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  1. Staci--I remember that scare you had last week! I still can't believe the OB couldn't find anything. I did the first trimester screen with my first twin pregnancy and the blood work came back with one or both babies having a 1 in 72 chance of having Down's. DH and I were both 28 at the time, and the NT u/s showed everything looking normal. We chose not to have an amnio and instead had a VERY detailed Level 2 u/s. The u/s appeared normal as well. As you know, we lost them at 21 weeks, and to me they looked perfect, though tiny. This time around I chose not to do any screening since we'll be having so many u/s. I figure if something is wrong they'll notice it on the u/s and why put us through the worry if there's nothing to worry about?

    I think I developed a UTI from having the catheter during my cerclage placement. The nurse called in a prescription for me this morning so hopefully I start to feel better soon. They didn't make me come in to do a test, so I guess it's possible I'm just having some side effects from the surgery. I feel bad having taken SO many medications already during this pregnancy. I've never been one to even take so much as Tylenol during pregnancy and already I've had antibiotics, Tylenol 3 (with codeine), all kinds of stuff in my IV at the hospital (anti-nausea medication, pain medication), and pills to help calm my uterus after the cerclage. I know they wouldn't give me this stuff if it wasn't safe, but it still bothers me to be taking so much. Which reminds me, I'm supposed to start my 17p injections this week. *sigh* more shots in my butt. FUN.

    I really shouldn't complain so much. I am thrilled to be pregnant again. I am just so scared I'm going to go through all this **** and have a negative outcome again. It's really hard for me to enjoy this pregnancy. I'm sorry to be such a downer.

    I hope everyone else is still doing well. Pretty soon we'll start finding out what we're having and that will be exciting! Is anybody NOT going to find out? I feel like I need to know so that maybe I can bond some with these babies.

    Take care everyone!
    Sara 14 weeks

  2. Staci-- The ultra screen testing I had done was the non-invasive test that involved bloodwork and NT scan (ultrasound). Essentially they checked the NT space at the back of both babies necks and to make sure they had nasal bones, then they did some blood work as well. The u/s portion was normal and the u/s tech was able to tell us immediately that she didnt see anything wrong (both babies had nasal bones and the space was barely measurable for her... it took forever but both were .7mm. Anything under 3.0 mm is supposed to be good I believe). I got the full results 10 days later and it came back that both were negative.

    I know they can also do CVS during the first trimester and amnio during the 2nd. I'm not planning to have either of these done. But there is a 2nd trimester blood screening you can have done that in accordance with the first trimester ultra screen can give you a more detailed picture of the potential chances for your baby to have issues (i.e. Spina Bifida, Downs, etc.).

    Either way, good luck in your choice!

    AFM, I am having these little pains (very dull.. nothing sharp) that feel like they start in my vagina and move upward toward my belly button. Has anyone else had anything like this? I have no bleeding or cramping, but I've had these pains on and off for about 3 days. It happens to be coinciding with a bit of constipation, so I'm not sure if it is just secondary effects of that or not. Anyway, just thought I would ask and see if any of you were having anything even remotely similar! I go to the OB again on Thursday, so unless it gets worse between now and then I'll probably just wait and see what she says then.

    15 weeks

  3. Hi

    Staci, you also may want to discuss timing of the amnio with the genetics. Since amnio is normally done between 18-20 weeks, you may have very limited options if one baby is effected. The SR is almost impossible at this time. Best of Luck.

    Sara, hope you feel much better soon.

    We chose not to find out gender of the babies until the babies are bone. We could have known since the beginning since we had to do the PGD. But I think it is B/G.

    Best wishes

  4. Hey ladies -

    I've been out of the loop lately, but I just read what's going on with everyone. I'm excited to hear when everyone finds out the genders!! Please post! We actually found out at 12 weeks b/c of the CVS we had done, and so DH and I are having fun playing with names for 2 more boys (we have 17 month old Noah who is currently running me ragged!)

    I had some bleeding 2 weeks ago that the peri said was just a sub-chorionic hemorrhage...he said it was so minor on the u/s that if I wasn't having symptoms, he wouldn't have mentioned it, and that it should resolve itself. I was surprised to hear that at the time (14 weeks), Baby B (our triplet with Trisomy 18) still has a hb. They keep saying she won't make it much longer, but I'm just worrying that she's suffering. Both docs assure me she is not.

