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  1. I am also really starting to feel the weight of these babies!! My upper back is seriously hurting and I can't find a comfortable position.

    Laura--great weights! I think mine will probably be around that size as well because they were measuring pretty big at 32 weeks. But I won't get another u/s until 36w4d when I have my cerclage removed. That day can't come soon enough!!

    dimash--are you going to be induced soon due to the Pre-e? I can't believe you're at 37 weeks!! That's awesome! I would be seriously shocked if I made it that far. My body is NOT liking this!

    NSTs are still going well and my weekly appointments with the OB are totally uneventful. It's so nice for a change! I stop my baby aspirin this week, do my last 17p injection on Tuesday, and then stop my Procardia on the 23rd when my cerclage comes out. I could be having these babies that day or the next!

    34w5d b/b twins

  2. Quick update here. My surrogate got sent to the hospital after her NST on Tues. because they thought she was in labor. She's dilated to 2.5. Contractions have slowed some and, as of yesterday, she hadn't dilated anymore. She's been given 2 steroid shots. If everything stays the same, the Peri is sending her home on strict bedrest but it's looking like the babies are definitely not going to make it to 37 weeks. At the moment I'm just praying we'll make it to 34 weeks and 35 would probably be a miracle.


    GS is 33 wks 2 days

  3. Staci--I'm sorry for the scare, but it's really good she got the steroid shots. 33/34 weekers do VERY well if they've had the steroids. I know you probably want to avoid a NICU stay, but know that more than likely their only issues will be with eating and maintaining their body temperatures.

    I'm hoping she can hold on for another few weeks, but if not, I'm sure your babies are in good hands--I'm assuming she'll be delivering at a hospital with a Level 3 NICU?

    AFM, I hit 35 weeks today, and while I still would really like to go another week at least, I'm miserable!!! Everything is a chore, especially (TMI!!!) going to the bathroom! My hemmorhoids are so freaking huge right now and with the babies taking up so much space, any amount of poo in me makes me SO uncomfortable. Even with the 17p injections and 20mg of Procardia every 6 hours, I still have lots of contractions. They are getting stronger and more uncomfortable, especially since the boys' feet are all up in my ribs. I can't wait until I get my cerclage out and can stop my meds and let labor happen. I have a feeling it won't take long....

    35w b/b twins

  4. Thanks Sara. They did send her home today to go on bedrest plus she's on procardia. She had been having a lot of BH contractions since around 16 weeks so hadn't even though much of it when she went in for the NST Tuesday and they found she was dilated. I fly out there Tues. morning. As I discovered when we had this scare, it's not so easy to get a flight out there right away (it's like a 5 1/2 hour flight and that is only if I get non-stop and there aren't many of those). So, I'll get out there Tuesday and just wait it out. Unfortunately, my DH can't go out until closer to when the babies can be released because he has some very important stuff with work going on right now.

    For those of you that know more about pregnancy than I do (which would be everyone reading this ), could someone who is 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced still make it another few weeks?

  5. ioannam, I was just lurking and saw your question and wanted to tell you that Yes it is possible to go on for a couple of weeks like that. I just delivered twins 2 wks ago after spending almost 8 weeks on bedrest. At 34ish wks I was checked and was 2-3 cm dilated and 70% effaced with baby A's head pressing down on my cervix. I was already on bedrest and procardia and terb but was then admitted to the hospital at 35 and change for hospital bedrest because of continuous contractions. I contracted the entire week I was there every5-8 minutes even when I was on mag for 48 hours. When I was discharged one week later, I was still 2-3 and 70%. I would suggest that she stay on strict bedrest and just continue meds. Hopefully she can make it to 37 wks. Good luck to you guys, I know it is super stressful.


  6. Staci-- So sorry for the scare, but 33/34 weeks is a very good milestone, especially if she has had those steroid shots already. Hopefully with the meds and the strict bedrest she will make it at least 2-3 more weeks. If you got to 35/36 weeks at least, you should breathe a little easier. Did they know how much the babies were weighing now?

