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  1. Laura,

    My GC's peri. wants her to get the swine flu shot as well. It's really concerning me though that I keep hearing of so many people in the medical professions that aren't even getting it. My DH and I will both get it.

    So glad your last appt. went well! Babies are getting big! We actually just got back from visiting my GC and doing a 3D u/s and going to a Peri. appt. with her. Everything looked really good. That will be our last trip out there until the babies are born. Still just so hard to believe!

    GC is 26 weeks 2 days

  2. Staci-- So glad your visit and 3D u/s went well.

    Question for all of you, have you been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions or no? I overdid it big time on Saturday (a lot of walking, standing for a black tie event in the city) and now I am exhausted still and every time I stand my tummy tightens up.

    Going to the peri today so hopefully they will just tell me to take it easy and not say I have to be on bedrest or something! My fam is coming in to town for my shower on Sat so I really hope it's not ruined b/c I overdid it!

    Hope everyone else is doing well. I'll let you know how the scan goes today!

    b/g twins

  3. Laura--I have them a lot. I actually had to go to triage when I was 25ish weeks because I was having them every 2 minutes. They slowed down to about every 10 minutes with a bag of fluid, and they never changed my cervix (also had a negative fFN) so I was sent home. I'm on Procardia (20mg every 6 hours) to help keep the BH under control. As long as they don't settle into a pattern and they don't change your cervix, then there's nothing to be concerned about. Since I have a cerclage my doctors don't want me contracting too much and have my cervix try and open (I would rip through the stitch).

    Also, make sure you are drinking A LOT of water. I have a 30oz jug that I fill up at least 4 times a day. It's not fun running to the bathroom once or twice an hour, but it really does help, as well as lying on my left side.

    I had a growth u/s and CL u/s at the peri's office on Friday (28w1d). Baby A weighed 2 lb. 11 oz and Baby B weighed 3 lb. 1 oz. I was happy with their size (60th and 70th percentiles for a singleton) since I have only gained 23 pounds so far. My CL has stayed steady at over 3cm, which is good for someone with a cerclage. I don't have to have anymore CL u/s--just growth u/s every 4 weeks.

    I saw my OB last week as well, and I will see her every week until I deliver. I started NSTs this week and will have those every week as well. Baby A did great, Baby B was kind of lazy. But the nurse said they were good for 29 weekers.

    How\'s everyone else doing?

    Sara 28w5d b/b twins

  4. Hello Ladies,

    Sorry, I have not been around much.

    Kelly, I am so glad that everything is fine now.

    Congratulation to everyone for making this far!!!

    About me. Today I am 32 pg. I gained just a little over 30lbs. One baby has a little white stop it its hart. The doctors are not worried about it that much since the HR is normal. We did not want to know gender of the babies, but nurse spill it out. So, now we know that we are having B/G.

    Best wishes to everyone,

  5. dimash-- Sorry to hear your suprise was ruined, but congrats on the b/g twins! I'm jealous that you've only gained 30 pounds so far... I've gained 42! But my OB doesn't seem to be worried... and oddly enough I haven't gotten very much bigger anywhere except for my tummy. It is so big that you can still see my upper ribs and it looks like it is pulling away from my body! Oh well... it is worth it :-) (BTW, this is the attitude that I have had to take toward the stretch marks I was so hoping to avoid too... )

    Sara-- thanks for the water suggestion. I've been guzzling and since that one weekend I have not been having BH contractions except every once in awhile. I've also limited my hour long dog walks in the morning to a 1/2 hour now, so I think that is helping too. Have you been feeling well still?

    AFM, I had my baby shower this past weekend and it was wonderful! There were about 30 people though so I was pretty exhausted afterward from all the socializing. They have also started the construction on the babies room upstairs and expect to be done by Nov 2. I'm hoping that date sticks

    I started NST's last week and everything went well. I have one tomorrow and then I go to the peri for a growth scan on Tues. and cervical length and ffn on Thurs of next week. So far so good. Last week my cervical length was still 5.4 cm and ffn was negative, so I guess so far so good!

    I can't believe we are getting so close now! Hope everyone else is doing well!

