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  1. Well, my baby is going to be 4yrs old in less than a week. I cannot believe it! He was exclusively breastfed, no bottles, formula, pacis, etc . . . (I did try with the pacis though) He started solids at 6.5months but continued to nurse constantly day and night until 18months when he slept all night for the first time. We coslept full time until 13months and then part time when he woke at night. I had to go dairy and soy free for 9 months due to him being sensitive. He was finally able to eat yogurt and cheese around 15-16months and had cows milk with cereal at 2yrs old. For the past year or so he has only been nursing 1-2 times/day, sometimes more on the weekends. But in the last few months it has been maybe once every other day, very varied. I asked him if he was too old for milkies and he said :three year olds are no too old but four year olds are too old" He keeps telling me that when he is 4, no more milkies. I made DH take a picture of him nursing yesterday so I could remember it (i have a handful from over the years) So now DS is going around telling people that we took a picture of milkies so he can remember it when it older (GOOF!)

    I just cannot believe that my baby is going to be 4yrs old. I had all of my kids so close in age (which I dont really recommend) But I felt like knowing that he was probably the last gave me a chance to really enjoy him and take the time to enjoy the stages. I have been back in school since he was 20months old so it has been very very busy but still fun.

    I am goign to miss that little baby. Luckily he is a snuggle bug and always wnats to sleep on top of me at 5am when he joins me in my bed.

  2. Congrats Telly, you did a great job. This is my last baby, 7months today, and I'm trying to savor all the stages too. Thanks also, for all the good work you do on this board answering questions etc...


  3. Great job Telly, you are an inspiration. I know you must feel sad, very sad. I just had a similar sadness the other day after I left my 6 wk pp visit, I cried, no more babies. When I wean these two (hopefully years from now) I will feel a huge loss. I hope you can see the good things about having your body back. I weaned my ds the day I got pg with my twins, he was just over 3. We had a weaning party and made a big deal, now he says he never had *otherside* (milk), lol. It's bittersweet isn't it?

    congrats and my sympathy to you Job well done.


  4. How bitter sweet. It is great that you were able to nurse for so long and that he is ready to move on. But how sad that your baby is growing up.

    Congratulations on a job well done!!

  5. Congrats Telly and I echo what PP said, thanks for all the information and support!

  6. happy you nursed him for so long. Enjoy the new memories to come with your snuggle bug. Congratulations!

    Mary Joanne

  7. What an amazing story. Congrats on sticking with it, even though it was a more demanding path for sure.

  8. Hi Telly, its hard to see them growing up, even though it's what it's all about.

    I weaned my little fella at Halloween at the age of 3 years 9 months . I had hoped to allow him to self wean, but despite nursing through my second pregnancy, the arrival of no 2 caused huge jealousy and while I had hoped nursing might make it easier, it actually seemed to make it much harder for him, so I had to start the process of talking him around into giving it up.

    When he eventually stopped nursing (he still asks for it regularly though), it was more relief than anything else that I felt) however it is unlikely I will have anymore as the 2 I have were extremely difficult to conceive, so who knows how long I will end up nursing no 2 for!! When he does wean I am sure it will be a sad time for me as a mother although I will also relish the growing up thing too.

    My older fella will be 4 shortly and I feel its a bit of a milestone, the end of the baby times.

    Enjoy all the good times to come with your little one x

  9. Telly, just wanted to pipe in and congratulate you for a job well done. Also a million thank you's for all your support. I am quite sure I would never have made it as long as I did nursing my twins without your excellent advice. Thank you!!


  10. Thanks everyone - you are too sweet. Well, he turned 4 last month and we nursed for a few weeks after that, but now we are done. He was nurisng maybe twice/day for about 2 seconds each. He has asked for it once or twice, but I sort of distracted him and he did not care. Now he is obsessed with touching my arm, but oh well. It is freaky though when he sneaks into my bed and I feel arm tickling. He is yummy!

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