    Other than that, I'm feeling better - morning sickness seems to be subsiding, and I'm getting more energy. Baby A, whose intestines were still on the outside at 12 weeks, appears to have everything in its place. I promise you, all this intense testing they do is going to make me crazy!! We've had one thing to actually worry about (Baby B), but everything else seems to have been a scare - Baby C may have down's or may have a heart defect, Baby A may have chromosome problems, etc...and then it turns out okay. Calgon, take me away!

    I pray we all have healthy babies!

    Laura - Are the pains constant, or do they subside after a minute or so?? I don't remember if these are your first babies, but I didn't know what a contraction felt like until I was in the hospital delivering my son. It's probably nothing, but just be sure to mention it to your OB.

    Sara - I'm glad your procedure went well, but I hope you feel better soon from the after-effects. Don't be so hard on yourself!!

    16 weeks

  5. Kelly,

    They are intermittant, but dont last more than a second at a time. But I've been having them since Thursday. I called the OB office on Sat. and the nurse said it was normal when I described it. Still kind of freaks me out I've had it for so long now and I still am getting them, but I go to the doctor on Thursday morning, so I guess I'll wait and see! No bleeding or cramping, so I guess I can be thankful for that.


  6. Laura,

    At least you're going to the doctor on Thursday, and they can make sure all is okay. I'm sure the nurse is right and it's normal. I've been getting \"round ligament pain\" - pretty much just on my left side. Mine is more of a sharp pain when I stretch or move the wrong way. It also only lasts for a second or so, but I definitely remember this from growing during my previous pregnancy. Not fun! I gained 50 lb with my singleton son - can't wait to see how I tip the scales on this one

    How is everyone else doing? Staci, good luck with your appointment tomorrow!


  7. I went in for my OB appt today, and triplet B no longer has a heartbeat. I knew this was inevitable with her diagnosis of Trisomy 18, but it was still very hard to hear, just the same. The other 2 boys are growing well. The doctor is somewhat relieved that this makes my pregnancy less high risk b/c it's no longer a triplet, but now a more manageable twin pregnancy where the babies can stay in a little longer.

    The doc was measuring my cervix via u/s and noted that Baby A's placenta is completely on top the the cervix (placenta previa), which would be an issue if I were planning on a vaginal delivery, but with a planned C-section, it shouldn't amount to anything. Also, if there's any bleeding, I know what it's likely coming from.

    I wish for once I can have an uneventful doctor visit!


  8. Kelly--I'm so sorry to hear about baby B. I can't believe she hung on for as long as she did--what a fighter! And with the placenta previa, it can always move, not that it would make a difference in your delivery, but, you know...

    I hear 'ya on hoping for an uneventful visit one of these times! I go on Thursday to my OB for a regular checkup, and I'm hoping it'll be uneventful. Things are feeling very different \"down there\" since my cerclage and I just need some peace of mind. I wonder if she'd do a cervical exam just to check it out because I feel like my uterus is going to fall out unless I'm lying down. I'm guessing that's not a good thing to be feeling....

    I have one more week until my transvaginal cervical length ultrasound. I sure hope everything is holding up in there, and I also hope they'll do an abdominal u/s and peek between the legs. I'll be 15w5d so it could be pretty accurate by then.

    Sara 14w5d

  9. Thanks, Sara! I'm sure that would feel weird with a cerclage. I just started feeling \"pressure\" when I stand for a while. I went to the pool today, and it's amazing how nice it feels to be buoyant! While my cervical length is somewhat short (borderline needing a cerclage), the OB is encouraged b/c I carried my son until 39 weeks w/o cervix issues. They're going to keep monitoring it, though.

    I would just try to sweet-talk the sonographer into peeking btwn the legs. They say you can tell on an u/s at 14 weeks, so certainly by 15w5d they should be able to tell. And it's not like they have to do some other extensive test - you're in the same room, just take a look! Fingers crossed for you


  10. Hi everyone,

    Sorry I haven't posted for a few days but we went out to Vegas for the first trimester screening (more on that in a few minutes).


    I'm really sorry about Baby B. Even though you knew that was where things were headed, I know it's still got to be hard to deal with.


    Thanks for the info. on the 2nd trimester blood screening. I will research that.

    Hello to everyone else. Sorry if I make this a bit short. We just got back a few hours ago and I'm exhausted.

    The screening went well. They did the nuchal measurements and they were within the normal range....although one was like .145 and the other was .206 so I don't know if I should be a little worried about the 2nd one. They said everything was normal and looked good. I ended up going ahead with the bloodwork even though it's not as accurate for twins. It will be about a week to get that back. DH got a bit panicked when the genetic counselor said the risk of some kind of chromosomal abnormality is 1 in 34 at my age (I'm 39). I knew it was bad but even I didn't realize it was that bad.