    Kelly-- hope you and the babies are still doing well!!!

    b/g twins

  6. Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well still!

    So we saw the peri yesterday for a sono on the little ones and they were doing great! Baby A was 3lb 15 oz and Baby B was 3lb 10 oz. They are getting so big.

    Peri scared me a little with the comment \"So schedule an appointment to see me in 3-4 weeks if you are still pregnant\"... AH! I can't believe it would be possible I could HAVE the babies in that short of a time (I'd be almost 35-36 weeks by then). He said they are only concerned with stopping labor if it happens before 33-34 weeks, so I only have 2 more weeks of serious concern left, sheesh!

    I also took a breastfeeding class last night and the combo has served to make me a little nervous! I guess 8 months has not been long enough to get used to the idea of having these babies! Anyone else nervous? BTW, I got my EZ-2 Nurse Twins pillows in the mail today and they are huge! My sister (who also has twins) said they are the best though, so I'm at least a little at ease about that!

    Hope all is well with everyone!

    b/g twins

  7. Laura--That's great that the babies are so big! I totally know what you mean about 8 months not being long enough to prepare. I feel the same way. My parents came and painted the nursery last week and now it really seems real! We are going to pick up the cribs on Friday, but probably won't put them together until November when my dad can come and help.

    I\'ve been having weekly NSTs and OB appointments, and so far everything is going really well. The babies are doing great on the NSTs, and my fFN tests are still negative (last one being on Friday at 30w1d). I don't have another appt. with the peri until next week (32w), and I think at that point we will schedule my cerclage removal for 36 weeks. I will also stop my PTL medications (Procardia and 17p injections) and baby asprin at that time, so I could possibly be having these babies in less than 6 weeks! Eek!!

    Death ment.

    I\'ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should post this here, but I really do think you ladies would want to know this. I don't know if anyone else is keeping up with Kelly's Caringbridge page or not, but last week, little Wyatt passed away. They are having a memorial service for him tomorrow (Oct. 15). Jack seems to be doing well. I hope Kelly or anybody else doesn't mind that I put this here; if someone has an objection I will remove it. I just know how sad I was to read this news and thought others would want to know, too. Kelly--I know I already posted on your Caringbridge site, but I want you to know I am thinking about you everyday.


  8. Kelly,

    SO sorry to hear about baby Wyatt. Thankfully it does look like Jack is doing well, but I am sure it has been such a hard time for you and your husband. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


    Thanks for letting us know about Kelly.

    b/g twins

  9. Hi everyone,


    I\'ve been following Kelly on the caring bridge site and was so sad when I read about Wyatt. She has really been going through so much and I admire how strong she's staying for Jack. I'm praying he keeps improving like he has been.

    It sounds like you are all experiencing the same disbelief that I am that the babies are actually coming soon! I thought maybe it was just me due to not being pregnant. It's like it all seemed so far away and now I feel like there is so much I need to do in a small amount of time to be ready!

    One thing I'm a little concerned about is that my GS's Peri. said he will schedule her c-sec. for 36 or 37 weeks. I guess they do an amnio to make sure the babies lungs are ready then he goes ahead with the c-sec. He won't let a twin pregnancy go past 37 weeks and there's a high chance he'll just schedule it for 36 weeks. I'm a little worried that he might do it at 36 wks if the pregnancy could last longer?

    What have all of you decided about the swine flu vaccine? It's not available yet but should be any time. The Peri is strongly advising my GS to get it so, at the moment anyway, it's looking like she probably will just go with his advice. His main concern is that swine flu in the 3rd trimester can be deadly for her. I'm just wondering if, by the time it's available, it even makes sense since she won't have that much longer to go? One good thing is that it would supposedly pass some immunity on to the babies for the first 6 months of their lives. We'll have a long plane flight to get them home so that's a consideration. On the other hand, I don't want my GS to get it just for that reason if she's uncomfortable with it. We could always drive home if we had to and just keep the babies away from people. I'm half hoping it just doesn't become available so we don't have to make the decision! DH and I will definitely get it for ourselves.

    Ok, so that's about it for my update. Next appt. is on Tues. (30 wks) so we'll find out the weights then.


