American Idol -- SPOILER

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  1. OMG ~ Lee rocked!

    Before last night,,,,,I really didn't care who won between Crystal and Lee. Now, I truly feel Lee should be the winner. He was as Ellen put it "stunning". I love that song anyway. KD Lang rocked it at the Olympics but honestly, he so did it justice. I also think he is just adorable and such a beautiful humble spirit.

    Okay, back to my real life.

    I really hope you American's vote for his voice and not Casey's pretty hair. I've been you tubing Lee all day.


  2. I think Casey is a goner, for sure. And I think he knew it, he didn't really seem to be trying.

    I used to like Crystal but she bored me last night. Her first song was right in her wheelhouse and she should have hit it out of the park, but it was bad karaoke. Her second song she shouted her way through.

    Lee was my favorite going into last night, and I loved Simple Man -- but I thought his rendition of Hallelujah was honestly terrible. It's this beautiful, haunting, meditative, reflective song, and instead it was given the bombastic over the top treatment complete with gospel choir that seemed a total disconnect from the meaning of the lyrics, to me. Obviously I am way in the minority here so I'll just crawl back into my corner with my unpopular opinion. In his defense I will say that I think the arrangement was not entirely his fault, so I'm trying not to hold it against him. *slinks away*

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