Anybody cycling June/July09? (child ment.)

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    Just wondering if anybody is cycling in the near future?

    I'm 40.5, starting my 2nd fresh cycle. Currently on BCP, Lupron begins Monday, stims on 6/25, possible 3-day ET on 7/7.

    (child ment. below)
    Our first cycle was exactly 3 years ago, resulting in ds #1. We xferred 4 embryos due to my age (37 at the time) & one stuck. I just found out that our insurance will not cover any treatments after this, and won't even cover this whole cycle. Now I'm even more nervous/stressed.

    Now that I'm 40+, I keep reading how low our chances are. I need to stop reading.

    Really hoping to find some 40+ cyclers!
    Thanks for reading,

  2. Hi Ziggy!

    I'm here to join you, although I'm quite a bit older than you, according to the RE's ...I just turned 43 at the end of May.

    We are still TTC #1.

    I\'ll be cycling in July with EPP. I did not have success with my previous 2 cycles of IVF, however, I have had success getting pg naturally, unfortunately m/c multiple times.

    I just received my protocol yesterday, it's the EPP. I'm on BCP now with other meds starting 6/26. Anticipated retrieval date of 7/22.

    I hope that we'll have others that will join us this cycle.


  3. Hi Ziggy and Beth
    I will be turning 40 this Aug. Cycling my 2nd IVF in July with SIRM in Vegas. I live in Minneapolis. I am on agonist/antagonist with EPP. Don't really know what that means, but I only this is the \"kitchen sink\" protocol for me. Started on my 2nd package of BCP today, already finished my first. I am a poor responder with super high FSH at 23.4 . Never been pregnant before. Currently doing accupunture 3x/wk and drinking wheatgrass juice. This might be my last attempt with my own eggs. So banking a lot of \"chips\" in Vegas term in this one.

  4. I'm cycling end of june/early july. I'm 40.9, with SIRM in Westchester NY. This will be my third fresh cycle. A friend of mine on another board got pg on her fourth cycle, at the age of 41, so I kind of let that be my inspiration as I head into this one.

  5. Hi girls, I am starting up again anytime too. Waiting on AF, and will be doing a week or so of bcp's or ganirelix before starting stims probably about the 27th.

    I am 42.5 and this is my 3rd ivf after (i lost count...7 iui's?). I do have a 2 1/2 yr old dd from a successful iui in 2006. Things certainly have changed for me between being 39 and now being 42.

    I\'ve done an antagonist protocol (#1) and microdose lupron (#2). This time, back to antagonist but I will also be adding in clomid to the gonal f and menopur.

    I am a poor responder, probably due to age, so if we get more than 3 eggs, I'll be thrilled.

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Old and poor responder here, I'm in the thick of it now. 43, last 2 cycles were cancelled due to poor response. This time, I have 3 decent-size follies and one small one. (did Clomid, Follistim and Menopur). We are going for it, I expect to trigger tonight or tomorrow. Will keep you posted, good luck everyone!

    Jean Machine

  7. Hello Ladies,

    I'm so glad to have company! I started Lupron this morning, and am expecting AF this weekend. I'm also posting over on the Cycle Buddies board, if you are interested in joining. But it is nice to also have a thread w/ people who have the extra added challenge of AMA.

    Beth - happy belated birthday! Could you tell me what EPP stands for?

    garifalia - acupuncture 3x/wk. Man, that must get expensive! Good for you. I hope it helps.

    Georgopoulos - Here's to lucky number 4. Sounds like you and I will be stimming around the same time. Do you have your protocol? I noticed my dosage has increased significantly since my last IVF 3 years ago. Guess that's because I'm an old lady now.

    mojo - I know what you mean about things changing... my FSH has doubled since my last IVF. I hope the Clomid helps - I have heard from a couple of women who had a positive response when that was added to their protocol.

    Jean - Another Clomid user! Glad it worked for you. Are you doing a 3-day xfer? Good luck with your trigger & ER!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all & trying my best to think positive thoughts....

  8. fyi, I also post on the Poor Responders boards, there are quite a few ladies that are very helpful and knowledgable over there.

    Jean - Good luck with trigger and retrieval! Did you use Clomid your previous cycles? I haven't used Clomid since my very beginning days as a first try. I noticed some other women adding it with their other stims and asked my RE if we could add this cycle. He said it might help and heck, it couldn't hurt! I'm just praying I don't get the hot flashes again!

    garifalia - are you doing another whole pack of bcp's? Is your doctor worried about you being oversuppressed?
    I did several sessions of acupuncture last cycle and I'm not sure if it helped much...even if it did, I really was not enjoying it. The office I went to was affiliated with my clinic and I felt like they were constantly trying to sell me stuff. I usually left more stressed than when I arrived!
    How is the wheatgrass?

