After a chemical pregnancy?

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  1. Sorry for the cross post, but wasn't sure of the exact "right" place to post this.

    Having *survived* my first chemical pregnancy and all the fun emotions that go along with it, I'm just wondering what comes next. I have a phone consult with my RE scheduled, but I have no idea what happens after a chemical. I've already had all the extensive testing done (before this last IVF) so any issues that may have contributed to the chemical should have been identified and are being addressed (RE has me on a cocktail of different things designed to address immunity and blood flow issues).

    Do they do anything different or is it just do the same thing and hope for a different result?


  2. So sorry for your chemical - I know how hard it is! I had a chemical several years ago and had success on the very next cycle (it was iui), no change to protocol. I wish you much luck and success!

  3. I am in the same boat as you right now, i had my first beta 46 to have it go up and then stop. so i know that a bleed of some sort is on it's way. I had all the same test done as wel and I don't know what I could do diffrent the next time. I guess I just have to tell my self that if it brought me this far to have had a positive test then something wotked this time around( this was our 8th cycle) so try not to give up( so hard) and the next time will be if only I can look at my self right now and say this

  4. test_user - so sorry for your chemical. And your 8th cycle? As in, 8th IVF? Ouch.

  5. Hi test_user....sorry for your chemical!! I'm having one too....mine was 22 and then 16. Right now I'm pulled off of all meds. I've had this a few times before and basically after your miscarriage, you will wait until your next period and then either go for a fresh or frozen cycle.

    This is my 2nd one in a row. The last one my beta went up and up and up for over a week and then all of a sudden stopped. It sucked and the worst was that I didn't miscarry right was horrible. At least this time, I know I'm miscarrying and it'll happen in the next few days!!

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