    Sara-- Agree on the 35th week being miserable. I JUST turned 36 weeks today, and suprisingly I feel amazingly better than I did last week. I was so tired, heavy, etc. last week, and I think maybe I'm just getting used to it a little bit by now. It's definitely not easy toward the end here, but at least it's just a few more weeks and the babies are good to go!!! So exciting that you know you will get the cerclage out on the 23rd

    dimash-- do you have a c-section date or are the babies head down for a vaginal delivery? I can't believe you are already past 37 weeks, that is great!!!

    AFM, went to the OB again for NST, BPP, and internal check yesterday. Everything is great with them and my cervix is still long and closed. So it looks like I'll at least make it a little longer with them cooking inside! Since both babies are head down and I would like to try for a vaginal delivery the OB said they want to wait for me to go into labor on my own. I guess they don't typically induce with twins b/c it can reduce the fetal h/r and it causes stronger contractions which can add to fetal distress. So my OB said we would \"play it by ear\" and see if I go into labor before (or a few days after) 38 weeks, and if not we'll make a decision on c-section or on induction. I'm hoping they make an appearance before that though!!!

    BTW, also FINALLY got my swine flu shot yesterday... sheesh... it only took MONTHS to find somewhere that had it around here!

    Anyway, hope all is still well with all of you!!!

    b/g twins

  7. Hi everyone,

    It looks like I'm flying out to where my GS is on Tuesday morning. I'm a 5 1/2/ hour nonstop flight away so, at this point especially with what happened last week, it's just too big a risk that I won't be there when the babies arrive if I don't get out there soon. Unfortunately, DH can't fly out until later due to really important stuff at work and not being able to be away for so long. Will have my laptop so will keep you all updated.


    We haven't had a detailed u/s for a long time but, at the last one at 30 weeks, Baby A had been 3 lbs. 12 oz and Baby B had been 4 lbs. 2 oz. My GS is scheduled for another u/s this Tues. so we'll get the weights then.

    I just managed to get the swine flu shot too. It was such an ordeal though. I had a letter from the Doctor explaining the surrogacy situation and that we would be the parents of newborns soon. Well, this lady at the health dept. totally didn't get the concept of surrogacy. Finally, she said she'd give it to us but only the nasal mist. Then another lady commented that we probably shouldn't have the mist if we might be in the NICU within the next 7 days. The two of them started arguing over which we should have. I said there was no way I was taking the mist if there was even a small chance the NICU might not let DH and I in to be with the babies because of it. Finally, I called the Dr.'s office and the nurse there suggested we should get the shots. The lady that had been pushing the mist caved in but was really a witch about it.
    I don't think my GS was ever able to get it.

  8. Staci-- hope your flight went well and everything is still good with the GS. Let us know how the weights were at your appointment today! I'm thinking about you and hoping all is going well.

    Hope all is well with everyone else. I don't go to the OB again until Friday for NST/BPP/internal so I'm just waiting it out this week and kicking my feet up. Still feeling good, but have been a little crampy and having some intermittent contractions. No major labor signs yet though, so we'll see Maybe these babies are too comfy now to come out any time soon!

    b/g twins

  9. Hope everything going well with everyone.

    Staci, I know someone who has delivered twins at 33 weeks. The babies were just fine with no complication. They did have to spend some time in the NICU but now no one can even tell that they were premises. Everything is going to be fine.

    About me. Last week I started show some signs of preeclampsia. As a result decision was made to do a C-section ASAP. My B/G twins were born at 37w2d. They were very little (4lb9oz & 4lb5oz) but they received very high APGAR score. We did avoided a NICU. We all home now.

    Good luck to you,

    Not PG any more

  10. Congratulations, dimash!!! I'm so glad your little twinkies avoided the NICU and you're all home!!

    36w b/b twins

  11. CONGRATS dimash!!! Here's to hoping all of us can be as lucky to avoid the NICU

    b/g twins

  12. dimash,

    CONGRATS!!!! That is so great to hear that your babies are doing well and you have them home.

    As far as my update, I'm sitting out here in a hotel room just waiting it out.
    At the appt. on Tues. Baby A weighed 5lbs. 6 oz. and Baby B was 6 lbs. 7 oz. The u/s tech. said that was definitely an overestimation on the weight of Baby B because she couldn't get a good head measurement and that came out to like 38 weeks. She said no more ultrasounds at this point because they are too cramped in there to get accurate measurements.

