Age and # of Follical for Successful IUI

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  1. Hi,

    I am wondering how many follicals women who are my age or older had when they had a BFP with IUI. Also how many babies you had or are going to have .

    Any comments are welcome....

    Thank you,


  2. Carey,

    My age wasn't on the poll, but I was 35yo and had (geesh, it was 3 years ago) lots of follicles. I believe I 6 mature ones and lots of smaller ones.

    Resulted in 1 child.

  3. I started trying at age 42.

    Over past 3 years I've done more IUIs than I can count, and attempted at least 7 IVF cycles (I've lost count because several were converted to IUI due to poor response of 1-2 follicles, max 5 retrieved/2 transferred, both high and low stim w various combos of meds; I think I've only had 3 transfers; none took).

    Finally got pregnant at age 45 on a non-medicated IUI cycle with one follicle.
    Now 11 weeks and keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

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