anxiety during pregnancy, feel like to die, please help!!!

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  1. I am 22 weeks pregnant and I noticed that my anxiety spiked quite a bit at the end of the first tri/beginning of second. I also had horrible headaches at that time so I am pretty sure it was mostly hormonal. I do have issues with anxiety normally and I see a psychologist every other week. Even now I have days where it seems overwhelming. Again, I chalk it up to hormones because I was much less anxious in the early part of pregnancy. If I were you, I would give it a few days and see if it gets better. I also try to focus on my gratitude and I look at baby stuff to keep me excited and focused on the baby and not myself.

    You are not going to lose the baby due to anxiety! Trust me, because I have had really bad days. I would also encourage you to reach out to others during your really bad moments. Maybe go to a movie or lunch or something just to get out of the house.

  2. Hello,
    I need help,ladies, I have anxiety problem for many years. It came and goes.I am currently 13 weeks pregnant. It took me many many years to get this far. I didn't have much anxiety in the past 13 weeks, even sometimes I feels a little, it went away within a couple of hours. However, two days ago, it came back, this time it is very bad. People keep telling me that I may loss the baby if I am too anxious, Thanks them, I am getting more anxious with that fear. The more I think anxiety will harm the baby, the more anxious I feel. I feel so helpless and desperate right now. Almost want to die. I tried every thing to make the anxious go away, it just stay and stay. My consulor try to let me believe that anxiety won't affect pregnancy, things are not as bad as I think. But it is hard for me to believe him without any real stories. If you have experienced anxiety during your pregnancy and ended up with a good outcome, please share your successful story and please teach me how to cope. I will really appreciate. Please help!!
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Oh honey I am so very sorry.

    First of all you WILL NOT loose your baby because of anxiety, if that was the case trust me I wouldn't be pregnant.

    I suffer from Bipolar II, I stopped all meds last February ('08) to start IVF, I got pregnant last October, I was doing very very good, with a few anxiety attacks, but nothing a Valerian tea wouldn't take care of, at around 18 weeks I stopped sleeping, it was like a switch would turn on inside of me and I just couldn't sleep, you can imagine that amount of stress and anxiety that gave me, because usually when I go through a hypomanic stage that's how it starts, lack of sleep, after three days I went to see my doctor fearing the worst, he told me I could take Ambien to sleep, and that after 20 weeks it was fine to take Klonopin, for the anxiety, of course he wanted to put me back on my old meds but I was not ready, so I've been taking Ambien ever since and my anxiety level has gone down a lot since I can sleep like a decent person, I haven't had to take Klonopin once, today I'm 31 weeks and so far so good, but still take it one day at the time, if you know what I mean.

    If you need to talk PM me, I have been there and I know how ugly it gets, hugs to you and yes is true your baby is fine.

  4. Hi KBurdin and spis1,
    Thank you so much for both of you. I am still struggling but your words really lowered my axiety level. I am reading your post again and again, every time I read it I feel hope. Thank you.
    I am sorry you also suffered with anxiety. It is such a terrible feeling. I wish all of us don't need to suffer that pain. Congratualtion on your pregnancy.
    Thanks again for your help, I will sure PM you if I need help.
    Really appreciated.

  5. i am the queen pof panic and anxiety attacks and if anxiety attacks would cause you to loose baby than i too would not be 38.3 weeks pregnant. i have attacks everyday. there are days i cant leave the house because they are so bad. i have had anxiety for many years as well and have been medicated on zoloft and xanax. cant take either at this time. i just suffer the attacks and move on. early on i too was worried about the baby but was assured by three docs that the baby is fine. i plan on breast feeding so i cant go back on meds even after birth of my little one. Please dont worry.. the baby will be fine. congrats on your pregnancy.

  6. colette....just try and relax. i often do meditation and relaxaton exercises...deep breathing, yoga. i will tell you that i am incredibly anxoius about delivery and wish i could just be knocked out. i will just do my best to get through the big day.

  7. Hi biyoloji,
    Thank you so much for your response. It is so encouraging and comforting. I feel very relief after reading all you girls replies. Thank you.
    I am so sorry that you are also experiencing anxiety. Anxiety is urgly, I wish all of us can get rid off it for the rest of our pregnancy and life. I am glad to hear that you are 38.5 weeks! That is wonderful, I am really proud of you! Any birth plan? I wish the best for you and your baby.

  8. Good luck for your big day Bearly, I am here thinking of you.

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