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  1. Hi there

    Just had my first US today and it is twins! This is our second fresh IVF attempt. I am 8 w today, twin A measures 8w and twin B 7w3d. I am 30 and my dh 32. Anyone want to join me and share experiences?


  2. My name is okan, I am 39 first ivf after tubal reversal. I am also pregnant with twins at us today both measured 8w4d. Baby a hb 167 and Baby B hb of 170 up from 140 a week ago. My due date is 12/10/09. I live in Alabama. Looking forward to getting to know you on this crazy rollercoaster ride.


  3. Hi okan


    I was surprised at the US to discover twins, my beta's at 12dpt5dt 171 and 14dpt5dt 425. Surprised but thrilled At the US twin A HR 162 and twin B 140. I have a very small SCH (sub chorionic hemorrhage?sp) next to twin B. They say it is only 1cm x 0.5cm x far no bleeding or spotting.

    How are you feeling?

    I am very tired and in bed most nights around 9 -9:30. So far just feeling a little queasy in the afternoon, hopefully that doesn't worsen.

    It is exciting to share this with you, we have only told two good friends. We hope to tell our parents on Mother's day

    Sorry for going on and on....
    Take care

  4. My \"due date\" is 12/9/09 based on my retrieval.... but I don't think I am going to make till then Both beans measured about 8w 2 days.. They are about 5 days ahead right now.

    I am very very very tired also.... and an occasional spotting issue. But the u/s look good and I was released to my OB. My first appointment is next monday.

    Congrats to all!

  5. I am 7w4d, had my u/s last week at 7w and found 2 little ones with heartbeats. My official due date is Dec. 21, but I'm guessing it'll be quite a bit earlier. I had my son at 37 weeks, and last September my water broke at 21w and I delivered my twin boys at 21w1d. They lived less than an hour.

    So, needless to say, I am quite freaked out right now! I'm so scared we're not going to make it past 21 weeks again, and have to bury more children.

    It'll be nice to have some other twin mommies due around the same time as me! Congrats to all!


  6. Sara: So Sorry to hear about you previous twins. Has the Dr got a game plan for this pregnancy. Take it easy here if you need anything.

    Nikoleta: We are very close. I also don't think I will make it to Dec. I already look 4 months pregnant so wearing the maternity pants now. I will be a scheduled C-Section. I also have been released to my OB. Still on PIO and estrogen patches till 10 weeks.

    Laura: My beta seemed low also for twins to me. But we did transfere two a 9cell and a 7 cell embie.

    Just taking it easy to day go back to work tonight. I have been off for almost two weeks because of spotting. RE and OB not concerened both states old blood form implantation. Talk to yall soon.


  7. Hi Ladies,

    Can I join you?

    Currently I am pg with twins. My due date is 12/01. I am also high risk due to the chromosomal condition that I am a carrier and my size. I am 30, my DH is 34.

    Best wishes to All.

  8. Welcome dimash congrats on the hb's. Its a wonderful sound. I've gotten to see mine three three times already and I still cry everytime. I am also conisedered high risk at this time the OB is seeing me every two weeks until I am out of the first trimester. I will be 9 weeks tomorrow.


  9. okan--I will see my OB in a week, so we'll see what kind of plan she has for me. I'm really hoping she'll be extra careful and see me often. Since we're not sure why my water broke, I think she's going to treat me high-risk.

    To the others--welcome and congrats!

  10. Welcome Sara, Nikoleta, and dimash

    Hi okan

    I thought I would escape this experience without too much nausea, but it has been rearing its ugly head the past few evenings.

    I have another US on Monday to check the size of the SCH.

    Do you ladies have any plans on when to tell friends and family or have you already shared the exciting news?

    I am unsure of the \"twin\" issue, I am sure we will get a lot of nosy questions. We have kept infertility/IVF pretty private. Any thoughts/suggestions.

    Take care ladies

  11. Hi,

    Retam, good luck with US Monday

    We have been keeping our IF issues very private as well. We are planning to start telling close friends and family at 20 weeks or so. I would want to see amnio results before making any announcements.

    I am planning to tell my manager at about 16 weeks. If this pg works, they will need to find a backup.

    I really do not know how to handle twin questions at this point.

