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  1. Ok ladies,
    So here is my predicament. I have twins who will be 3w on Monday. In the hospital, I would BF, but the girls would only suck for about 5-8 min and then stop from exhaustion. We would then supplement while I pumped. My milk came in fully by day 4 post c-section and one baby in the hospital was a champion latcher, while the other struggled.

    So we get home, and while the girls were defintely getting milk from me while nursing, they still could not suck longer than 10min, and still appeared hungry when finished. So our routine looked like this: I would BF each baby for about 10 min, then pass them off to DH who would give them EBM from a bottle, and I would pump. This was taking nearly 2hrs!

    Meanwhile, my champion latcher decided that she wasn't interested in the breast anymore: she would latch, then rear back and whip her head from side to side. And my struggling latcher became an excellent latcher. I reached my breaking point and went to straight bottle feeding using EBM. DH tandem bottle feeds while I pump, or we each take a twin and then I pump when they're finished with their bottles.

    I want to try to get back to BFing, at least during the day. I've tried once each day and while one baby is great, the other still is struggling. I don't think it's nipple confusion, b/c she often does the same thing with the bottle (rearing back and shaking her head from side to side).

    I guess I'm asking for any advice you can give can I get my reluctant eater to latch? Also, why does she refuse to eat when she is clearly hungry? (She will fuss and demonstrate clear hungry cues like open mouth and rooting at feeding times).

    Sorry for the long rambling post....definitely sleep deprived here Oh, and my girls were born at 36w6d, so we are nearly to their full term date...


  2. It sounds to me like they are confused. The best thing to do is to hire a good lactation consultant and have her come and visit you. You need someone to see them latching and to evaluate them and help you. Its best ti address the issues ASAP b/c soon it will be too late to get them to latch. Good Luck!

  3. My girls too were born at 36w6d, although its near term some babies have issues with nursing....etc. My girls, for example, were very sleepy and poor eaters at first. I agree with the pp, get a good LC to come and take a look at what is going on with you guys. Hang in there, the first weeks are brutal!

  4. It's possible they are going through a growth spurt. Sometimes for me they look like chickens bobbing all over my breast, mouth open but not landing on and/or staying there. But it passes.

    we also had the impression they were still hungry but often, and particularly during growth spurts- they just needed to continue sucking, not necessarily drinking. I have one who like to hang out for 20 minutes after he finishes- and even still comes off make faces like he is not done. Once they reached one month and were better at latching we introduced the pacifier. We only use it when they have finished nursing but still need to suck.

    One other possibility- I now know that when they pull their heads from side to side they need to be burped. Often we burp them (sometimes just two minutes after they start) and then they go right back on again.

    We also supplemented a bit the first two weeks but stopped because it was creating problems with latching and just took a leap of confidence that they were getting enough- and they were.

    Good luck.

    b/b 6 weeks

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