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  1. I am going for the big anatomy scan this coming Wednesday and the only thing that I have been told to expect is that it will take longer than a regular scan. Can anyone provide some additional details as to what I can expect? Any information would be great!

    19 weeks with twins

  2. Hi michalsudol, The anatomy scan takes longer because they take a lot of measurements. At this point they can see the organs so they look at those and measure them. They also look for any visible abnormalities. Not just markers for Downs but anything that might not be right. This is important b/c although probably everything will be fine -- but if they do see something they can make a plan immediately for how to treat it, in utero if necessary or upon birth. At mine a sono tech did all the measurements and took many pictures. Then the peri came in and looked at what she had, interpreted it, asked for a few more shots or this or that, then talked to us about what they saw and what it meant. You can also learn the genders at this time, if you want to know and don't already. HTH.

  3. Ours took about 2 hours (but we had triplets) so I'd say about 45 min. a baby. They look at the organs in more detail as Kate said. We were able to see all 4 chambers of my son's heart, the kidneys, etc. They also look at the brain hemispheres and their connections. It really is a very in-depth and very interesting look. They confirmed the sexes at our level 2 US as we'd been told what they were at an earlier one. gl

  4. just wanted to add that i had to have a second anatomy scan a few weeks later because one baby was in a weird position and they weren't able to get all the measurements they needed. the second scan wasn't as long as they were just looking at a few things. good luck!

  5. Thank you all so very much! I like to know what to expect prior to any appointment that I have and your experiences have helped me a great deal.
    I appreciate the time you took to reply.

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