    Anyway, the Peri. really couldn't tell me when the babies will come. It could be tomorrow or they could make it to the planned c-sec. on Dec. 2nd which would be 36 weeks (I'm praying they will!) so it looks like I'm out here for the duration just waiting.

    GS is 34 wks 3 days

  13. Staci-- those are GREAT weights! I'm sure the babies will be just fine... just hang in there!

    AFM, UGH!!!!! Went to the OB today and told her I have been having contractions all yesterday and last night. They saw them on the NST as well. Unfortunately I'm still not dialated at all. So it doesn't look like the babies are coming any time really soon... and they are getting so heavy!!! Baby A was 6 lb 2oz and baby B was 6 lb 1 oz. Sheesh... I don't know if I can handle being pregnant for ANOTHER two weeks. Why is IVF so punctuated with 2ww\'s!!!!

    At least they are both healthy! I guess this is my fault for wanted to have them vaginally since they are both head down. They would have already planned a c-section if I had wanted one!

    Enough complaining from me for now... I guess I'm just a little disappointed. Out now to go with DH to walk the dog and then dinner with friends... have good weekends everyone!

    b/g twins

  14. Laura--I totally feel your pain (literally!). I don't have an u/s until Monday, but my boys have been measuring ahead the whole time so I'm sure they're well into the 6 lb. range. Sorry to hear you're not making any progress yet. I'm sure it'll happen soon. With my DS when I went into labor I was BARELY 1 cm. They made me walk around a bunch for a couple of hours and then I was ALMOST 1.5 cm. My progress was really slow until I got an epidural and then I was able to relax and dilated pretty quickly after that.

    Staci--those are some big babies for only being 34 weeks! Let's hope they stay put for a little while longer.

    AFM, I am still super uncomfortable and contracting like crazy. My OB checked my cervix yesterday and said I was closed up tight with my cerclage. I'm really hoping something happens when I have it removed on Monday. She said I could stop my Procardia that day too, but not to throw it away. She said she's known women who've gone off of it and then had annoying contractions that aren't labor for days and they need to take one just to get some rest. GREAT. If that happens I'll be BEGGING for an induction or just go straight for a c-section! I don't know how much more of these contractions I can take! My OB is on call Monday night so we're really hoping something happens on Monday so she can deliver me. She's the only one I trust should Baby B happen to flip to breech after A is out. Most of the other doctors in the practice are either too young or too cautious to deliver the second one breech.

    36w1d b/b twins

  15. Just checking in!

    Sara-- Any news after you saw your OB today?

    Staci-- Any updates on your GS? Hope all is still going well.

    dimash-- How is life with the new additions?

    AFM, still no babies. I've been walking a lot and nothing yet. My contractions are still intermittant and haven't settled into a pattern... they also still go away when I sleep. Back to the OB again on Wed, so we'll see what they say. I completely thought these little ones would have made their great escape by now!

    Hope everyone is still doing well!

    b/g twins

  16. Ugh. I went to the peri today to have my cerclage removed. The type of cerclage I have is called a double McDonald, meaning there are two bands that wrap around my cervix (one toward the top, one toward the bottom). The first one came out fairly easily (and only had me moaning and breathing heavily for about 3-4 minutes). The second one, however, has imbedded in my cervix. After he dug around in there for a good 3-4 more minutes, he took the speculum out to do an internal exam (ouch AGAIN. Doesn't hurt when my OB does it). He said the knot is buried and he can't get to it so I will have to go to the hospital tomorrow to get a spinal so it's easier for him to get to. AWESOME. When I had the cerclage placed, the spinal took about 7 hours to wear off and I ended up with a spinal headache for several days afterwards. I am going to be at the hospital from 12:15 (check-in, procedure isn't until 2:15) until probably at least 9 or 10 at night. I am NOT happy. They will watch me for contractions and dilation, and if something happens they'll just keep me, but if not I'll go back home and wait to go into labor.

    My poor hoo-ha hurts!! He was not gentle at all!! I bet I scared all the patients in the rooms surrounding me with my yelling and moaning.

