AF before BETA: PIO or suppositories

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  1. If you got AF before your BETA were you using PIO or suppositories?

  2. This is a really good poll. I hope more people answer it. I have been on suppositories for each IVF and I always get AF before beta. I have been wondering if I switched if it would make a difference.

  3. Hello. I just wanted to add that the only time that my doctor switched me to crinone(vaginal supp or cream) I did get AF before beta. Out of 4 tries 2 fresh iVF and now 2 FET's (3 chem pg) on PIO progesterone I never got AF before beta. After the HCG goes down to zero that's when AF arrives for me...

  4. This is my 3 IVF, the other 2 I did POI and it took about 3 days to get my period after my negative. I am on suppositories this time and got my AF the day before beta and came up with a low positive beta (20.5) went in today for a second beta and am waiting for the results. Still have a medium period and the nurse says it can happen and still be OK. I don't really understand how the embryo(s) could still be in there after all the bleeding (been bleeding since Wednesday) but they say it is possible and has happened.

    I am hoping I am on the OK side...just thought I would share

  5. Hey's what I have to add and would love some responses. Transferred 1 blast on Saturday the 13th of September...waited until the following Monday which would have been 9dp5dt to poas....I got a faint positive line. So obviously DH and I were thrilled and excited. Medication I am on is suppositories...Prometrium and Estrace. I got my Beta yesterday and it was a Big Fat Negative...yet I still haven't spotted or anything. Nurse told me to go off of everything and just wait. Was just wondering if anyone else had similar results??

  6. Three fresh IVF and all three I bled before beta.

    IVF 1 taking Crinone, bled 8dp3dt
    IVF 2 taking Prometrium, bled 8dp3dt
    IVF 3 taking PIO, bleeding starting 6dp3dt and now heavier at 8dp3dt (today)

    I thought progesterone was supposed to keep AF away. I think I am some kind of freak.

  7. I bled for all four of my failed IUI's on prometrium. (orally and vaginally). I was on a TON of it too.

    When I switched RE's, he told me "You should NEVER bleed while ON progesterone IF it's doing it's job."

    He immediately put me on PIO for my 1st IVF. Even on 2 cc's once per day and 6 suppositories, I was still at an 11!!! That's super low. I WAS pregnant so he increased me to TWO PIO shots of 2cc's per day and the suppositories.

    One PIO of 2cc's in the AM another 2cc's in the Pm. Six suppositories during the day.

    I don't think any RE would've believed that I would've bled through the dosage of PIO I was on but this one was GOOD and he knew his stuff. I absolutely believe I owe my twins to HIM!

    Good luck and this is definitely a situation where progesterone is needed to KEEP YOU FROM BLEEDING or LOSING THE PREGNANCY! When in doubt; go higher! (My "expert" advice )

    Good luck to all of you. I've been there!

  8. Thanks IVFbound for the advice!

    I\'ve had 3 failed IVFs and 4 failed IUIs all with progesterone suppositories- every time getting my period 3-4 days before beta...
    They never tested my progesterone levels in the latter part of the cycle... They never raised eyebrows that I was always bleeding on progesterone...

    I was clueless. I wish I had read this information before. Oh well.

    I\'m switching clinics and for our 4th IVF, I will insist on more progesterone and more than one source at a time!

    I wish they'd give me my money back for the lack of attention to my case.

  9. Honey(s),
    You\'re very welcome. It really makes me mad when RE's just act like it's "no big deal" to bleed thru the progesterone. Dude. It isn't! You cannot carry a pregnancy with low progesterone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do they not know this? I mean, my first 2 RE's were like "dee da dee". I COULD HAVE CRIED WHEN MY NEW RE CONFIRMED WHAT I THOUGHT!!

    OMG. All of that wasted time and $$$$$$ I knew it wasn't normal to bleed thru but no one would listen to me!

    He seemed shocked and appauled that anyone would NOT know this. UGH.

    I\'m soo sorry that you are going thru this too.

    This needs to be a sticky somewhere so it doesn't keep happening.

    You should NOT EVER EVER EVER bleed if you are on progesterone and it is adequate.

    If you're pg you need to stay on it til 12 or 13 weeks, too. If you are not pregnant, you will discontinue progesterone and then, and ONLY then, should you start to bleed.

    Good luck and pls keep us posted.

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