    The technician took a guess that we have 2 boys! My GC is 13 weeks. I'm not sure how accurate they can be this early but I'm guessing they are more accurate early on if it's a boy than the other way around?

    Anyway, will post more tomorrow.

    GC is 13 weeks 1 day

  11. Staci, that means 33 of 34 are normal, right? Will pray that your two are in the 33 and not the one. I was 39.9 at ER. Glad they didn't tell me my risk.


  12. I love looking at probability backwards like that, too!

  13. Kelly-- Very sorry about Baby B... but very good news that A and C are doing well.

    Sara/Kelly-- I've been feeling a lot of pressure lately too. The OB said yesterday that it is just b/c the babies position and that they are getting bigger. Maybe they'll move up a little bit soon!

    Staci-- Congrats on the NT scan results. When I researched it I found that anything under 3 mm was good, so you seem like your measurements are right on!

    AFM, went to the OB yesterday for them to check my cervix. Everything is good, it is still long and closed. Heard the h/bs vias doppler and both were 130s. They did a transvaginal u/s to check the cervix and so all I got to see of the babies was the top of Baby A's head. Apparently still upside down!

    I got paperwork for getting the Quad Screen blood tests (2nd trimester screening) done in the next week and 1/2. And I have another cervix check appt. in 2 weeks. My pains have subsided and the OB said it was normal growing pains. She felt my tummy and said my uterus was the size of a singleton pregnancy at 20weeks so the pains are just that I am growing 4 weeks bigger/faster than the 16 weeks that I am.

    I can't believe I have to wait until 20 weeks to find out if they are boys or girls! Ugh... I'm so impatient But my last day of work is July 2nd, so I've at least got something to look forward too!


  14. Hi everyone,

    I got the 1st trimester results back and they were much better than I was expecting so I can breathe a sigh of relief. I found it a little odd that I got the exact same result for both though even though the NT measurements were different. Does that seem strange to anyone? I called back the nurse and asked her about it but she said she had already returned the chart to medical records and she was sure it had been the same for each one and that happens sometimes.


    Is it basically the same issue with the 2nd trimester blood tests as far as not being as accurate with twins? I'm still torn on whether I'll even do that one or not.

    Congrats on your last day of work tomorrow!

    Hello to everyone else.

    Have any of you started buying things yet? My MIL is visiting next week and she really wanted to go shopping for baby stuff. I told her I'm just not comfortable enough yet. We had bought some things for an adoption that never happened so I do have some basics as a result of that. As far as furnishing the baby room though, I hate doing things last minute but I just don't see myself being brave enough for quite awhile.

    GS is 14weeks 1 day

  15. Staci -

    Congrats on your 1st trimester screening results!! I'm sure that was a big sigh of relief! As for the 2nd trimester screening, my OB recommended AGAINST it b/c he said there are a lot of false positives with multiples. Not to mention, I did have triplets, and now I have twins, so he wasn't sure what it would show. He said it would probably just give us unnecessary worry.

    I, too, am a little too nervous to buy anything for the twins just yet. I have a Level II u/s and echocardiogram with my peri next Friday. Maybe I'll feel more comfortable after that? I don't like to procrastinate, but I feel like I don't want to jinx anything!

    Hoping you're all doing well!


  16. Staci--glad to hear the results were good from the first trimester screen. I don't know anything about the second trimester screen; I'm not doing any testing since I'm having so many ultrasounds this time.

    I won't be buying anything for the twins until they are viable. After my level 2 u/s with my last twins, I went crazy and bought a TON of stuff. Then when they were born 2 weeks later my parents had to return everything. I didn't know I'd end up with twins again and it hurt too bad to keep it all.

    I had an appointment with my OB last week. She checked my cervix and said it felt great. She also said the peri told her the cerclage placement went well. Then I went to the peri's office yesterday to have a transvaginal cervical length u/s which showed my cervix to be over 4 cm the whole time (even with pressure! yay!). I wasn't expecting any problems yet because last time, even at my 19 week u/s my cervix was over 4 cm. Something happened between then and at 21 weeks when my water broke.

    The u/s tech did a quick abdominal u/s just to check for heart tones, which were good. I convinced her to peek between the legs and, though she wouldn't say 100%, it looks like we're having 2 boys again. We're finding it very difficult to come up with 2 more boy names!!