    Before that, I had one last u/s to check the growth and fluid on the babies. Both look great and were practice breathing. Baby A has his entire head waaaay low in my pelvis, so his measurements aren't too accurate. He is estimated to be weighing 6 lbs. 8 oz. Baby B is my big boy at 7 lbs. 2 oz! Yikes!!! No wonder I'm so uncomfortable.

    So, one more day on the Procardia. I'll see my OB on Wednesday for an NST and appointment, but honestly I really hope I don't make it. I'm really hoping I go into labor after the procedure and I can just stay there and have the babies.

    Laura--I hope something happens for you soon!

    36w4d b/b twins

  17. Sara,

    OUCH ! I was cringing while reading your post. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping everything goes smoothly...and without so much pain.
    Those are amazing weights on your 2 boys!


    You are doing so great to keep those babies in this long!

    Okay, so I am really starting to go stir crazy out here. I have WAY too much time on my hands to worry about things. I'm in Las Vegas but I have been out here so many times for extended periods of time (like 12?) between multiple IVF cycles out here and DH's conferences that I've pretty much done everything and seen everything I'm interested in. And, of course, being out here alone, there is only so much I can really do. Not looking forward to my b-day and Thanksgiving this week. But, on a positive note, this should be the last holidays I'm alone for quite awhile

    I'm very glad the babies have not made their appearance though and praying they will stay in until the c-sec. My GS has another appt. tomorrow. 35 weeks! After that big scare at 33 weeks, I was just praying we'd even make it this far. Now, of course, I am really hoping we get to 36.

    GS is 35 weeks tomorrow b/b twins

  18. Sara-- Sheesh... what an ordeal! I can't imagine the pain of someone digging around in there (and not gently) right now!!! I get all tense when they do the internals, haha! At least you are going to get the cerclage out today and hopefully everything will go smoothly from there! I'm praying they come soon for you after the cerclage is out!

    Staci-- SO GREAT your GS has made it to 35 weeks! That is a great milestone and I'm sure you are breathing a little easier now. So sorry that you have to spend your birthday and Thanksgiving alone, but it will be for a very beneficial reason in the long run! Just hang in there!!!!

    AFM, just waiting until tomorrow for my OB appointment. Everytime I stand I either get tightening or I feel like I have to pee so bad I won't make it to the bathroom. Being this big is wonderful But I guess there could be worse things. Today is DH's last day of work for the week, so I'll be happy when he is around to at least break up the copious amounts of sitting alone reading, doing laundry, or watching TV!!! I am thinking of hauling out the mixer and making some pumpkin bread while I sloth around the house today!!!

    b/g twins

  19. Quick update. Both knots were embedded in my cervix so the peri had to make incisions in my cervix to get them out. Then I started bleeding a bunch so he had to put stitches in. I was very sore when the spinal wore off! I was 3cm and 50% effaced immediately after, but haven't been checked since then so as not to disturb the stitches.

    Saw my OB today, and she's ready to induce me on Monday. I am now measuring 46cm and very uncomfortable. I don't think she really wants me going past 38 weeks (will be 37w4d on Monday) so we thought it would be best to just schedule the induction in case I don't go on my own in the next few days. It feels good to know there's a definite end to this soon!

    How\'s everyone else?

    36w6d b/b twins

  20. Sara-- Sorry to hear that the cerclage removal was so painful! At least you have an induction date... I am so JEALOUS!!!

    I went to the OB today and he said that they may let me go until up to 40 weeks if I don't go into labor on my own. AH!!!! Both babies are good and head down still. He said I was 50% effaced, but not dialated at all. He could feel Baby A's head though. Ugh.. They don't want to induce for fear or complications, so they are just going to have me wait it out unless I or the babies start to have any problems.

    I guess it's better they come late than early right!!!! Hope everyone is still feeling well!


  21. I can't believe how far along you are both getting!


    I will be thinking of you on Monday! How exciting to actually have a date.

    No news here. For my b-day yesterday, I went to a movie alone. I'll probably do the same today for lack of any other ideas. I had flowers and Happy B-day balloons waiting in my hotel room yesterday when I got back from DH and MIL,SIL, and her family. So, that was really nice and cheered me up. I'm just feeling very homesick at this point. Usually, when I'm stressed, my cats help keep me calm. I know the time will probably go by faster once DH gets out here and, of course, once the babies arrive I'm sure it will go by very fast!

