Any input on Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago???

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  1. Hi!

    After 3 unsuccessful attempts with my own eggs, DH and I have decided the DE route. Our last IVF attempt was at CCRM and we were very happy with the clinic. We have been considering CCRM for DE option, due to their high stats. However, they don't provide pictures of donors. Now that we have moved to Chicago area we are thinking of trying DE at Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. It is a bit cheaper than CCRM and you can see donor pictures, but their stats are a bit lower.

    I would love to hear your opinions/experiences with that clinic.


  2. Hello- I am 33 years old, did my first IVF with DE at AFCC, we transferred 2 day 5 morulas, and I am 15 weeks pregnant with twins!
    They are great- I would recommend them to anyone. Good luck

  3. I am from Chicago but did an IVF round at CCRM based on my NYC friends' recommendations. I loved CCRM, but we got horrible fertilization, which the doctor attributed to ovarian reserve and egg quality issues. We decided to do donor eggs, but I didn't think we needed CCRM for donor eggs. I interviewed doctors at Northwestern, Fertility Centers of IL (Dr. Kaplan) and AFCC to make a choice. I liked the doctor at AFCC, but I didn't think AFC had a lot of donors.

    I liked how FCI allowed use of 4 big Chicago donor agencies, and they also offered the shared risk program, so we had some insurance if the DE failed. I looked through profiles from all 4 agencies and chose the donor that I liked best (--it was very important to me to use a proven donor), out of dozens of profiles I reviewed. We paid $22,500 at FCI for guaranteed 3 fresh cycles and infinite frozen. We ended up getting pregnant at FCI with b/g twins on the first try. We also have 9 frozen embies (a whole baseball team!). I think the bottom line is if you are pretty sure your anatomy is okay and it's an egg issue, but you want to choose your donor from many different applicants, then FCI. If you don't care as much, and want to go as cheaply as possible, then AFCC is definitely cheaper because they recruit their own donors.

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