After weaning, when did period begin?

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  1. I weaned my twins (after exclusive nursing for 9 months) --was wondering when to expect period again..... thinking maybe one more go of IVF as we have four frozen embies.... though the thought of twins again is a bit crazy

  2. I pumped exclusively and weaned slowly. I got my period again before DS was completely weaned, when I was down to one or two pumping sessions per day. Good luck!


  3. DS didn't really bf....but i pumped for 9weeks. when i totally stopped pumping, my lochia stopped and i got an actual period about a week later.

  4. I was wondering the same thing. My twins are turning 1 in two weeks and I am down to pumping once a day and nursing once during the night (this has been for about a week now). So far I haven't shown any signs of AF returning. I have severe endo so I am terrified of what this first one will be like and don't want to get it as a big ole messy surprise while I am at work

  5. Thanks for your responses.

    It must really vary. I stopped about 6 weeks ago, and still nothing. I had gotten really thin from bfing, so maybe that's part of the delay, though I have put back on about 5lbs since I stopped.

  6. Boy you all are lucky!!! My period started when my little one was about 3 months old. I bf until she was almost 2. Yep, everyone is different! The same thing happened with my twins. But I supplemented with them. The only time I really didn't have a period was when I was pg.

  7. With DS I got my period back when he was 7.5 mo and still ebf. With DD I didn't get it back until I weaned at 18 mo. It came back about 3 weeks after our last nursing session. I think your hormones have to get back to normal and that can take a little time. If you don't get it in the next month, you might want to call your doctor just to see what they say.

  8. I weaned my girls completely at 18 months (it was a gradual weaning, instead of cold turkey), and it took two months after that to get my period. I think I am not the norm, though, and I even started to worry that ther was something wrong with me.

  9. with my first, i ebf till 7 mos and got my period soon after he started solids at 7 mos. nursed him till 11 mos

    with my second, i ebf till 6 mos and got my period around 11 mos- weaned at 14 mos or so to do a FET

    with my third, i ebf till 6 mos, started him on solids 4 or 6 weeks ago, still primarily nursing, and no period yet....

  10. Update: I finally got my period this weekend. So, that's about 8 weeks post weaning.

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