    Good Luck to All

  12. dimash: When you tell people is up to you. Its a very personal choice. I myself have been open about the process from the start so all my coworkers and family know. May I ask your so young under 35 why are they doing an Amino?? I am so very blessed that I have not had any nausea or morning sickness. HOpe it gets better


  13. I went in for an u/s yesterday because I was bleeding. The DR found that one of the baby's placentas was a little bit separated from the uterine wall. GREAT. Just what I need. So I googled placental separation in the first trimester (bad idea) and found that 50% of these cases end in miscarriage. Just perfect. Dr didn't seem to think it was that big of a deal, and when I asked if it would fix itself he said, \"hopefully.\" Nice! So now I have to wait another week to see if it's fixed itself and meanwhile, I keep wondering if that little guy is going to make it.

    I'm totally freaked out now and thinking I'm never going to get a sibling for DS.

  14. Hi all... I've been posting to the Dec 2009 due date board, but since I am having twins, I thought I'd lurk here too First of all... congrats to everyone!

    According to my RE I should be 8 weeks 3 days, but we had our u/s with the OB yesterday and saw the twins again. They are measuring 2.20 and 2.06cm with heartbeats of 176 and 179... so they are 8w5days and 8w6days by measurement. The OB said my due date should be between Dec 12-14ish. It was very exciting to hear their little hearts! We go back in 2 weeks again and I can't wait to see them again

    Background... I'm 27 and husband is 28. My husband has full blown CF and therefore has CBAVD... but luckily I'm healthy with no known issues. We did 3 fresh cycles and 1 frozen at and RE in NYC with no luck except one m/c at 7.5 weeks on 2nd fresh (even though they gave us 68% chances). Switched RE's to one on Long Island and voila, 1st fresh cycle I got BFP with twins We also have 5 frozen embryos and 2 frozen sperm samples now... so hopefully we are in good shape. After a year and a half and about $70,000 (no insurance, so all out of pocket), we're finally looking forward to finally being parents!

    zIVF: We're not planning on doing CVS or amnio (or any other invasive tests) as we don't want to risk anything. And we would have the babies even if we found out there was an issue anyway, so we just don't want to take any risks.

    amen: We've already told our family and only 1 or 2 really close friends. Since I'm planning to stop working around our anniversary vacation in July I'm going to give my notice to work around 13 or 14 weeks (I have very stressful job and don't want it to cause any issues w/ the pregnancy). Other than that though I think we are going to start telling our friends, etc. around the 13th. Although obviously everyone is different... I read that you start to show w/ twins about 6-8 weeks sooner than with singletons. So it may be kind of hard for others not to notice after around 20 weeks or so! I guess we'll all find out though

  15. Hello,
    Hope everybody doing well,
    Welcome Zia and Kotsilas,

    okan, I do understand that when to tell people is a personal choice for everyone. By no means was I trying to influence someone’s decision. I was just sharing my personal choice with Retam. She was interested when people start telling friends and family.

    Sara, I am very sorry that you started bleeding. Hopefully, your doctor is right and it is nothing to worry about. Best wishes to you.

    Zia, I will be doing either CVS or Amnio. Per my research, amnio with twins is way less risky. So at this point I am considering amnio over CVS. I will have US with perinatologist (who also does CVS) on 21st. If US show any abnormalities in the baby’s development, I will have to switch to CVS. Again, this is my personal choice based on the conditions that I am a carrier for.
    There are pros and cons of amnio with twins. The amnio is less risky. However if you have to abort one child in order to save another it is better to do it earlier. In my particular case I was given 97% chance of m/c of abnormal baby. That is why I would be switching to CVS if perinatologis sees any abnormalities. Good Luck with the decision, I know it is not easy.

    Best wishes to everyone.

  16. Welcome Zia and Kotsilas

    Hi ladies

    Sara I am so sorry to hear about your US and bleeding. I hope you are in the positive 50% and that it settles. Does your OB have you on bedrest?
    Take care.


  17. Laura--No, I haven't been told to be on bedrest. I'm still under the care of my RE--I won't go to my OB until Wednesday. I'm really taking it as easy as I can right now, and with the weekend coming up I will definitely be lying around a lot. I teach part-time so I'm not working too hard, and I've been sitting as much as I can while I teach. I'm going back and forth on calling my RE and asking him if I should be on bedrest or if there's really no point. I guess I figured he would have told me if he was worried--maybe it's inevitable and a m/c is going to happen no matter what. I just hope I get to keep at least one of the little buggers! I lost my entire breakfast this morning in the toilet, so I better get one of them!!