    Georgopoulos - one of my good friends got pg on #4 as well. I hope it is #3 for me as I have limited resources to continue this quest. Here is to #3 being the lucky one for both of us!

    ziggy - thanks for starting this new thread.

    racergirl (beth) - here's to hopefully another lucky #3!!
    Sorry about the m/c's. Were they recently? Do the Dr's have any ideas why? bad luck?

  9. I will be 41 in September. My husband just turned 44 last month.

    My husband and I have been through 3 unsuccessful IVFs. Up until now the last time I cycled was in 2007.

    I became pregnant naturally in January, but had a miscarriage (blighted ovum).

    My retrieval is this Wednesday. Compared to last time, I have very few mature or large follicles. I have two that are mature and one that is not quite there -- the rest are too small.

    Hopefully this will work out this time. Here is wishing everyone happy baby dust.

  10. Hi Ladies!

    Looks like we are getting a nice group of us that are cycling and to be able to support each other.

    ziggy - EPP is the estrogen priming better for some that are known poor responders and AMA. I just received my protocol and it's a whopper.

    garifalia - I'm also cycling at SIRM Vegas - July cycle with Dr. Sher. Sounds like we have a similar protocol. Have you made your hotel reservations yet? I just booked mine today and will wait just a couple of weeks to book our flights. I'll be out there starting on July 19th as I have to do intralipids.

    mojo - I'm also a poor responder, in addition to many other issues, immune mostly. Did you have any immune testing done? And I'm agreeing that #3 will be a magical cycle.

    Jean - YAY...nice to see another 43 yo here, we can do it! Did you trigger yet? Good luck at retrieval!

    Georgopoulos - I'm wondering if we will have a similar protocol since it's SIRM. Who is your RE?

    ucenik - All the best at your retrieval tomorrow. Keep us posted. Good thoughts only!

    AFM, I just scheduled a sonohysterogram for Monday, making sure that all looks okay since my last D&C. I travel quite a bit for work, so trying to manage appointments and schedules. I'm actually looking forward to the 2 weeks in Veags, although I'll be working remotely. I start accupuncture next week.

    Best wishes to everybody!

  11. hi all,

    i am 42 and had 2 year old dear ds. now trying for #2.
    will start BCP soon. have not received my protocol yet.


  12. Racergirl(Beth)
    Which hotel did you book? I am hoping to rent a house or condo instead near SIRM.
    My DH said that if we have a pair of pants to pass around, we are ok to call ourselves the YA YA sisterhood of the expandable pants. ;-)

  13. Hi Ladies,

    How are you all doing? I am on day 3 of Lupron & almost finished with BCPs. I forgot to take my pill until about 5 hours after the usual time yesterday... I hope that didn't mess anything up. I had really bad cramps last night (Lupron side effect??), which scared me into thinking I blew it by forgetting the pill. Has anybody else experienced cramps with Lupron? I didn't notice any side effects last time.

    Jean - Have you had your ER yet? Hope everything is going well & look forward to hearing from you.

    ariadna - Welcome!!

    garifalia - LOL. Your DH has a great sense of humor!

    Beth - When you say \"whopper.....\" If you don't mind my asking, what are the amounts of stims you've been prescribed? My estrogen went through the roof last time I stimmed, and I was taking half what I've been prescribed this time. I plan to quiz my RE about it next week.

    ucenik - Welcome! And good luck today! Please check in when you can.

    Mojo - I find that so annoying. I cannot stand feeling that somebody is just trying to sell me something. Acupuncture should be relaxing and make you feel good. Wise choice in dropping those *&^%s.

    Ok, everybody else, I hope things are going well! I am late for a meeting. Yikes.

    Take care,

  14. My retrieval was this morning at 10 a.m. yet the effects of the anesthesia just wore off about one hour ago. I stay very busy so I guess I was just tired. They only retrieved two follicles. I had several small ones and one that wasn't quite mature yet (10 cm?). My doctor wanted me to go a little longer on the meds, but my blood levels were saying otherwise.

    Prayfully, the egg(s) from the follicles will fertilize. You only need one. Such different results from when I cycled a couple of years ago. I had so many more follicles. I guess it is age.

    I\'ll find out tomorrow the results. Will keep everyone posted.

