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  1. Hi ladies.

    I see that many of you are going through donor egg agencies.

    Are you happy with them? Would you recommend them?


  2. Hi - we used Givinghope for our first cycle and we liked them. When that cycle was a bust we realized we could use a clinic with some of the best stats, in house donor pool, success guarantee plan for a lot less than local clinic and agency donor. We switched for cycle number two for all of those reasons, but never had any problems with the agency at all - other than all the added costs that are incurred by going agency route.

    The coordinator there is Cresta and she was always on the ball, quick to respond, very helpful overall.

    Best -


  3. Check out The Donor Solution/Houston, Tx. I used them twice. Mary is just terrific and I would highly recommend her.

  4. we loved Angela at Eggceptional, really cant say enough good things about her

    avoid beverly hills and prospective families


  5. we used x and y and then for our second donor, tiny treasures. they were both reasonable, not unscrupulous. you can look at the asrm website for a list of donor agencies that have signed on to ethical guidelines.

  6. We liked The Donor Solution in Houston too. We also worked with and Creating New Generations. We weren't happy with either of them - understatement! Good luck.

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