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  1. I knew at 19 I couldn't have kids due to a hyseterctomy for cancer. I will be 29 in September. I was fortunately able to keep my ovaries and have been planning alternatives for children ever since......LONG before I ever met my husband. I reccently went through my 1st ER cycle successfully and produced 19 eggs-14 of which were mature, 11 were successfully fertilized and then we had PGD done and were left with three beautiful normal embies. We transfered two on the 30th of July and my surrogate is now pregnant! Not sure if it's a singelton or twins yet but we are thrilled! I have been told that a normal healthy woman can sucessfully produce healthy viable eggs anytime in your 20's vith very little decrease in success. I will say that PGD, although costly, is WELL worth it. You know even before you transfer that the embryo's are normal and have an excellent chance of taking and continuing on to full term. Good luck to all, I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow's hcg level

  2. Am 27 and my dh is 33, we have been married for 9 years. After 2 laps and onesurgery due to male fertility problems, we tried ivf 3 times. On the last tried we had 11 embryos of which 3 were tranferred, lucky enough it worked and we are now parents to a beautiful 4 year old daughter.
    We are planning to go through the rollecoaster once again in January but am scared because it takes a lot of physical and emotional effort.

  3. mindeSending you positive thoughts for January....We just found out we are having twins! I am thrilled and stunned! I really wish you the best of luck for #2, Good luck to all those still TTC.

  4. Started my IF journey on 9/12/94, I was almost 21. Four years to the day on 9/12/98 I delivered twins (1st attempt at IVF )! Now here I am at 33, almost 34 doing it all over again. I hope I can be as lucky this time around.

  5. I found out getting pregnant on our own would be very limited when I was 19 (engaged at the time to DH) due to stage 4 Endo.
    We did 3 surgerys, clomid for one month and did IVF in 2005. So from start to finish it was almost 6 years. Gosh, it seemed so much longer when I was going thru it!

    Hayden and Haley
    16.5 months

  6. First Clomid cycle at 26, diagnostic lap at 29, lap to treat endo at 30, and IVF#1 (BFN) at 30. I'll still be 30 for FET#1.

  7. Hello ladies! I am new to this site so bear with me! I was pretty young when I started...First clomid cycle one month after my 22nd birthday about 19 more cycles in the following years with a few iui cycles mixed in, and now one month shy of my 26th birthday I am on my 4 cycle of IVF. Ahhhhh. will it ever end?

  8. My husband and I have wanted children since we met back when i was 19. We got married when i was 21 and started to try right away. By the time i was 22 i knew something wasn't right. Went to my ob.gyn who said that I problem just needed a little help We tried CLOMID over and over again over a course of 4 years. We did concieve 2 times but miscarried by 8 weeks each time. NI finally said enough is enough and went to RE. They told me I have PCOS, blood clotting disorder, and folic acide problem. Then they told me my husband has abnormal shaped sperm, low mobility, and white cells in his samples!

    We are finally stated IVF after christmas i am excited, scared, nervous!

  9. Started meds at 25... am 27 now..
    Started trying at 23, about 6 months after DH and I got married.

  10. We started ttc when I was 22, found out I had severe endo when I was 23, and were on to IVF at 24. First fresh and frozen didn't stick, so we moved on to adoption and got our baby girl at birth, and now (at 26 for me) we're back to IVF with a new doc and hoping to give her a sibling.

  11. rekabi1956,

    Tomorrow is my initial consultation, we are not sure if we are doing FET or a fresh cycle. We have 8 frozen embies wating for me but they've been there since 2002, so idk what to do.

  12. i will be 28 2 weeks after i start my Lupron (tomorrow 2/20) i had an ovarian cyst that got out of control resulting in surgery and the lose of both of my tubes and one ovary. i am hoping that because i am under 30, and don't have any other known problems, IVF will work on the first try. (we can't really afford to do this again)

  13. We started trying when I was 25 and went for initial stage testing when I was 26. I'm now 27 and about to start IVF.

  14. I had my 1st IUI at age 25. I am now 27 going for my 4th IVF.

  15. I am 29.
    I have been trying for a long time to have a baby w/ my husband.
    We have done herbals therapy, clear passage therapy, fertility drugs from my OBGYN. Nothing has worked.
    We are only going to be able to do this one time cause of the price.
    I am so nervous it won't work cause nothing has so far. But I am trying to stay positive..
    We have our 1st visit at the clinic July 15th I turn 30 on the 26th!
    Happy to have found this site. MAkes me feel not so alone. People around me have kids left & right w/ not trouble at all.. Nice to know I am not the only one doing this..

  16. Hi. We are prob in a similar boat about only being able to do this the one time. We are trying this as our first route, havent had fertility drugs etc, but its a male factor and our obgyn thinks this is our only route. We are in very early stages of planning. But feeling very positive about it. Because I have had all the tests and the laparoscopy etc, we know that there is nothing stopping it growing, so I feel that if the sperm meets the egg, its all good. (Fingers and all toes crossed). I wish you all the luck. Will post when we get our dates etc...

  17. I started with clomid when I was 27. I'm still chasing that desire of having a family. This journey is reaching up on the 13yr mark. I'm hopefully going to start my d/e cycle in the new year. Hopefully sooner rather than later so ladies, I wish you all the luck.

  18. First IUI's when I was 25, IUI/IVF conversion at 26, fresh IVF at 27, still trying and I turn 28 in a few weeks.
    We will be doing an FET in April-ish.

  19. We started TTC when I was 26. I will turn 30 this July.

  20. Started when we were 23 and a half. That's when we found out DH's sperm count was 0 (at least on the first two sperm analyses). We hadn't been really trying before then, so luckily, we found out about his issue before we went into it. I think it would have been very disappointing the other way around.

  21. 28 - going through first (and hopefully only) IVF...keep your fingers crossed!

  22. Been having problems since I was 23 but finally decided to go to a Fertility Center. I am 27 now and this is my first IVF. Hopefully this is the 1 and only!

  23. i had my first cycle at 25. I always had very heavy AF's so i had a lap done that showed blocked tubes from PID. I had my DD from my very first cycle. 28 and trying for #2 and that was 7 cycles ago and still trying

  24. Started trying 2 months before we got married at age 27. No baby after a year and a half. We went to RE and found I do not ovulate but maybe once a year and DH has male factor. No money at the time for IVF. Now I am 32 heading to 33 very quickly and we are doing our, hopefully one and only, IVF in June. However, we are perpared for two if need be. Thank heaven for our income tax return. We are going to \"stimulate\" the economy... hee hee

    Dr. Le said I was still young.......... That made me feel good because I don't slways feel that way.

  25. I'm only 22 and my hubby is 32. The reason we're having to go through IVF with ICSI is due to his spinal cord injury. He broke his back overseas in the military and is a T7 parapalegic. It gets really frustrating at times to be going through fertility treatments at such a young age because I feel a lot of the information I find doesn't apply to women my age. We're hopefully doing our first cycle this summer. Just trying to figure out the right timing!

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