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  1. Hi,
    Hopefully posters can offer some advice. My cycle (period) is missing in action. I underwent a mock cycle for DE in March which consisted of taking estradiol (Estrace) and medroxyprogesterone (Provera). I had a light period afterward on March 27th, but since then, nothing has happened and I'm 46 days overdue for my period . My doctor prescribed Provera again two weeks ago and I took that for 7 (instead of 10 days) and I am still waiting. Has this happened to any of you and what did you do to bring on your period? No, I'm not pregnant. I would like to undergo one more IVF in June before DE. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Jen, sorry to hear you are having this problem . One more obstacle to overcome. I don't have advice for you, but just wanted to say I hope it shows up soon!

    I myself am waiting for af to start after a BFN. Before I never made it to a pregnancy test without spotting heavily or having a full blown period when I had BFNs. I only had this happen with my three BFPs (all m/c). So this is the first for me too. I hope it shows its ugly head soon!


  3. Kiterunner,
    Thanks for your support. I should mention that this is the first time that this has ever happened to me. I've had BFP, but then miscarried at 8 weeks. AF came shortly thereafter without problems. With my other cycles of IVF, AF has always been predictable. I'm just really frustrated now because it's been so long. Hopefully, I'll get some answers from my doc today.

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