Age when BFP @ CCRM w/ OWN eggs?

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  1. Age when BFP w/ OWN eggs @ CCRM

  2. The 2 ladies who took the poll do you mind saying how long ago it was that you had a BFP at CCRM and what type of protocol you were on.

  3. Bumped back up.

  4. I find it strange that 3 people PG with CCRM at age 46 Unless it was from a previous frozen cycle because when i asked CCRM they said they had 0 PG at age 46 with own eggs.

  5. Maybe CCRM was referring to live birth at 46. I know a few women who have gotten pregnant at 46 through IVF or on their own, but none of these pregnancies resulted in a live birth.

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