  10. Staci-- Sorry to hear you are worried about the GS's Peri. Were you at least able to ask him/her some questions about your concerns for delivering at 36-37 weeks? I'm sure they have a good reasoning. My sisters twins were born naturally at 36 weeks (via c-section, but her water broke and she went into labor... baby A was transverse). My nephew was over 6 pounds and my niece was right under 6 pounds and both have never experienced any health issues or problems from being born at 36 weeks. They were never in NICU and came home from the hospital with my sister and her husband when she was released. Hopefully that makes you feel a little better about the 36 week timeframe!

    On the other hand, my OB is going to let me go as long as possible to get close to 38 weeks... but they won't let me go longer than that. Since Baby A's head is currently down she said I can try for a vaginal delivery as long as it doesn't happen to early (i.e. if I can get to 36 weeks-ish). If it is earlier than that I think they will want to do a c-section just b/c of the stress of labor on the babies when they are too early. That's only 3 more weeks (AH!) from today though, so lets hope I can make it till then at least!

    I'm going to get the swine flue vaccine as soon as it is avail, but my general pract. said they don't even know if they are on the list to get it at all. My OB's office said they are getting it and they just dont know when. It's kind of annoying b/c everyone (esp here in NY) is warning pregnant people, children, those with respritory illness (like my husband who has CF), to get it straight away... but it's not AVAILABLE anywhere to get! Ugh. Hopefully it will be available before I have these little nuggets so they will get some antibodies though!

    Hope all is well for everyone!

    b/g twins

  11. Laura,

    Wow, you're up to 33 weeks! At my GC's last appt. on Tues. (30 weeks) she said the Peri. was starting to talk more about doing the c-sec. at 37 weeks. So, we'll see what happens. He is an excellent Dr. so I hate even questioning things, but I was just having a hard time finding anyone pregnant with twins saying their Dr.'s were scheduling the c-sec that early.
    In this case we know it has to be a c-sec. so maybe he is just trying to make sure she doesn't go into labor before the planned delivery date....although they will be seeing her twice a week starting at 32 weeks so I guess they can keep a close eye on things.

    Anyway, 30 week appt. went great. Baby A 3lbs. 12 oz. and Baby B 4 lbs. 2 oz. NST's start at the 32 wk appt.

    My GC is really being a trooper. I know she is miserable at this point. She's still been working but we're thinking the Peri. will take her off at 32-33 weeks.


    How exciting that you're having a boy and girl! I know you were hoping for a surprise but, at least now you can buy some gender specific things in advance.


    Yes, I'm definitely feeling nervous ... and excited! It seemed like it was all so far away and now I'm amazed that we only have 6-7 weeks left (less for the rest of you)!

    We took an Infant First Aid/CPR class last weekend. I wish I could find a basic infant care class too. I've been reading a lot but, as these will be our first children and neither of us have ever been around newborns, I feel like there is so much we need to learn how to do!

    GC is 30 weeks 3 days

  12. Hi all,

    So, I go to my weekly NST today and apparently I was having contractions the whole time. I had no idea, though sometimes I could feel a little bit of balling up.

    So my OB had me do an ffn and cervical length. Luckily my cervical length is still 4.2 cm, so she doesn't think that I am at risk for PTL. BUT, she said if my ffn comes back positive today that I am going to have to go to L&D at the hospital and have steroid shots, etc. just in case. Ugh, I'm hoping that isn't the case! She was going to prescribe me some pills to take if the contractions got stronger, but instead she told me to come back tomorrow for another NST.

    Anyone else having any issues? I feel fine, just a little tired from today's events, but I'm hoping that I can hold on to these babies for at least 2 more weeks (until 36 weeks hits). Only good thing is that both babies are head down, so it looks like if I can hold off a few weeks I'll be able to try for a vaginal delivery!

    Hope everyone else is well... I\"ll let you know how it goes!

    b/g twins

  13. Laura--I'm dealing with the same issue. I've been on Procardia since 22 weeks for contractions, and they are getting worse as I get bigger. I actually spent a few days in the hospital last week because sometimes my contractions get so frequent that I can't get them to stop with water and Procardia. They gave me the steroid shots even though my fFN came back negative. I'm glad I got them, though, because now if the boys should happen to make their appearance a little early they should be ok. Of course I'd rather keep them in for another 3 weeks!