  18. Just checking in Sara.... I hope things are settling for you.
    Take care

  19. Hi ladies

    Just heard back from my RE, Twin B had no heartbeat today.... Twin A has a good heartbeat and is measuring normally. I have to go back in 1 week to check on \"A\" and hope that they are ok. I don't know what to feel, right now I am numb.....Has anyone heard of this happening and continuing with a normal pregnancy?

  20. Hi,

    Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. There is nothing I an tell you to make your pain go away. HUGS
    Although it did not happened to me, I know 2 females who loss a twin (one at 16 weeks, another at 21 weeks) and delivered a normal second baby. I wish you the best.

    Hope everything going well. Did anybody start showing at this point? When I got PG I was just 100lb. Currently, I am 11 weeks and I am not showing at all.

    Best wishes to everyone.

  21. Laura--I'm so sorry for the loss of twin B. I am feeling at this point like my Twin B may no longer be with me either. After my bleeding episode on Thursday, Friday-Monday I had a LOT of cramping, and it didn't feel like the good growing-type cramping either. I woke up this morning feeling peachy keen so it seems as though my m/s has subsided. Oh, how I long to feel yucky again! I see my OB tomorrow and I'm going to ask her for a quick u/s because I just don't think I can wait until Thursday when I see the RE again. I really hope at least baby A is still with me.

    I personally have no experience with a vanishing twin, but I have read about quite a few ladies who lost one and the other was just fine. The lost one will just reabsorb into the uterine wall.

    Hang in there, Laura, and try to stay positive about baby A.

  22. Laura I am so sorry to hear about your little bean. My first pregnacy was twins (naturally) but the second twin reasorbed (between 6 and 8 weeks) but I went on to have a healthy baby boy. So yes it is possible. Hope this helps.


  23. I had my appt. with my OB this morning. I was there for almost 2 hours!! She is so good. Anyway, she decided to do an u/s and both babies look great. Baby A has a subchorionic hemorrhage right on top, but she thought it would go away eventually. Well, I sure hope so! Babies were measuring right on and had great heartbeats. Whew, what a relief!

    She\'s going to talk to the peris today and see if they want me. She said she'd like me to have a cerclage placed at 13 weeks. So, it looks like I'm going to be seeing the docs a lot this time around. Let's hope I get to take a baby or two home with me this time!

  24. Hello,
    How everyone is doing?

    Zia, I did CVS this morning. CVS was done abdominally for both babies. Basically, they sterile my belly, did Novocain shot then put long needle through the belly to get the sample and did it all over again for the second baby. Novocain shot was somewhat painful but not that bad. Rest of the procedure was fine.

    Best wishes

  25. dimash--when do you get the results of your CVS back?

    AFM, I had another really long appointment with my OB yesterday. She very carefully did a pap smear and internal exam. She almost didn't do one because she didn't want to \"stir things up\" but in the end she decided she really wanted a pap smear before I have my cerclage in a few weeks. When she did the internal exam, she was able to just barely get her fingertip in my cervix. That kind of freaked me out. She said it just confirmed her feelings on putting in the cerclage and even though she's able to do one (the McDonald) she wants the peri to do it because he can do the Shirodkar which is stronger and can be placed higher up in the cervix. She said the opening could have been because I delivered twins in September, or it could be the beginning of IC.

    I'll go in 2 weeks to have a cervical length u/s and a consult with the peri about cerclage. I'm hoping he can do it ASAP after the appointment because I'm afraid my cervix won't hold out.

    My OB wants me to stay on PIO to help prevent preterm labor. Eventually she may switch me to the 17P shots which are weekly (that would be so much nicer on my bum!) but for now, I 'get' to keep shooting up daily. I'll see her again the same day I meet with the peri--June 11 is going to be a day full of doctor appointments!!

    Sorry for the long update. I'm just not an easy case. I did get to hear the h/bs with the doppler, but she let me have an u/s anyway so I could make sure they were both still in there! Have I mentioned how much I like this doctor?

    How\'s everyone else doing? Hopefully everybody else has boring updates with no problems

    Sara 11w today!

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