Any one know of clinic that offers DE after 50?

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  1. Just wondering. I hope I will have success prior to 50 but just in case I want to explore what clinics both domestic and abroad that offer DE. I heard from someone that Czech stops at age 50.

  2. I think (hopefully I remember correctly) that Columbia (CWRC) in NYC has an age cut off of 54. They also have some good success rates for de.

  3. I don't know if my RE has a cutoff, but I did this current cycle when I was 50 and am celebrating my 51st birthday today...and am 34 weeks pg with twins. I suppose if I wanted to go back in another year or so (I don't!), he'd let me do another cycle. He's Brian Acaio of Acacio Fertility in Laguna Niguel, CA and I highly recommend him.

  4. there is a clinic in Cyprus that does not have an age cut off for women -
    and they charge 7000 euros for 3 attempts with donor eggs.
    its called PEDIOS in Nicosia Cyprus.


  5. I met a lady who is over 50 in Zlin in the Czech Republic. She was there for DE. I suspect that in the Czech Republic it's up to each clinic.

    Good luck.

    (The Cyprus deal sounds pretty good.)

  6. I think Reprofit in Brno, Czech Republic works with women up to 53. That was my understanding anyway. You could check with Mag at

  7. I belive Oregon Reproductive Medicine ORM does DE upto age 52. They are wonderful and their stats for success, live birth are around 82%. I am pregnant with twins from them at age 44, DE also.

  8. reprofit has an 18 month waiting list. i believe vistahermosa in spain accepts over 50. i believe isida accepts any age for DE. g

  9. Sarah honestly the way the economy is right now I doubt many clinics would refuse you if you talked to the doctor. Good luck.

  10. I just asked Reprofit if they would make an exception, since I didn't have the luxury of time to wait 18 months at my age, and they said there was nothing open in 2009. This was on May 28.

    Dear xxx, I´m sorry we are totaly booked up this year. Best regards, Eva Kopečná IVF coordinator, Reprofit International, Hlinky 122/48, CZ-Brno, 603 00

  11. Seriously I would try a smaller clinic located near you to ask. Smaller clinics are more likely to be sympathetic on a case by case basis. The really famous large clinics have large waiting lists and can be more selective. You can get great results from a smaller clinic with OK statistics (I did). Also as I previously mentioned I do not think in this economy clinics can afford to turn patients away and this will work in your favor. I do not believe clinics out of the country have this issue are are booked because of the more practical prices.

  12. Dr. Severino Antinori of Rome will do IVF/DE for women up to age 62 or 63.

    RAPRUI Day Hospital (International Associated Research Institute for
    Human Reproduction)
    Director Prof. Severino Antinori
    Via Proyoungihmzio 6
    00192 Roma
    Tel.: +39 -o6 - 6873095/6896655
    Fax: +39 -06 - 68804549

  13. that's great info, ulke. do you know how much they charge for DE and if there is a waiting list? mtxu

  14. Just wondering. I hope I will have success prior to 50 but just in case I want to explore what clinics both domestic and abroad that offer DE. I heard from someone that Czech stops at age 50.

    I\'m 52 years old and am in Zlin with my DH now waiting for a 5 day ET planned for Tuesday. There has been no mention of my age except as an issue to consider when deciding how many embryos to transfer. The doc said \"at your age\" we should consider the risks of carrying multiples, but also consider that \"at your age\" we might consider transferring more embryos than would typically be transferred into a younger woman to make sure at least one implants. We were certainly not turned away due to age. I haven't heard of a cut=off age.


  15. aggeliki, sorry, I don't check these boards so often... Don't know how much Dr. Antinori charges. He is pretty controversial though.

    Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles is well known for providing DE to older women. \"Dr. Sahakian also specializes in treating patients with advanced maternal age including postmenopausal women seeking infertility treatment through egg donation. He is responsible for the oldest woman on record to have given birth at the age of 67.\" Check it out, doc is pretty handsome too

  16. vistahermosa in alicante spain has no age cut off -
    and they charge $5,000 for DE -

  17. i thought so too about vistahermosa in alicante, but they sent me an email that they couldn't help me because i was 50, and when i explained i had a few months to go, then they said it was OK. from what i remember, they charge Euro 4900 including one night hotel and transfers. mixed answers. or she was just doing a disclaimer and if you pursued, they would accept you. don't know.

    > From: internacional <>
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    > Date: Monday, June 1, 2009, 6:58 AM
    > please bear in mind that an egg donation cycle has some big risk sbeing 50 and the chances are very low, although being very healthy, so we do not recommend it.
    > Kind Regards
    > Salome Lopez

  18. If cost is a factor, the clinics in India will do donor eggs, and cost is around $5,500. The stated age limit for DE recipients is 55.

    There are several clinics listed here:

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