    My cerclage is scheduled to be removed on November 23rd, when I'll be 36w4d. I'll stop my Procardia that day as well, and maybe I will be having the babies that night! My u/s last week showed the babies to be 4 lb. 2 oz and 4 lb. 12 oz (at 32 weeks) so they are growing nicely. Both are head down, so I'm reallllly hoping I can have a vaginal delivery. I have been having weekly OB appointments as well as weekly NSTs since 28 weeks. The boys have been doing well on the NSTs.

    I got my H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine today. I feel better having received that so the babies will be protected too. My 4-year-old DS got one too, but DH isn't on the list of high risk people so he couldn't get it yet.

    I'll get another fFN done next Thursday (34 weeks) so hopefully that's still negative because I'd really like to avoid the NICU. I want to breastfeed too, and I have NO experience with that, so I'm going to need them to be with me right away at the beginning so we can figure that out.

    Hope everyone else is still hanging in there! I'm starting to get kind of miserable myself!
    33 weeks b/b twins

  14. Sara-- good to know I'm not alone! I'm jealous you were able to get the swine flue vaccine! They dont have it available ANYWHERE here in NY even if you are pregnant. I'm also worried about my hubby b/c of his CF (respiratory illnesses are high on the risk list too), so I wanted him to get it too. So annoying b/c everyone keeps saying you HAVE to get it, but it's not available... ugh!

    AFM, spoke to the OB last night and my ffn came back negative. So, no steroid shots, but I'm going in for another NST today. I'm feeling better this morning though. I think I probably just need to slow down quite a bit. These babies are definitely getting heavier and I think they are just putting more stress on my uterus!

    Anyway, hope everyone else is doing well!

    b/g twins

  15. Sara,

    That\'s great you were able to get the vaccine. I'm surprised your DH couldn't get it since I thought that people taking care children younger than 6 months were like 2nd in line? My GS hasn't gotten it yet. It's not available and DH and I haven't been able to get it as it's only being given to school children in our area.

  16. DH will be able to get it as soon as the boys are born. They're not giving it to spouses of pregnant women just yet.

    Laura--that\'s great that your fFN was negative!! That gets you to 36 weeks and then you'll be in the clear. Wow, we're all getting so close!!!

    I spent today washing tiny clothes and getting the carseats ready. I need to install the bases in the van still, which I am going to do next weekend. Tomorrow I think I'm going to get my hospital bag mostly packed.

    Is anyone else having a hard time believing this is really going to happen? Maybe it's just me because of my previous loss, but even though I know they're doing great, I'm so afraid something will happen during the birth and I'll lose one or both of them. I did NOT feel this way with my DS. Losing Aiden and Samuel last year really ruined my ability to believe something good can happen to me. I hate that I feel that way.

    33w2d b/b twins

  17. Sara-- Completely understand your feelings. I keep worrying something will happen to one or both of the babies during delivery. Then I remind myself that MOST babies are born just fine and I shouldn't worry about my worst case scenario. Easier said then done though

    The babies are getting heavy though and I'm having more BH when I do anything. I can't believe that in just 12-26 days DH and I will have two children. It's going to be an amazing change!!!

    On another note, one of my best friends is running in the NYC marathon today. I SO can't wait until I can run again!!!! I'm hoping to do a 1/2 marathon within a year of these munchkins being born. I have good motivation b/c I am a bridesmaid in a friends' wedding in Oct 2010.. I just need to lose the baby weight by then! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

    b/g twins

  18. Hello Ladies,

    Kelly, There is nothing I can say to make the pain go away. I am so sorry for your lost.

    I also did H1N1 shot as well as regular flu shot this year. Hopefully it will work. Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pg. WOW, never knew that I am capable of carrying 2 babies that long. But my babies are very little. At 35 weeks they were measuring at 4 lb 1 ounce each. Although my doctor is not concerned since I am small too, I worry a lot. What if something wrong? One baby also has Echogenic Intracardiac Focus.
    Starting week 36 I will have doctor’s appointment & NST twice a week, and u/s every week up until 38 weeks. Hope I can stay pg that long.