    Next NST is on Friday then an amnio to check the lungs Monday. If the lungs are ready, then the c-sec. will be Wed. morning!

    GS is 35 wks 2 days b/b twins

  22. Have all babies arrived at this point?

    Very quick update here. My GS ended up having her water break on the 29th so both babies came at 35 weeks 5 days. Jesse was 7 lbs. 1 oz. and Trystan was 7 lbs. 12 oz. Jesse is doing great and was able to go back to the hotel with us after 48 hours. Trystan had to go into NICU because his lungs weren't mature. They also are treating him with antibiotics via IV as they think he may have had pneumonia. It's looking like he can be released on the 5th. DH and I have been taking turns going back to the hospital to be with him.

    I've had about 4 hours of sleep over 3 days but am happier than I've ever been.

    Post updates when you all can.


  23. Staci--WOW those are big babies for being so early! I'm glad they're doing so well and hope that Trystan will get to come home on the 5th as planned.

    We are also dealing with one at home and one in the NICU. On Monday, Nov. 30 I was induced at 37w4d. After an excruciating labor due to my cerclage removal, I was able to deliver both boys vaginally. Max came first, weighing 6 lbs. even, and Isaac came 15 minutes later weighing 6 lbs. 15 oz. Max had his cord wrapped so tightly around his neck that my DR had to cut it off. Because of that, he had some breathing issues at first (doing fine now) and he's still in the NICU. They need him to be off of the IV fluids and having normal billirubin levels before he can come home. My milk still hasn't come in yet so both boys are getting formula with their feedings. The lactation consultants and nurses keep telling me that my milk will come in and it's not late yet. They said it takes 2-5 days and it is just now exactly 3 days so I'm REALLY hoping it happens soon!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!
    Max and Isaac 3 days

  24. Hi everyone! Not much time to post, so here is a copy of what I just posted to the Dec babies board!

    On December 2nd DH and I welcomed Calvin Edward (Jr.) and Lillian Marie into the world at 8:05 and 8:14 pm respectively.

    Long story short: on Monday Nov 30th went to OB b/c having contractions and she sent me to hopsital to be induced. Induced with Pitocin from 8 pm on 30th until 5pm on Dec 1st. I was not dilating, so they did not want to risk breaking my water b/c I wanted to have vaginal delivery. They sent me home that night at 6pm. Went home, ate dinner with DH and my mom (who thankfully came from VA to help us). At 9pm before bed I lost bloody mucus plug. Called OB and she said go to the hospital to be checked out b/c of the failed induction. Went to hospital and everything was fine, still only dilated 1 cm, babies looked good, they sent me home. Went home and in bed by 11:30 pm. Woke at 1:35 am with contractions (thought it was bad gas/constipation). Walked around house with DH trying to find a comfortable place to sleep... my mom woke up around 3:00 am and let me know I was actually in labor so we timed contractions. Was having them every 3 minutes for about a minute or so each. Went back to hospital at 4 am and I was dilated 3 cm. OB broke my water and I continued to dilate to 7cm at around noon on Dec 2nd. Was 9 cm by 2:30 pm but had a \"rim\" and she wanted me to be full 10 cm and +2 station before pushing. Took until 7 pm before I was at that point (SHEESH!). Started pushing at 7pm and Baby A (Calvin) was born at 8:05 with Apgar of 8. They broke Baby b's water and after the first big contraction her heartrate fell from 140/150s to 60's. 2 pushes and they vaccuumed her out. She had low heartrate and didn't cry/open her eyes, so they stimulated her. Her apgar was 4 after 1 minute, but then she opened her eyes and belted out a scream Apgar after 5 minutes was up to 7. Both babies were in regular nursery and were born vaginally at 6lb1oz (Calvin) and 5lb 15.5 oz (Lily).

    I was 38w5d when they were finally born!!!

    Home now and all is well. Not much time though! Hope everything is going well with you all and congrats to those that have already delivered!!!

    home with Lily and Calvin, born Dec 2, 2009

  25. WOW, Congratulation to all off YOU!!!

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