans besides going to the medical center. I don't plan to tour too much as I have been in Vegas numerous times previously as a tourist. So if you are taking a break from work, let me know...we can meet up.
    I started Ganirelix today. Complicating trying to split the syringe. I only got less than 0.2 in the 2nd one.

  21. garifalia - Were you on BCP's? I took my last one on July 1st, and they said to expect AF no later than today, but so far, nothing. Not sure if the Lupron has interceded. I started 125 Ganirelex this morning. I'm scheduled to get E2 checked tomorrow, but I thought that AF needed to start before they do the first E2. My IVF nurse is on vacation until I get there on July 20th, so I may have to call the office.

    I just read Ziggy's previous post about her AF showing up later than expected and it delayed her cycle.

    I met Goldmart on another thread, she's also cycling at SIRM Vegas. It would be great for all 3 of us to get together in Vegas.

    Ziggy - Did the RE just push your schedule back? Are you on Ganirelex and Estrogen? I supposed to start estrogen on Tuesday.

    Hope everybody is enjoying the holiday weekend.

  22. Hi Racergirl
    My last BCP was on 6/30. My period arrived yesterday 7/4, which it usually does on the 4th day after last BCP. My nurse is Keichia. She said to do baseline US and E2 whether or not if I get AF when I asked her couple of weeks ago. Your AF might come, mine arrived close to the evening hours yesterday. Give the office a call anyway first thing tomorrow morning to find out if you still need to get a US and E2 if your AF hasn't arrived yet.

    I would love to hang out with you girls. It will be a lonely trip for me at least for the first 5 days.
    I start Delestrogen on Tues also. Not looking forward to that big needle. Are you going to administer on your upper thigh or around the buttock? I wonder which is the more \"effective\" area?
    Are are you also having your antral follicle counted? I am not since the hospital I go to charges another $250 for doing that. Dr F said I can skip it since the result wont change the protocol.

    I think there are more July girls wanting to get together. I am getting alittle mixed up who's who and who's doing what now....

  23. Hi garifalia - I'm not scheduled for any US until I get to Vegas, which has me nervous. How many US's will you have before arriving in Vegas? I'm just hoping that I have some follicles. My nurse is Debbie. She said if I knew of a place to get an US done, I'm welcome to it, but they wouldn't change the protocol, so just the E2. And no, won't be doing the antral follicle count either.

    I'll probably do the shot in my behind (it's a large area ). I'm trying to see if I have any other needles from previous cycles that are a little smaller (but still long enough). That first one is always the doozy. I ice the area before hand, so that helps. I have to look at my protocol, I'm hoping this shot is in the evening, otherwise, I'll have to get up really early to get up the gumption...LOL.

    My Ganirelex was split between the 2 dosages (125 & 250), so I don't have to do any measuring. Goldmart was also looking for an easier way to split the dosage.

    When do you start your stims? I'm not looking forward to the days of 5 shots...trying not to think too much about it and trying to stay positive. Are you still doing acupuncture?

  24. I have only 1 US requested prior to my first visit with Dr F which I will get another US. I remembered you have quite similar protocol as I, are you doing 500IU follistim or higher? I am on LA-8, 500IU for 6 days then 300IU on 7th, and on 8th I will have my first appt with DR F. One of the June girls who have BFP (who was on LA-10 with 625IU for 6 days then 425IU on 7th)suggested to me that I should ask Dr F to up my dosage. This lady triggered on 9th day
    Her story is very encouraging. She has only 4 follicle from the US, but with the potocol, she made 9 eggs! She is now pregnant with singleton.

    Icing the area before administering is a good idea, never used that trick before. I feel I have less muscles at my bum area and can feel my bone, but thought my thigh has bigger muscles to buffer before the needle hit my bone which it did once last time! I am smaller built, I should have ordered a shorter needle, but too late now...I forgot, the meds has arrived with the 1.5 \" length needles.

    As for Ganirelix, I didn't know you have the option to order split??? My nurse didn't tell me. The prescription indicated 250mg, and that was what sent to me. URGGG!! With 250mg, I felt short-changed. Because when I split them, the 2nd one always come up short. It should be 0.25 reading(=125mg) on the needles, but 2nd one is always 0.15-0.18. Quite abit short in fact.

    My nurse Keichia hasn't been very good at returning my phone calls nor emails lately. I don't leave too many for her, but will pop her questions when I have one. I haven't heard from her for a week now since I posed my questions.

    I start stim on 7/13. What is with day 5 that you don't like about? I only see Luveris coming in on D 5. Is Luveris intramuscular too?

    I am doing acupunture locally. But if you are asking me if I am planning to do in Vegas, then no...not at $250 per day. My acupunturist is trying to contact a friend in Vegas whom she studied with and see if she is willing to do affordable acupuncture while I am there.

  25. My Follistim starts on 7/14 at 750 ml for 6 days and then drops to 525 ml for 1 day, then US and E2 on 7/22 to see if I need to stim longer. I am a very poor responder and also have anti-ovarian response to the meds, in addition to my age, I think that's why my dosages are so high. I can't remember my protocol name LA-10 (maybe?).

    No, I didn't mean cycle day 5, I meant that I will have 5 shots to do in one day later on in my cycle.

    I have a girlfriend who just went through her 1st IVF and they only saw 4 follicles and had almost canceled her cycle, but at retrieval, they got 14 with 13 mature and 8 fertilized. She had a BFP, but ended with a blighted ovum. So let's keep the hope alive between us and positive thoughts.

    I didn't know that the acupuncturist in Vegas was $250 a treatment, YIKES ! I'll have to ask if mine has a reference as well. I'll let you know.

    I used the same pharmacy as I did from my previous 2 IVF's. Debbie had written the script for the 2 different dosages of Ganirelex, but warned me that most pharmacies don't split it for you...I'm thankful that they did.

    I think maybe the clinic might have been busier this past week, as I usually get a very quick response from Debbie, but didn't this week. I just assumed she was getting ready for her vacation.

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