Any experience poor response to meds?

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  1. I am 32 years old. Been ttc for 2.5 years now. Trying for IVF the 4th time. My last three cycle got canceled because I did not produce a good number of follicles.

    1 st Cycle - 4 follies but RE canceled cycle bc he thought i can produce more
    2nd cycle - had a lead egg problem so cycle got canceled
    3rd Cycle - 1 follie

    My FSH is normal. HSG came out normal too. MY RE said some women just don't repsond well to meds.

    Has anyone had this experience before?

  2. I just saw your post. Sorry you have been cancelled so much.

    I'm 34, FSH 6.5 and E2 in normal range. My 1st IVF (long lupron protocol) produced 4 eggs (chem). 2nd & 3rd IVF antagon 12 and 9 eggs. I am changing RE's for IVF #4 and will be trying a different protocol (lupron flair).

    My advice, if your RE has not changed your protocol w/each cycle, find a new RE.

  3. hi simc,

    thanks for responding!

    yes i just change RE in June. so far have not done much with her because now i have other issues that hinder IVF process: cysts and high FSH. sigh...

  4. hopeful: i have similar situation. im 32 now with slightly out of range FSH. 11.2 and 10. but still nothing to be really worried about. they do not retrieve more than 6 eggs on both of my cycles and that's with high does of drugs.
    is your lining thick at time of ET? have you check your progestone level? have ER gave you more meds?

    good luck.

  5. simc-- I am actually on another thread and I have the same probelm as you my first IVf was a BFN on the Long Lupron protocol. I just did IVF #2 with the antagonist protocol (ganirelix). And Like it alot better. I got better egg quality and stimmed less with less meds. You should look into it. My beta is sept 19 so I will let you know how it worked out.

  6. bolajing - Thanks. Unfortunately, I've done the antagonist (ganirelix) protocol twice w/no success. The Lupron flair protocol that I will be using for my next cycle is also commonly used for low response. My new RE is hopeful that it will be the right combination of meds for me. I guess we'll see. Good luck w/your beta.

  7. I had this problem too. I was on 450units of meds and not producing more than 6 follicles so they uped me to 600units and I ended up with 10 eggs at ER, but then 7 were immature since they started growing so late. My FSH was 5, and then jumped up to 10 after my lapo where they discovered mild endo and an endometriomma on my left ovary. I think that surgery caused my FSH to jump up. They had me take an AMH test, which came back excellent at 2.1 (normal for fertile women is between 1.5 and 3). They said the AMH is a much more accurate predictor of ovarian reserve, better than the FSH which fluctuates all the time. They said the FSH # was just borderline so not to worry too much, but I have no chance of OHSS and will need higher dosages. I was on the LPL protocol and am trying the FDL Flare this next time.

  8. I went through the 2 cycles where my body did not respond at all. I then did the antagonist protocol and got to retreivial and transfer but unfornately no pregnancy. So now we are trying to decide do we give up or keep going. This has been such a rollercoaster. That I am tired of setting myself up for heartbreak.

  9. I just re-read and old post of mine here and my 2nd cycle with the MDL Flare wasn't any better. I got the same amount of eggs...just as many immatures. We have since moved on to donor eggs and are mid cycle now!

  10. My cycle w/MDL flair wasn't any better either (worse than antagon, same as long lupron). 4 eggs all mature and fertilized w/out ICSI, but only 1 made it to 8 c by day 3, 2 6c and 1 4c, tx all 4, BFN.

    GL w/your cycle.

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