Any success stories IVF and elevated FSH

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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone out there has gotten a BFP using own eggs, 44 years of age and nearly 45 with an elevated FSH...I'm having my FSH tested at my next cycle but I have had a 17.5 and 15.5 FSH.
    I want to do IVF with my own eggs before moving onto DEIVF and I decided that even if I were given a very low % for success, i.e. 5 or 10% I wanted to try.....well I just had a telephone consult and I was given a 0% chance. I'm healthy other than the two factors I mentioned.
    Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts ...should I ignore what RE's say and try for one IVF with ny own eggs......or is the 0% chance correct.

  2. 43 and 9 months got pregnant with own eggs.
    2 other women I know got pregnant naturally at 45. 1 had several kids the other had a couple of mcs and then had baby at 45.5

  3. I am 46.5 and was told by doc that the chances of winning the lottery are greater than doing IVF with my own eggs. However, he was able to implant one good egg and I'll be going for my first beta test in 2 days. I'll let you know how it goes. Don't give up just because the docs always go by statistics. Maybe you're that one special person who doesn't fit into their criteria... who knows?? )

  4. You could get lucky. I had success at your age but only after many tries. If money is an issue you may want to make an informed decision. You ask if your chance is zero-- it is not zero. But it is not high. There are some stats for your age group. According to CDC, IVF for 44 year old is pregnancy 6.9%, live birth 2.7%. For 45 year old pregnancy 4.2%, live birth 1.7%. You can see, the problem is that m/c rates are very high, at age 45 something like 80% do not make it.

    I am planning to do some FETs with embryos created when I was 44 years old, so these are sobering stats for me as well. Even at the risk of heartbreak, I am going ahead anyway. Everyone has to do what they have to do.
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