Am I crazy to try again? On the way to IVF#5 at 43

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  1. Baby - You absolutely are not crazy to continue!!!

  2. Baby... WOW... You're are one hell of a woman to go through all of this and still be sane and keep your sense of humour! You know... You should check with your HR on your health benefits. Since you do have a medical condition with your immune system going wonkers, it should be covered. The intralipids are not that expensive, but they do add up and quickly depending on your medical condition and how many you'll need throughout the pregnancy.

    NO... You're not crazy for banking. If it's what you think is best for you, then it's NOT crazy... You go g/f! Please keep us posted... Keeping everything crossed for you...

  3. Wanted everyone to know that my RE and Dr. Kliman finally spoke and agreed that Dr. Kliman will run his endometrial function test (EFT) on my next biopsy. I hope that the results of that test give me something a bit more concrete--about what is wrong and what I can do about it. I'm on CD 12, now, just waiting for ovulation. The biopsy will be done on 11 DPO.

    Baby, what about you? Any new news?

    Hope everyone else is managing along.


  4. skanavi, thanks again for your continued support and encouragement. Hope you are feeling great and all is well w/you and bean.

    butterflies, thanks for the sanity reassurance

    anam, glad your doctors finally connected and you will be moving on to the next step.

    I\'ve stimmed for 6 days, expecting ER next weekend or even sooner. I went in to monitor yesterday at Dr. Braverman's office after 4 days of stims and there were 8 follies brewing, largest already 16 so I started Ganirelex already. I'm hoping the lead slows down and gives the rest a chance to catch up, I think the next biggest was only 12, and I'd hate to lose the lead.
    It will be strange not transferring for the first time. Now the wait of torture will be finding out if I can grow a blast, never have in the past, but then again they never pushed to day 5. Truth is, I'd be crushed if none make it.
    Hope I can get some sleep tonight.

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