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  1. After 4 months of taking a bottle suddenly dd won't. It started 2 weeks ago, her first time with a sitter other than dh. I just thought she wasn't hungry. Then yesterday I realized it had been 2 weeks and I better have dh give her one. We tried it 3 or 4 times. Then I thought maybe it was because it was frozen milk, eventhough she took froozen many times in the past. I pumped this am and tried to give her fresh, no go. It's wierd because she NEVER had a problem before. I have a freezer full of milk and have been anticipating starting to actually go out without dd. Now I'm stuck!!!!!!!!!


  2. Kris - It really just takes persistence. Try a couple of different bottles, but try them for a few days at a time. My LC suggested boiling the nipples in some water with vanilla extract in it. Others have suggested Karo syrup on the nipple. Our DD would take the botte better from me when we were practicing. DS best from my mom. Both of us are more patient than DH. And honestly, if she doesn't take it, unless you are going to be gone all day, she won't starve. When she starts solids you can offer more solids when you are gone. Or you can try milk in a regular cup (we used a little medicine cup) or a straw cup. My kids could drink from a straw cup by 6 mo. You just had to show them how a straw works (regular straw works best for teaching).
    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for your advice Jenn. I got her to take an ounce yesterday and two ounces today! I have plans Sunday and I want to make it easy for dh. Hope she takes it from him, but like you said she won't starve.


  4. Could also be due to teething. I agree with Jen's reply. Also try a sippy cup. My DD never ever took a bottle (we waited too long) but at 6m she started ebm in a sippy. Good luck!


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