Age when you started infertility treatment

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  1. I just had a failed IVF cycle. The embies could not grow beyond the second day. 13 eggs, 8 fertilised on the first day. Its quite sad but thinking of another cycle next three months.

    I am 28 and the reason we are doing IVF is that my tubes are blocked. I am believing God for a successful 2nd cycle or God should help be conceive before the second cycle starts.


  2. I'm excited to be going through my 1st IVF cycle. Can anyone tell me about the shots and what to expect with the booster? I start my stim on 5/18 and hopefully my ER & ET within the 1st 2weeks of June 09. Let me know what I'm in for ladies

  3. I am 24 years old. Had my first cycle done at 22 years old. I am a proud military widow... my husbands sperm was retrieved 4 days after he was killed. This is my 3rd and last available cycle. I'm holding fast to God

  4. I went to the Dr. and he said that it was just an failed implatation issue. I had a great cycle even though I ended up w/ OHSS. He said that he wants to check me for Asherman's Syndrome and then we have decided to do another Fresh Cycle even though we still have 7 embies frozen. He also explained that I will lower the dosage of meds this cycle as I told too well to them my 1st cycle.

    So I have the Asherman's Syndrome check on 8/28 and then wait for AF and see him on CD3 to start my meds. I hope no cyst are around to prevent me from starting meds.

    Well I hope all are doing well on here. I will keep you posted

  5. I startd ttc at age 22. My DH and I were married when I was 21 and he was 26. At age 24 I had my first iui which was unsuccessful. Then later that year we did IVF with ICSI and implanted 2 blasts day five and that resulted in the birth of my 2 year old DS. Right after my son turned one we decided to try for another fresh cycle. After many complications from the ER and two blood transfusions later they were still able to transfer two grade A 5 day blast resulting in the birth of my B/G twins. I am sitting here typing this with two 4 month olds in my lap and my two year old taking a nap! Dont give up girls, it is worth all the heartache and financial trouble.

    I just turned 27 last month

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