    I see my OB again next week, and go back for my level 2 u/s July 31st when I'll be 20 weeks. They'll also to a transvaginal u/s to check the cervical length again. Hopefully things still look good and I can continue to not be on bed rest.

    How\'s everyone else??

    Sara 15w6d

  17. Sara,

    This may be a silly question, but my water never broke with my first pregnancy until they induced your docs think the problem the first time had something to do with your cervix not being strong enough/long enough? Is that why your water broke so early? Are there other reasons your water can break early?

    I\'m glad to hear that everything is looking good Congrats on the 2 boys!! We could come up with boy names all day long - it was girl names that tripped us up. Our boys are Wyatt (baby a) and Jack (baby c). Noah is their big brother.


  18. Kelly--
    That\'s a good question! We have a chicken or the egg problem. The doctor's aren't sure if I dilated and then my water broke (incompetent cervix) or if my water broke and then I dilated (pPROM--preterm premature rupture of the membranes). They assumed my cervix was just as strong as it was with DS1 and never really checked it. My doctor had to break my water with DS1 (Carter) so I was surprised, to say the least. pPROM can happen to anyone at anytime, and there is no known reason for it. You can have an infection in the chorion which causes it to weaken and then break, but I only had a mild infection (probably from going 36 hours from when my water broke to when I delivered Aiden and Samuel) so the doctors don't think that was the reason for my rupture. The night I ruptured, I had a funny feeling in my vagina, and when I checked I did have something bulging in there, so I'm going with the incompetent cervix theory. If that's the case, then I expect my cervix to start changing around 20 to 21 weeks, but hopefully the cerclage will keep everything in place.

    We have a good friend who has a son named Noah, so that won't work! We LOVE the name Jack, but it won't work with our last name (think of an alcoholic beverage and add \"on\"). Right now we have a small list--Isaac, William, Nicholas, and Joseph. I just have to decide which of those I could live with forever! I like the name Max, too, but we have a neighbor whose son is named that, so again, probably won't work.

    Sara 16 weeks

  19. Sara,

    Thanks for the info! I guess the important thing now is that history is NOT going to repeat itself - keep telling yourself that!!

    2 things about names (just my opinion, of course):
    1. Those people will not always live on your street. Use Max if you like it! My MIL regrets never naming any of her children Katie..she gave me that advice
    2. I love all the names you're considering. Isaac was on my list of favorites, and I really like traditional names like William, Nicholas and Joseph.

    It sounds like you're off to a good start!


  20. Sara,

    That must have been horrible. I'm glad your parents did the returns for you. I just ended stuffing a lot of the things we bought for the adoption in a closet. Things were looking dismal for us to ever be able to use any of it, but I couldn't bring myself to go make the returns so went past the time period. Fortunately, the place we had ordered furniture from was really nice about it and returned our full deposit even though the order had already arrived at their store.

    I'm very glad they're keeping a close eye on you this time. It's just so scary that it could happen to anyone for the first time even if their pregnancies went well in the past and, most likely, it would be too late by the time the Dr.'s caught it.

    I'm really struggling with boy's names too. One thing with having children this late in life is it's very hard to find a name that one of my SIL's or many stepsisters/stepbrothers or friends of myself or DH haven't already used!
    DH likes the name Jesse a lot so we may use that for one of them. Another thought is Logan. We're definitely from from decided though. One thing I learned when we were thinking of names when we thought we were adopting is not to run names by family members (or at least not my family members)! Then you have to deal with them saying they knew someone with that name who they didn't like or that they know a close friend whose child has that name, or they would tell me they just didn't like the name.


    Very cute names! Did you and your DH have an easy time agreeing on them?
    With girls names, DH and I actually agreed on one's that we liked pretty easily. With boy's names.....not so much.

    I'm thinking I'll also skip the 2nd trimester b/w. My GC will be getting 2 ultrasounds a month so I think that would be a better way of keeping an eye out for issues. They have her scheduled for a \"detailed anatomy u/s\" at her 16wk6day appt. on July 20. Does anyone know what that is exactly? Would that normally be the one where they determine the sexes....even though I think we already know?

    GC is 14wks 2 days

  21. Staci -

    No problems really getting DH to agree on baby names. I just kept calling the babies by these names until I think it started to sink in with him We went through a million baby names first, though, just to see how they sounded.