    Congratulation for making this far to everyone. Hopefully you are enjoying last couple of weeks of pregnancy.

    Good Luck,


  19. dimash,

    Wow, you are almost there! That's great you were able to get the H1N1 vaccine. It's still not available for my GS and I don't know if it will be before the babies come. I would like to at least get it for DH and I but can't find it where we live yet either.


    I'm totally having a hard time believing this is really going to you can imagine, it's especially hard to believe when I'm not the one who is pregnant! Right now I'm just starting to try to pack some things for the trip. I'd love to get the baby room set up but can't because I waited so long to order the furniture that now I don't think I'll have it in time.

    Have the rest of you gotten your rooms all set up? Is everyone putting both babies in the same room/same crib?

    I feel so horrible for Kelly and her family. It took my a couple days to even be able to post anything on her site because anything I could say just seems so inadequate.

  20. ioannam,

    We waited a long time to order the furniture too! We had construction done to add a room upstairs in our house, which just finished last week. So we ordered furniture and the 2 cribs and dresser come on Wednesday. Unfortunately the changing table is on back order until Dec 18th, so that won't be here in time. I guess we'll be relying on the pack and play changing table and the bed until then! My parents are coming to help finish painting this Friday and they are going to bring the glider and ottoman that they bought us with them. I'm hoping I don't go into labor until at least all of the above has happened!

    We got 2 co-sleepers that attach to the side of our bed for the first 2 months or so anyway, so I guess it won't make too much difference if we don't have their room completely done though. Everything is just so messy until we get the room setup though, it's driving me nuts!

    Are you planning on doing 1 crib/1 bassinett or 2?

    b/g twins

  21. I just wanted to chime in on the sleeping arrangements. I had planned on putting them together for the first couple of months or until they started to bother each other. But then at the multiples class at the hospital, they said just in the last year the SIDS alliance has said NO to co-bedding multiples I was really bummed! Up until a year ago, the hospital even let the twins stay in the same crib. But now there will be no co-bedding at the hospital (if they are in the NICU they will be in a twin room, so at least they'll be in the same room) and I probably won't put them together in the crib either. I think we're going to do two pack n plays (with the bassinet) in our room for the first few weeks, and then they'll go to their cribs after we have the whole breastfeeding thing down. I may let them nap together during the day because someone will be awake and can keep an eye on them.

    On another note, I was so so sad to read Kelly's update on Saturday. It just isn't fair.

  22. I know... poor Kelly, I cannot even imagine how she must be feeling. It truly is not fair at all.


    I didn't know that, but now I'm glad I planned on having them apart. Thanks for the info. I have two of these:

    My sister (who has 2 yr old b/g twins) said they are a Godsend in the middle of the night when you have to feed them b/c you can just roll over and pull them out of them. They are free standing bassinetts that have the option to pull one side down and sidle up to the side of your bed. That way you don't even have to get out of bed to pick them up, but you don't have the same risks as them sleeping IN your bed with you. So one is going on my side and one on DH's side... he's going to have to at least get up too when they need to eat!!!!

  23. Hi all! Hope everyone is feeling well. I'm starting to really feel the weight of the babies and we go for our final (hopefully) appt. with the peri tomorrow. We should get to see how much these babies are weighing.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!


  24. Just a quick update... baby A is 5 lb 7 oz and baby B was 5 lb 15 oz. I can't believe they are so big now. So not more than 2 weeks left :-)

    Hope all is well with everyone!

    b/g twins

  25. Hello Ladies,

    It is nice to see that everyone is doing fine.

    Laura, wow over 5 lb each at 35 weeks. You are doing grate. I would be so lucky if mine 5 lb by 38 weeks.

    We found out that I have high level of protein that can be a symptom of Preeclampsia. Also, my babies are smaller babies that can be caused by preeclampsia. Lately I have been doing a lot of tests to see what is going on. I am also dilating. My cervix has been at 1.5 centimeters for a week. I am really getting close to the end.

    Best wishes to everyone.

    Me, 37 weeks with b/g twins

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