  15. May I join?
    I just turned 41 last week and going in tomorrow for retrieval. ucenik and JeanMachine, not only are we close in location and age, but also very close in schedule.
    I've been married 11+ years and ttc for 11 of them. I've never been PG. Over the past 7 years, we've done 5 IUIs and tomorrow will be IVF #5. All BFNs
    I'm looking at 5 follies right now, 17-27mm, but my lining is just a 6. I'm currently taking estrace and Viagra vaginally to try to thicken my lining. My protocol involved 5 days of clomid that gives me good eggs , but thins the lining My last, and best ever, cycle was in March using the clomid/injectibles protocol. It yielded 6follies/eggs, of which we transferred 3 embies, one a grade 8. My lining was just a 5 though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have the same results with the embies and that my lining thickens enough for at least one to finally stick

  16. (M/C mentioned)
    freedom - which doctor are you seeing? Is it on L.I.?

    Back in 2004 when my husband and I first went to see a fertility specialist, he just monitored us and I became pregnant naturally. Everything was going great, the baby was growing, then the heartbeat stopped at about 8 weeks due to fibroids - I no clue. I had a myomectomy in June and was told to wait 6 months before trying again. Had 3 failed IVF attempts (including one chemical pregnancy). We stopped IVF after the third one which was sometime in 2007. In January 2009, I found out I was pregnant (naturally) only to discover that I had a blighted ovum. I spent Valentine's Day (the whole day and into part of the next day) in the ER waiting for a D&C.

    Hopefully, this IVF cycle will be lucky for me, and for all of us.

  17. francis, did your doc give you ganerelix, or jsut said blood leveles were rising and was doing nothing about it???

  18. He went on and gave me Ganirelex - he was trying to see if I could go a few more days, but I b/c my blood levels were rising, I went through with the retrieval after being on meds for 12 days. He didn't want to risk me ovulating and having to cancel the IVF cycle.

    I just spoke to my doctor. They retrieved two eggs and only 1 fertilized. My transfer will be some time Saturday a.m. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I don't want to be too negative either. It's just so emotional, I don't think I can do this again.

  19. ucenik, I'm sorry they didn't both fertilize. This is rough. I'm rooting with you for your little fighter though! I know it's hard to stay positive. I hope the transfer goes well on Saturday. Does your RE require bed rest?

    freedom - Welcome & happy birthday! I hope your retreival went well today & your lining thickens up. I didn't know that Clomid had a negative effect on lining. It's a double edged sward. Does your RE do a 3 day or 5 day transfer? The extra 2 days could give your lining more time to thicken, but... it's probably a risk. I know my RE only does 3 day transfers.

    How is everybody else?

  20. ucenik- Sorry about your one embie to transfer Hopefully it'll find a nice little place in your uterus to settle in for a 9 month nap

    I only had 3 eggs retrieved today out of 5 follies. I knew that one would be too big by today, but I really expected to retrieve 4 I'll get the call tomorrow with the fert results. It took me a looong time to finally come out of the anesthesia so I didn't get to talk to the ER about my lining b/c he was already doing transfers. I don't know if it'll be a 3 or 5 day transfer. They don't do 4 days, but the nurse hinted at a five day when I was in Tuesday. I spent all day in bed today. It felt wonderful I may have been the only person on LI who enjoyed the rain.

    ucenik- I'm at RSNY in Mineola

  21. Georgopoulos - I'm wondering if we will have a similar protocol since it's SIRM. Who is your RE?

    I'm with Dr. T in NY. I've done EPP twice. My lone ovary produced 4 follies, 3 eggs, 1 mature and fertilized the first time, which ended in an m/c at 6 weeks. The second time we looked really good going into ER with 8 follies, but most were empty and we had 2 eggs, again 1 mature and fertilized, and had a straight BFN.

    We\'re mixing it up a bit this time, and I'm not doing bcp's beforehand and we're adding Femera with the injectables. We'll see how it goes. I may actually meet Dr. Sher himself, as Dr. T is taking a vacation in early July and Dr. Sher is covering for him so he may do some of my early monitoring.

  22. Hiya, another one signing up
    I'm a very poor responder and had 4 unsuccessful attempts previously.
    I turned 41 in February and just waiting for AF to rear its ugly head so I can start an EPP at Cornell. Sending lots of love and positive vibes to everyone!

  23. Good afternoon to everyone.

    My transfer was at 9:45 a.m. this morning. My doctor wasn't available for the transfer, but I was in great hands b/c the founder of the clinic and head doctor performed the transfer. My one little egg that fertilized was 7 cells grade A. The doctor said that's the best you can get. So prayfully, our little guy will stick and stay.

    I hope everyone else is doing well.

  24. ucenik - that is such fantastic news! Congratulations!

  25. Got the call yesterday with the fertilization results. NONE, ZIP, NADA FERTILIZED!!!

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