    I totally agree that it's hard to share the name with other people/family and deal with what they have to say about it. I told a friend yesterday about Wyatt and Jack, and I could completely tell she didn't like the names, but that's why they're our names, not hers! It frustrated me, though, b/c it didn't even seem like she tried to hide it.

    Have you guys heard of the syllable rule with baby names? I heard somewhere that to have a \"better\" sounding name, the first and last name should have a different number of syllables. So if your last name has one syllable, the baby name would sound better with two or three syllables. It's wacky, but I got that stuck in my head, and so I would rule things out based on that principle alone (pregnancy hormones have definitely made me crazy!)

    As far as the Level II u/s - I'm having one Friday, so I can tell you for sure then (although they're also doing an echo on both babies then, which I don't think is normal, but considering the loss of baby B, they're checking out everything on the boys, too). For my son, this took about an hour, and they measured EVERYTHING! They looked at things like does the umbilical cord have 3 vessels, does the heart have 4 chambers, yep there are 2 kidneys, etc. I would think they would determine the sexes then, too.

    How is everyone else feeling? Hope you guys had a nice holiday weekend!

    18 weeks - Half way there?!

  22. Hi all! Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend :-)

    Last Thurs was my last day of work, so I am officially retired now! I'm so excited to finally be able to focus on getting our house prepped and taking good care of these babies! My job was so stressful, I swear I have had a perma-smile since I quit :-) I go to the doctor on Thurs for another cervix check, but all in all I've been feeling great. Less work = more exercise for me, so I'm really excited. Next appt is on Thurs to have my cervix checked and I should get the quad screen results back then!

    Kelly, Staci, Sara-- Hubby and I have no problem with the baby names... it's just having enough babies to fill them :-) We've picked out 2 girl names and 2 boy names so we're ready either way when we finally find out!

    Sara-- Congrats on the boys That must be very exciting to finally know!

    Have a great week everyone!


  23. I went for my perinatologist appointment on Friday morning, and they admitted me directly to the hospital from there! They measured my cervix at 22mm - a change from 33 mm 2 weeks prior. I was also having contractions when they put me on the monitor, although I hadn't felt them. So, I spent the weekend on hospital bed rest, had the pleasure of getting a cerclage on Saturday, and now I'm on bed rest at home for the duration of my pregnancy!

    In addition, they found a heart problem with Baby A on the echo. They called in a pediatric cardiologist to consult, and he identified the problem to be one of a few possibilities - all are treatable with surgery after the baby is born. It looks like on the echo that there is only one vessel coming off of the ventricles instead of two. We'll go to see him again in a month when the babies are bigger, and he should be able to better identify the problem.

    Somebody tell me a positive story about their pregnancy - I really need to hear it right now!

    19w2d (16w5d of bed rest to go until my goal of 36 weeks)

  24. Hello,

    Oh Kelly, I am so sorry. I hope that u/s is not definite and next month you will have good news about baby’s A heart. It is very unfortunate that your cervix has shortened, but the good news that they caught it before you went into labor. Hopefully doctors will monitor you closely from now on.

    How does everyone doing?

    About me. I had my last u/s last week at 19w (my prior one was at 13w with peri during CVS). It seems to be OK, but they move my due day by a week or so. I worry a little about the cervix since I am not being checked that often. At 20w I only gained around 13-14 lbs compare to 20 lbs recommended by some practitioners. But the doctor is not concerned at all at this point. We start telling people this Sunday. We really waited long.

    Best wishes,

  25. Kelly--- So sorry to hear that about the bed rest and baby A's heart. dimash is right though.. good thing they caught both of them early before anything too bad happened!!! Good luck to you and I'll keep you in my thoughts.

    dimash--- You're worried about gaining too little and I'm worried about too much! I've gained 17 pounds and I'm only 18w4d. It's so weird though, it's like I haven't gained weight anywhere but my stomach, which is HUGE! I look like I am at least 6.5 months pregnant w/ a singleton.

    AFM went to the OB last Thurs for a cervix check and all was well. Baby's h/bs were 148 and 156 though we didn't get to see them on the u/s (did transvaginal just to check the cervix). My doctor felt to examine my uterus and she said it is about the size of someone at 26-28 weeks with a singleton... so I'm measuring in size about 8 weeks ahead of where I am. No wonder I am so big They also just called today to say that the second trimester quad screen results came back negative, which is a huge relief. Now we just have to wait two more weeks for the full anatomy u/s and to find out if we are having boys/girls/or boy and girl. Good thing we are going on vacation on Sat for a week b/c I have never been good at the 2ww\'s!


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